Interview with the documentary filmmaker He Zhaoxuan. The seven-year documentary "The Future Is Unharmed" shows two girls aged 15 to 18 who are forced to live their lives because of structural poverty and dysfunctional families. But when society looks at the so-called "victims", they often expect them to be weak and humble, to absorb the sympathetic vision of the community. But Director He said, "But in a position like this, she can't do anything." 」

In 2018, director He zhaoy launched a seven-year documentary, "The Future Is Unharmed," a story of a painful youth. Record the lives of two girls, Jane and Xiao Pei, ages 15 to 18.

Photo : "Future Is Unharmed"

Photo : "Future Is Unharmed"

At a time when they were young, the two girls were hurt by the lack of family function. They were forced to grow up, and when a girl suffered a major setback at home, she stood strong and said, "I want to protect my family, because family is the most important thing;

In 2019, "The Future Is Unharmed" will launch a fundraising page, with the thought of getting the film released in the fall. The director's interview came a day before the premiere of the Taipei Film Festival, and according to the partner who accompanied the interview, the funding was up to standard after the premiere.

I said congratulations, i am very excited. With countless curiosity, looking at the present smile dying eyes of the director, want to ask her, youth must have pain, what is the reason, let her unconsciously look at these two girls, this look is seven years?

Meet the world with a gentle face

Filming "The Future Is Unharmed" is the gentlest cry of the world.

From the social inability of the protective net, see two girls in the poverty structure, in the harm of gender and family, how to take the most primitive wild vitality, live out the established victim template, but He director with the softest angle to gaze, a picture, staring, you will see very cruel, bloody piece, but her lens does not speak, She wants you to look slowly and see everyone's movements and sounds in the picture.

In 2011, he was approached by social workers and came into contact with 12 high school youths who wanted to make an inspirational documentary. But did not expect her lens, slowly turned to the "future unharmed" in the two girls - Small Jane and Xiao Pei. I asked why.

Photo : "Future Is Unharmed"

As he listened, he looked soft, like her documentary footage. After listening to my words, she chewed for a long time, and then said, "In the direction of life experience and care, to a certain extent, not so sure to do a male issue." And as a completely physical woman, I am more emplaced. 」

Part of the reason for caring about women's experience comes from a sympathetic feeling, when she is filming the story of Xiaozhen and Xiao Pei, often recalls the experience of being a woman, once a young girl. The two girls were left struggling because of structural poverty and dysfunction in their homes - they had to grow themselves into adults.

"I often describe how far a child can fly, sometimes standing on the shoulders of parents. The lower the social and economic status, the smaller the circumference that the child can see. A lot of people will say why they should look down on themselves? Why is the horizon so small? It's not a personal matter, it's a lack of experience or condition in the child's upbringing.

The director gave an example, two freshman children, a person standing in a high economic position, he may choose to go abroad to expand his horizons, supported by his family;

The situation is realand dreadful.

So looking at the two girls, He guide often have a sense of powerlessness, thinking, "Why are they?" 」

I can imagine that if I hadn't yelled, the shadow would have hurt me for a long time.

Born in a well-off family, He director has very to protect their parents, but also let her very wayward, to grow something, the family will always say that she is very independent. In college, she chose to leave home, to rent a house outside, almost crazy, hard to understand the world. After exposure to gender theory, it became clear that most of the time she was exposed to the gender environment, is very unfriendly.

I think back a long time ago, when there was no cell phone. One night at about ten o'clock, she went to the telephone booth outside the building to make a phone call, the outside of the paint smear. After talking on the phone, packing up, a boy rushed to her and stopped in front of her.

"I'll hold on because I don't know what he's going to do, " she said, demonstrating the movements of the time, with her hands naturally hanging in front of it, "and then I found my hands wet." I'm completely stuck and I don't know what's going on. only found out that he had ejaculated in my hand. 」

As you can imagine her at the time, the first reaction was scared. What is that? Is it water? Is it an attack? How do I respond? When she reacted, immediately chased up, desperately swearing, yelled at the boys: What are you doing! Why are you doing this!

Because of contact with gender theory and gender education, let the director know that sexual harassment, not should review themselves, so confirm their own safety, she chased out. Choose confrontation, let her more powerful against the shadow: "Because I can imagine if I wonder if I am not right, too exposed, too imperious, if I go to reflect on myself, do not say anger, this matter will affect me very long." Because that's what women interpret as moral wrongdoers. 」

"So I think gender education is important, first I know I'm safe, and I have to react, not just to show that I'm a female subject, but to be - I'm not going to continue to hurt myself." 」

And in "The Future Is Unharmed", it is a story that allows women to show their subjectivity. What you will feel is that they are victims, who become rebels, and show the power to change lives.

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