Women fan x Shani Chen x Sex Force "Terror Valley" special planning. Chen Shani's Horror Valley MV scene, sitting a young girl - Lin Ting-yin, she is the fourth Black Panther Flag National High School baseball game in the CITIC Cup , "the first single 12k female pitcher", with 7 innings of 135 pitches, three vibration 12 times to stand out. In an exclusive interview with Lin Ting-yin, from her remarks, we realized that the restrictions in the large population may be "imagined".

Is gender still an excuse to stop women on the pitch?

At the scene of Chen Shanni's Valley of Horror MV, a blue-faced girl holds unlimited energy in her tiny body. She's Lin Ting-yin, the "first 12k female pitcher" in the 2016 CITIC Cup National High School Baseball Championship, and has won 135 innings and 12 touchdowns in seven innings.

It was also because of such extraordinary achievements that she was invited to be a kick-off guest for the Chinese Major League Baseball Winter League in 2016.

In the face of a series of praise, she did not proud to say, very happy and very moved, that is, they from the high school more than three months since the first time to win.

During the shooting, Lin Ting-tao and her ball friends for the scene to bring a touch of youth, two people left and right look forward to, said the first experience of the MV scene, cool and exciting. When Lin Ting-tao sat in front of the camera and began to interview, he could see that he was nervous, but his friends on the stage kept using their eyes to support him, and Lin Ting-ting's baseball in his hand held on, as if to give her courage.

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When I'm standing on the pitcher's hill, I just want to throw the ball right.

In the fifth grade, because i watched a Chinese baseball game, baseball soul was ignited by the enthusiasm of the players, when she came home began to watch the baseball broadcast, but also surprised my mother: "When I was a child I actually do not like watching TV, my mother in watching baseball games I feel very bored, but now I actually turn edaves to watch baseball on my own." 」

The family didn't object to her exposure to baseball, they said, and if they liked it, try it. So she started playing baseball camp from the fifth year, practicing throwing balls with her father, and graduating all the way to china. As a senior, she found like-minded friends and set up a baseball club together.

In the past, baseball games, generally male-dominated world, although the growing gender awareness, there will still be more men and women on the field phenomenon, but court said that these phenomena did not reduce their love of baseball: "As long as there are enthusiastic people, can establish a good relationship with baseball." 」

During the interview, we continued to feel that the limitations of the large population were in fact imagined, and that difficulties, challenges and disparities were never something that should be "worried" about the court. Once standing on the pitcher's hill, she thought only of one thing in her mind:

"I'm going to pitch, I'm going to pitch every ball, and then I'm going to pitch to the catcher's position, and I don't think about anything else." Also because of her fearless courage, she was always particularly confident when she thought she could play against the hitter on the pitcher's hill.

She smiled and said, "There's still a lot of confidence that's standing on the pitcher's hill." 」

Photo: Da music

Photo: Da music

The beauty and ugliness defined by others have nothing to do with me.

Influenced by family education, Ting Ting appears more comfortable in a period of general physical anxiety among teenagers, and we wonder why she is asked.

"When you watch TV with my parents, you express your opinion, but people don't have the same definition of good-looking or not-looking, like or not." Beauty and ugliness are not defined precisely, that is, to look at personal feelings. 」

She cares more about whether she has a professional than the outside world, "just like playing baseball, the ball is the focus on the baseball field ah!" 」

Although she felt confident about standing tall on the pitcher's hill, she gave an interesting answer when it came to the most satisfying part of herself.

"Height is the least satisfied and the most satisfied. Ting ting-chied a moment: "Take a very tall thing or climb a chair will not be satisfied, but the height is not bad, go out to play encountered a low cave will not hit the head." 」

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159 cm body, she is satisfied, occasionally some inconvenience does not matter, in others think deficiencies, find fun and satisfaction for this, self-confidence is not so here?

We can't control how others look at themselves, so focus on ourselves, and find out what's not cute from our bodies, and perhaps we can love ourselves more and more.

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Remember in the scene, court's naivety made me most impressed.

When we wondered how she had overcome her challenges, even adjusting the emotions of baseball, she always shook her head and said cheerfully, "No, I'm happy when I see baseball." 」

Once in a ball game bone fracture, have half a year can not throw the ball, eat and brush their teeth to write homework can only use the right hand, now mention the past, she only found interesting.

Many times, the challenge is our default to ourown, the heart unlimited, the pace can go very far.

Photo: Da music

Photo: Da music