Women fan x Shani Chen x Sex Force "Terror Valley" special planning. In an interview with Ding Ning, she has been suffering because of her appearance, every time she talks about a job, someone will point fingers at her appearance. At one point, she thought she might as well have to plastic shape, you like the eyelids, then I'll cut the eyelids. Until the family's words, woke her up, so including the public paste label, attack, once tried to escape, now Ding Ning generally accepted: "the more want to escape, the injury has been following you, only to face back, will become your strength." 」

At 10:00, The scene of the shooting of the Chen Shani Valley Of Horror Siu MV.

Remember that the rain was particularly heavy that day, the first heavy rain in summer. Ding Ning was the first to the scene, she had just sent the children to school, wearing white blue stripes, denim nine-point pants on a short white coat, look at ease.

It was her first time to shoot an MV, and last year's 55th Golden Horse Award won best supporting actress for "Happy City," which was well-received, but she said it was a bit different from filming and making MV. Try five or six times on the mouth, the camera suddenly looked up and asked Ding Ning, do you want to leave the chair? You sit in the chair as if you were tied up.

"For me, sitting is really tied up. "I'm a person who is easily restrained, " she said with a big smile. Then he got up, his body swayed, he stepped barefoot on the ground, and he was free.

Photo: Da music

Photo: Da music

As an actor, I've been in a lot of pain for ten years.

30 years on the road, Ding Ning as an actor, handy, in "Happy City" in the hands of the smoky big sister, spitting out the endless desolation. She says the show is a kind of re-examination, the performance born of life experience is real, from the performance she also retraced her life. Now Ding Ning, in addition to being the audience's attention actor, but also the mother of three children, occasionally also write, out of three books. She said she really liked herself very much and was proud.

Xing xu is the past painful decade, the achievement of the moment dingning.

Early on, it was labeled a star-studded show, and all the effort was seen as additional news, and the media focused on what she had never done, but what she wore: "I must say, I was in a lot of pain in that decade." For ten years, Ding Ning was caught up in appearance anxiety, and every time he talked about a job, someone would point fingers at his appearance.

"From the hair to the toe is not good, keep asking me to cut the eyes a little bit, cut the cheekbones, make the chin, teeth. There was a time when I was very unhappy. Without double eyelids, everyone will pick on me. 」

Society's doubts about Ding Ning's appearance, once let her into a state of depression, since childhood think of the advantages, all become shortcomings. More time, she thought she might as well go to plastic surgery, you like double eyelids, then I will cut the eyelids. At that time, the family's words woke Ding Ning:

"Because someone picks you and the job doesn't work well, cut your eyelids, next time?" What's going to happen to you? We support you in this industry, we want you to be who you are, but if you become someone we don't know, how do we support it? 」

Photo: Da music

Photo: Da music

The light seeps into the dark cracks of ten years, re-reminding herself why she exists, she never wants to change her appearance, proud of the single eyelids, is the characteristics of Ding Ning ah. So including the public paste label, attack, comments, once tried to escape, now she accepted.

Beautiful, sexy and desperate to get rid of the label, she chose to turn around and hug: "I now think this is a beautiful word." From a different perspective, everything will be different. The more we want to escape, the more hurt has been following you, only to face back, will become your resources, strength. 」

If you can't escape, you'll reconcile yourself. Or maybe we never need to escape.

"So now I'm very hopeful, hurry up, say I'm sexy, and talk about me as a beautiful superstar." I'll be happy! She burst out laughing.

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You can choose to spend your whole life caring for others, or let the control back to your own hands.

Once the child asked Ding Ning, a friend said his skin black should do?

"I said so?" Think about it, if you become very white, people will like you more? People who will like you, don't care if you are black or white. 」

After a decade, Ding Ning reconciled with the inner self, and with the standards of popular beauty. More precisely, it is the framework of escape beauty. Since she started yoga classes 13 years ago, learning to talk to her inner self, she doesn't want to be perfect, she wants to be unique.

"Human potential is like an iceberg, with only 7% exposed and 93% covered up. If you don't accept 7% first, the remaining 93% are not developed. She asked, "Why don't we spend our whole lives developing ourselves, but keep letting others decide who we are?" 」

Putting her focus back on herself, she felt she lived a good life, she had the strength, and she found value in her career as an actress, and her life and performance grew up together. If the world thinks you're not good enough, love yourself and enjoy the world. 'Please believe in one word all your life: you can't be born in the world for no reason,' she said.

Finally, ask Ding Ning, do you like yourself?

"Very much like it. For me, this moment is the perfect. Even by the age of sixty or seventy, this is true. 」

I remember the way she got up from her chair and swayed barefoot when she was filming. Love yourself and make the beauty of that moment so strong.

Photo: Da music

Photo: Da music