Which movie song do you like best? Is it aladdin's "the whole new world" or "Flower Magnolia"? Or let it go of "Ice and Snow Wonderland"? Spotify has released the top 10 Disney hits, so let's see if the one you love is on the list, and what's not you've heard of?

Everyone's childhood has a Disney song, whether it is the former "Flower Magnolia" of the man," or men and women, young and old can lang to get their hands on the "Ice and Snow Oddity" of the Let it go, press play Buddha film screen in sync in the mind.

Recent Disney movies frequently remake animated films to the big screen, each live film works with a little "surprise new ideas", such as "Aladdin" princess began to stop as a good card, their own brave stand up and eventually become a national leader(Aladdin and Princess Jasmine: don't because of others, And give up your pursuit), or the outing of the corner/drama will upend the past plot impression and usher in a wave of discussion of "Flower Magnolia" and "The Little Mermaid":

Source: Disney

Source: Disney

In addition to the emphasis on gender and race, the story of courage has been left behind:"The Lion King" five classic words of courage: If bad things are destined to happen, why should we worry too much?

With Disney's plot, the topic of cornering constantly discussed, the film's popular theme songs are also mentioned again, memory, these songs also have your childhood memories?

Disney partnered with Spotify's music streaming platform to launch the classic movie original music album, and in just one year, Disney songs on Spotify have been played for more than 2 billion minutes, the equivalent of more than 1.3 million days, disney classic music on Spotify is constantly being transmitted, played, and remembered.

What is the appeal of these musical works that the world wants to keep listening to? Let the female fan editor get you a selection of Spotify's official top10 hits to feel the magic of these songs.

  1. "Let It Go" - Ice And Snow Edge Frozen
  2. "How Far I'll Go" - Ocean Heart Moana
  3. "You're Welcome" - Heart of the Sea Moana
  4. "Life is a Highway" - Automotive General Mobilization Cars
  5. "You'll Be In My Heart" - Tarzan Tarzan
  6. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" - Ice and Snow Edge Frozen
  7. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" - Magnolia Mulan
  8. "A Whole New World" - Aladdin Aladdin
  9. "Try Everything" - Animal Program Zootopia
  10. "Love Is an Open Door" - Ice and Snow Edge Frozen

Source: "Ice and Snow Edge"

Source: "Flower Magnolia"

Source: "Ocean Wonderland"

Source: "Animal City"

Source: Aladdin

Same-time show: These songs also have Chinese version!

Let It Go Forest Core - "Ice and Snow Edge"

The Heart of the Sea How Far I'll Go A-Lin - Ocean's Edge

Courtesy You're Welcome - "The Heart of the Sea Moana"

You'll Be In My Heart In My Heart Zhou Huajian - "Taishan"

Want to be a snowman Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Man I'll Make a Man Out of You Chenglong - "Flower Magnolia"

New World A Whole New World - Aladdin

Love is about to say the exit Love Is an Open Door - "Ice and Snow Edge"

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