Interview with documentary filmmaker He Zhaoxuan, "The future is unharmed" took seven years to produce, she and the two protagonists, Xiaozhen Xiaopei feelings become very deep, become another kind of family appearance. Watching two girls stumble in their lives, but full of power, the director looks forward to watching the film, we no longer look at them in the old-fashioned victim script: sometimes the protector mentality is the process of hindering the victim's healing.

Interview on: The gentlest and cruelest, the 18-year-old youth of a young girl: An exclusive interview on "The Future Is Unharmed"

Home is a desire, a desire to stir-fry coriander, or a sofa

In "The Future Is Unharmed", there is a search for the ideal home.

During the seven years of filming, the relationship between Director He and Xiaozhen Xiaopei became very deep, like another family look. Sometimes after the messenger call, the girl will say to her, "Love you."

She also responded: Love you.

The director smiled and imitated. Two girls, she will be a dry mother, inside there is a deep attachment, like family.

Photo : "Future Is Unharmed"

I asked the director, did they influence your imagination of home for seven years? She looked down, and then seemed to give the answer, and lost the question, she said, it has to do with why people have a home, and everyone's desire for home, should have the most core pursuit.

Home is a process of abstraction from a likehouse: "What kind of house you desire, that is what you desire for home, the thing at the heart of your heart." 」

By pursuing something of an outsider, we slowly build and lay out a house, and the pursuit of House is your imagination of Home.

But the process of pursuing home involves many limitations, and there are structural problems behind it. For example, renting, you can handle the home(House) with less freedom, if you are a cook, without a good kitchen, it is difficult to create the ideal home.

The director laughs that he loves cooking, she can't even imagine that her home only induction cooker, but no gas stove, because for her, home is a smell, there is fried vegetables, is the fire stir-fry aroma, for the family to cook the kind of smell. Later, her desire for home, is a very comfortable sofa, can stretch, do not need to sit in danger, home is a sense of body.

The director looked at me, with a warm smile, and she asked, What about you? What does home mean to you? I paused and replied, it's the sound. The tv is loud and there is a chat.

Director He once asked Xiaozhen what her ideal home was like. At that time, her answer was a dream ymme. When she hears the answer, he often cruelly thinks, perhaps in her social and economic status, the ideal home is never to reach the place: "She has a desire for home, it is because she in the family relationship, almost play a more like a parent than parents." 」

Yu Xiaozhen, Xiao Pei, home may be a place to let oneself hurt, but even after suffering from trauma, they long for the distance, is still home.

Photo : "Future Is Unharmed"

Let "victims" become "rebels" to flip old scripts

Two children who have not been caught by the social protection network, the victims of the mass definition, who grow their own strength, stand as the main body, become rebels, and re-write the script of the victims. But when a victim wants to show subjectivity, society doesn't necessarily accept it, and we want them to conform to the victim's script: cry, be humble, and at best have no power.

"Including all kinds of gender-related parties, it is often necessary to use a kind of forced must become victimized, low-key posture, to absorb the sympathetic vision of this society." She was soft-spoken, but strong: "But in such a position, she can do nothing, she can not have the power, the show of strength will be questioned." 」

Old-fashioned victim scripts, and the social "protector mentality", make victims think they are shameful and unseemly. In a way, it hinders the healing process: "One thing is important. The client is in pain because of this, and he must examine his traumatic experience and name a new version of the traumatic experience, not the old one, in a state where someone can catch it. 」

The so-called new version, means that by describing the experience, stand as the main body, so that he has the strength to face the future life.

Like a man who is under the control of his mother and insecure, he may want to make up for the void through love. But the new version of life, through narrative, know that the sense of security must be their own, rather than relyon on the outside world.

"The main character of the film also has a history of trauma narratives of the past, so through the narrative becomes a more powerful person. We're going to put a safe net, let them speak out, make them cry, and stop blaming themselves. 」

Looking at the director, I have been unable to forget the "future is unharmed", Small Jane so fearless look directly at the lens of the eyes, as well as Xiao Pei's pursuit of love sincere, is original and full of vitality, hope for the future. When we can all stand as rebels, we can rewrite the story of life.

Edit postscript

Knowing that he was going to interview the director, a colleague grabbed me and asked me: Do you want to visit Director He Zhaoxuan? Her documentaries are classic, and "I Love High Heels" is a must-see for students at the School of Communication. I nodded with a smile, and I could understand the excitement of my colleagues, especially after watching "The Future Is Fine."

After meeting the director, I said I liked the film, and her eyes were so gentle, said thank you to me. I'm really curious, after seeing so many cruel pictures, why can i gently face the world?

More than a decade ago, she says, she was tough and dogmatic, "but nothing in the hard state is anyone to see." A hard theory comes in, it needs to get along with the world, before it internalizes and becomes a living thing. 」

Under the lens, she began to see a lot of had to be, and powerless, a lot of things developed, not black or white cut can understand.

"So I think that kind of softness and gentleness is inevitable, for me. That's one way I get in touch with the world. 」