Interview with national music musician Miao Yulin, in Taiwan, the chance of becoming an albino is one in 20,000, she laughs, how lucky, if you give birth again or choose the present appearance. She has always believed that becoming an albino is one of her strengths.

Albinos are known as "children of the moon". Because of the lack of body pigment, so that the skin and hair as bathed in the moonlight white, skin is also because of the lack of pigment and fragile, can not long-term exposure to the sun.

In Taiwan, the chance of becoming an albino is one in 20,000, but the national music musician Miao Yulin laughs, how lucky: "If I had given birth once, I would still choose what I am now." 」

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I don't care what i look at, I like to be watched.

Because of albinism, Yulin from a small vision only 0.1, the family wants, since the vision is poor, the ear should always be sharp? So at the age of 12 she began to touch the national music and bamboo flute, and now on the one hand, playing, has been to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, on the other hand, in Taichung, Taipei, teaching children musical instruments.

As a child, She mentioned that she was well protected, that both her teachers and classmates could understand her symptoms, and that her parents had never been covered up by her albinism. The reason for being so confident, she laughs, is also related to family education:

"A lot of people don't like to be looked at differently, but I'm the opposite, I like people to look at me, whether you look at it with a strange eye, or because like a doll, I like to be noticed by others!" Especially when performing abroad, in a group of black hair yellow skin, her skin color and hair color is more conspicuous, she laughs, this is another Kind of Taiwan's light?

Yulin's outsider character was visible in front of the camera. Remember the beginning of the interview, asked her to introduce herself when there was some restraint, photography said, natural lying. She suddenly realized, oh, yes, so it's okay to talk like usual? Yulin's husband laughs, yes, be yourself, you don't usually do just like that!

Like their own unique, although re-selected, or will want to become their own, she thought this life experience is very special, not ordinary people can experience.

Even to maintain self-confidence in the moment, Yu Lin also mentioned the setbacks and criticisms she had encountered in the past, such as playing music in a restaurant, the manager ostensibly told her that the flute was too loud, and dismissed her, but privately expressed fear that she would scare guests and children; Instead, he was hired in second place.

More time to the orchestra concurrent performance, the official performance in front of Yu Lin played a lamp, vision is weak she can not see the conductor under the beat. Still, she thought, there were still some physical obstacles that she couldn't overcome even if they tried again.

Photo: Da music

Alifia is my strength, And I've always believed so

Despite more twists and turns than the average person, Sheen always gets back on her own track.

Having seen other albino friends worry about their appearance, she says that, like the average person, they are anxious about their height and fat thin, but they just care about alprosy. It's normal to have negative emotions, and to complain to others, to lose your temper, to cry, you can get yourself back to where you are.

Now she, turning all attacks and criticisms into good faith, is willing to believe that when a person is willing to speak out about alacta in front of you, it is a very real voice. "The man who dares to speak in front of me is very brave. People who really can't understand you can't really talk. 」

Along the way, she tried to reconcile with almystism. From a small fortune teller, appearance is her advantage, whether it is not the comfort of the fortune teller, or God's will, she nodded to confirm that she is a believer.

"I never regret doing anything for myself. She affirmed that even in the process of dreaming in the face of criticism, she still likethat of the silly self, bent on becoming a musician of their own.

Don't want to live to hide, if alitin become their life can not be removed the label, it will be crowned, because doomed to be different from others, let yourself stand on the stage.

Photo: Da music