Interview with elephant gymnastics bassist Zhang Kaixuan, Taiwan music festival look satout, rarely see like Kai-Yuan wild female performers, she said that she is like the king of the sea thieves to cultivate the "overlord." When there is hegemony, you can go beyond everything, even the appearance will be promoted.

In the music scene, there is a kind of person can always easily catch your eyes, such as the elephant gymnastics Zhang Kaixuan.

Standing on the music stage, Zhang Kaixuan, shaking his head, only the music has no lyrics of the performance, but people can not help but indulge in it. Very primitive, wild, let the body to feel the music, that moment, if no one, only their own body, paste the most recent, the most ambiguous time.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, she came to the MV scene, the wild girl on the stage, chatting with Chen Shani, like a child, with a petite taste, "Then you help me write a song next time." "Chen Shani waved coolly, I ok ah.

Photo: Da music

When you have bullying, you go beyond the attention to appearance.

From a young age, Kai-Yuan on their own thick eyebrows very mind, so she often left Liuhai, in order to cover their eyebrows, there are acne, she has been troubled to the symptoms of college, and even steal her mother's powder to cover it.

But the idea of appearance changed until he started playing the orchestra.

"After playing with an orchestra, you can't fix the same action forever, like I love to shake my head. It would be a pity if the performance became ugly because of the lack of self-confidence in appearance, she said, and when she grows up, she will find that there are more things in life that will cause distress, so even if she wants to raise her eyebrows, she doesn't care so much.

"Before I started my music job, no one would ever compliment me on my appearance, but I didn't change my appearance. 」

The attention to music, beyond the appearance, Kai-Yuan always thought, how to make the performance on the stage more attractive, so practice to cultivate their own gas field: "like the king of the sea thief inside the so-called "overlord." When you have hegemony, you can go beyond everything, you can light up from the inside out, and your appearance will be elevated. 」

If you still feel inferior, may want to be a self-awareness of the beginning, "if there is a person is not inferior, not anxious, he may not have experienced the stage of self-awareness, so in the face of low self-esteem anxiety, is to start the process of self-awareness." 」

Photo: Da music

Sometimes the more cluttered the place, the more we can find the other beauty.

The existence of the so-called "beauty" and "ugly" words will itself bring people the limits of their thinking, can not prohibit the public not to talk about beauty and ugliness, but should want to create plural - that is, multi-dimensional beauty.

"It's like I've been trying not to wear a bra before, it's a challenge to shape the curves. Then we can look at whether fashion is changing now? Some. More and more women are able to accept their chest size, curves, put on their underwear and stop wearing breasts as an end: "Will this challenge create another beauty?" Yes, I will. 」

In the shape of self-aesthetic view, Kai-Yuan also has a set of their own methods, and this must be from her favorite ancient.

At first will contact the ancient, because the university to Study in Taipei she has no money, but very much want to buy some new clothes to dress themselves, so in Fuhe under the bridge of the second-hand market, slowly dug up suitable for their own clothes. Over time, she began to shape her own style, with a unique aesthetic.

In the eyes of outsiders, the messy second-hand market may just pick up cheap places, where there is beauty? But she said with satisfaction, "I think the so-called aesthetic, not necessarily all touch with the beauty of things, you can know what beauty is." 」

"Sometimes it's a mixed, messy and messy world where you can find what you love. It's more interesting to build an aesthetic in this way. 」

The body, as a hint of music, can transmit more energy.

Taiwan music festivals look out and rarely see wild, free-flowing female performers like Kai Wei: "Because I'm not afraid to show flaws anymore." 」

"When I want beauty, I can't really feel the madness of the music, but the composition of elephant gymnastics is crazy. If I want to meet, I must cross this door. She said that usually in the performance will be taken numerous ugly photos, but if in the dynamic, those body rhythm, swing, is very beautiful.

Wildness is not beautiful to all, but perhaps on the other hand, it will form another kind of beauty.

Elephant Gymnastics, as a pure instrument orchestra, can convey more energy than text-based songs, Kai said the personal performance style has changed in the last two years, from the observation of the audience: "it is through the frustration of everyone's lack of reaction to music." 」

She began to think about how to lead the audience into music, and the body as a musical hint, perhaps more direct, strong to help the audience into the rhythm, understand the structure of music, especially when the composition of elephant gymnastics is more difficult to understand, Kai-Yuan on the stage swinging, then has a leading role.

"I hope that by the body, the body language of each song is reinforcing the concepts and images that the music wants to convey. 」

She said seriously, let me think that every time I watched Kai's live film, there is no dazzling stage lighting, but people can not move their eyes.

Perhaps get rid of the language, through pure music, we can in the confusion and wild rhythm, to find the most primitive, their own body.