"WWW Please enter the search words" is listed as the 2019 summer must-catch Korean drama, in addition to the sniping love plot, this drama is different from the past Korean drama? Three interesting plot and character settings, take you to see how the screenwriter subverts the Korean drama template!

"WWW please enter the search words" broadcast so far, whether it is a workplace relationship, or the love between partners plot, so that many people see are very felt, such as for the company to pay more than a decade of youth, but finally dismissed by the company;

We also want to show you, in addition to the emotional quotations and plot, "WWW please enter the search words" why can cause discussion, have been listed by netizens as the 2019 summer must chase Korean drama? Stripping the shell of Cairo's Manshi, how is it different from previous Korean dramas? See "WWW please enter the search words" how to subvert the Korean drama template, close to everyone's real life. (Recommended reading:"WWW: Please enter a search word": How can a woman who does not marry after the age of 30 live? ) )

women's talk is not just about sex, love and men: delicate women's friendship

In the past, watching Korean drama, we can find that the female relationships emphasized in the play are often brought in simply. The relationship between two women, usually there are two kinds, one is the love enemy, the other is honey, either hostile to each other, or a supporting actress good honey to promote the love between the heroine and the hero. So the dialogue between the two men is out of touch with the discussion sons and boys.

If you read a story featuring three women, Tai half will also ponder their respective relationships, sister talk, in addition to sex and love, but also only marriage.

"WWW Please Enter A Search Word" is divorced from the previous Korean drama setting, in addition to spending most of the time dealing with the entrance website business war (actually the war between three women), but also more carefully describe their high school friendship, workplace colleagues. The friendship of women is described in a more delicate way.

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Large length of description, let us watch the first few episodes, even will feel whether there is love between the two girls (such as Song Jiajing and Che Xian), otherwise why the director spent so long filming the interaction between the two people and eyes, Korean drama is finally going to appear InLes drama!

But the more you see the back, you will begin to realize that this is the real friendship between women, vague, ambiguous, just like the three sisters in the country holding the toilet, will use the same straw to drink, will sleep with a bed, will be two people together, will cross the road shoulder.

That kind of girl's friendship between the flow of ambiguous, is in the past we have all experienced.

Another example is 12 episodes, car Hyun drunk, Yu Domei carrying her home, originally intended to leave her directly in bed, and Yu Domei intends to sleep in the living room. Car Hyun but caught her hand, said, you sleep with me, I promise will only hold your hand.

This kind of plot used to appear only between the male and female protagonists, when did you see which play would spend these hours filming the scenes of drunken and petite girls? (And it's so cute and apt!) )

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Weakening the Importance of Marriage to Women: Making Women Grow To What They Want

These three women, Yu Domei, Song Jiajing, Che Xian is the eyes of the strong woman: career success, have a strong crisis management capacity, which in the past Korean drama set is very common. But it is particularly interesting that the screenwriters deliberately weaken the importance of "marriage" to women in the play.

Weakening does not mean avoiding talk, in fact, there is still a dispute between Yu Domei and Park Miao-jian because of the different views of marriage.

Screenwriters weaken the pressure on women, including parents and relatives of the urging, colleagues between the sour talk, in the past you in Korean drama, you will always see an independent woman, behind the parents must make every effort to promote marriage, to horse is in the tea room has colleagues acid heroine: 30 years old also married not to go out, there must be a problem. Otherwise it is an attack on society, including the supervisor's question, the eyes of others.

But in www.theory." Such a setting provides us with another kind of imagination: why does a woman's life succumb or make a choice because of all kinds of outside eyes? Why should a woman, 30 years old, not marry, have to be upset about "whether to get married" in order to meet the expectations of others?

Whether or not to enter marriage has nothing to do with society as a whole. "WWW Please Enter A Search Word" allows women to show their abilities and rights, so their pressure comes from different values from their partner, such as the reluctance of The Dome to enter into marriage, because she feels that love will disappear, rather than pain, it is better not to start.

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Although later Yu Domei was moved by Park, decided to only fall in love not to marry, but Park MiaoJian did not understand, why love two people do not go into marriage? She explained time and again that she felt that love was not necessarily sustained by legal intervention.

She said you just think it's strange that people don't get married, Park didn't, why do you think so?

"You see, now only I need to keep explaining why I didn't get married. But you want to get married, and you don't have to explain a word. 」

He's not the CEO of a top 100: the hero doesn't have to be very good.

The role shift in WWW Please Enter A Search Word is interesting. If we come up with the image of the hero in the past Korean drama, he is not the kind of "all stupid only my genius business boss", is the kind of "I am a talented artist, works all over the world invincible", not to mention the soldiers who survive the gun battle, or even the rapid lying aliens (? )

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The hero, Park, is the owner of a music production company that started his own business. Being the boss of their own sounds powerful, but they still can't get the case, get the case, don't know where the next meal is, worried about when the company will fall. Even if the heroine is killed to lose his job, he can not help but accept.

Park is still very talented, he can get the certification of colleagues, but "WWW please enter the search words" did not deliberately shape the hero's power and power - for example, with IQ and talent to conquer the masses. He is very ordinary, chasing like girls, open the company is not very strong, no 24 hours to open the hanging (except for appearance, the hero in the play is shaped into a million fans).

In this play, there is no longer the so-called "Prince Charming" template role, this is "WWW please enter the search words" is very real place, and even we can say that in the whole play, is completely female-oriented protagonist.

We can't confirm whether the screenwriter is consciously breaking through the old script of Roman history, but WWW does make people feel like women's consciousness exists in it.

Overall, "WWW please enter the search words" there are still some common, in line with the public taste of the set existence (can snipe the girl's heart plot or quotation), but can see in the roman history of the shell wrapped, there is a crack, the branches of female consciousness gradually grew out, but also closer to the real world.

From the Korean drama back to Taiwan drama, in recent years, Taiwan drama has also appeared a variety of dramas, perhaps we can expect that the future of Taiwan drama more close to the real content appear.