Interviewed the truck driver, Li Jialing, decided to drive the van to make money in order to take care of the children. For more than a decade, she has heard a lot of gossip, such as when someone asked her to go back to do the laundry and cook, and when someone saw her laugh, she was scolded and asked if she wanted to get differential treatment for this? But Li Jialing gritted her teeth through all the criticism, after all, in the driving truck, the most terrible things have been met, such criticism is what?

In the afternoon, Li Jialing's light shirt and long hair showed up. To the MV shooting scene, she nodded to say hello, the bottom of her eyes is hidden smile, holding the bag in her hand, she saw Chen Shanni, laughing that friends still do not believe that I will see artists, I really saw ah.

In 2013, the media made a story about the truck driver, Li Jialing, calling her "the hot mom of the cargo card world" when she was in the big truck for ten years. Talking about choosing to drive a van, she said she started out just to take care of two kids, thinking about making more money, and stepping on to the big truck.

It has been fifteen years since the van opened.

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Turning the steering wheel of a van: Women's bodies have endless possibilities

When it comes to driving a van, you might think of a man of great stature and extraordinary courage, but Jia Ling is not. Choose to drive a big truck, no struggle is a lie, she had because of reversing hit a utility pole, utility pole fell into the car, hands and feet shaking do not know how to be good; I think I'm also very good, but i'm driving a big truck.

In the four square container truck head, there is Li Jialing's world, sad, fragile, confident, all stored in one side of the small world.

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Photo: Damusic Music

In the examination of the driver's license or driving a truck, gossip naturally heard a lot, such as want ingress her back to do laundry and cook, clean the home on it. Some people will think, girls, have the heart to do, others will help her more;

But she just want to say, thank you for everything, good and bad, is because of this, so that she can continue to grow, in order to gamble on a breath and drive down.

From beginning to end, she did not want to complain, knew that working in the freight industry will encounter many difficulties, but Jia Ling only whispered: I just want to try, just try. Without tried, she didn't know she could drive a 15-ton truck, she didn't know she could drive the cargo machine alone, she dropped, she didn't know that her body could expand indefinitely, there was always a new possibility.

Mom, can you take me to school in a big truck?

Jia Ling's children are very proud of their mother's career, recall ingress when I was a child, just a few minutes of school road, the child also asked her, can she drive a truck to take him to school? And the daughter may also be affected by the mother, when the promotion of the job do not miss beauty salon, because Jia Ling a "otherwise read to see the auto repair department?" and seriously did the data and her discussion.

"I think it's a great thing. 」

Because the mother never set limits for themselves, the two children are also very brave to subvert the gender restrictions of society: "I used to think that a woman, is to get married and have children drag the floor, but do not know why it became like this," she looked happy: "and I also adapted well!" 」

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Have you trained your strong arms for years to carry heavy loads, and have you ever been laughed at by colleagues as "sio-phah) chickens" (chicken fighting)? She said it wasn't, it was 15 years of success and I loved it.

"Some people ask, do you want to be a girl?" "Of course I'm still a girl, but I've been through something different, " she laughed. 」

"I feel that the most beautiful time is when I disdain those criticisms. 」

Jia Ling touched her arms, like a warrior, she loved all the changes in her body. But she's also cute, except that she sometimes hates getting fat because she can't wear pants.

What should a woman's body look like? What does "like a woman" really mean? Looking back on the day of the interview, I saw the answer in Jia Ling.

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