The film "The Lion King" was released yesterday, breaking the box office record for animated remakes such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Dark Woman in a single day. One of the hidden life issues, including bright, dark, happy, sad fragments, to compare life, in fact, not at all sudden. Through the Lion King, we know that life is in such continuous learning and change, to find out who you really are.

In 1994, Disney's animated film "The Lion King" swept the world, and the song "Circle of Life" is still being sung today. In 2019, "The Lion King" is back on the big screen again in a true-looking look, breaking the box office record for animated remakes such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Dark Woman within a day of its release.

Twenty-five years on, why is The Lion King still alive today? What does the courage and growth of The Lion King affect us?

Photo: "The Lion King"

The origin of life should be an exploration, not a comparison, not a parody.

The birth of the little lion Simba, carrying the expectations of all, he is the next king, he will lead the kingdom to a new era. But the truth is that he was too late to know himself, was drowned out by the spit of others, his own identity and expectations, all from the description of other people. In keeping with these expectations, he thought that if he wants to be king, he should be as brave, fearless and intelligent as his father? He tried so hard to prove that he could be like his father, but forgot that he didn't have to live to be another mufasha.

How similar Simba's childhood is to us. Imagine a child born into a middle-class family, when his parents and sisters' performance coincides with the world's definition of success, inevitably will inevitably be compared to the fate. "Oh, you look at the father's work how good ah, money more things less close to home", "sister also on that famous school, you can also" in the whispers, we also think that we should go forward, but also in order not to be compared, and strive to pursue is not their real desire dying goal. (Recommended reading:"The Lion King" Scarlet Parents: You Can Reduce Your Control of Your Child through Practice)

Photo: "The Lion King"

Escape is useful, but always escapism doesn't always work

Simba desperately want to gain recognition, in order to prove that he really has the ability to be king, such a desire to let uncle scar organic can take advantage of the trap of mufasa, let oneself sit on the throne. And little Simba also mistakenly blamed himself for his father's death. Hit hard, he chose to escape, choose to leave, choose to seal the past, no longer remember. Turned around with friends Peng Peng, Ding Man live a carefree, happy life, he seems happy, but really get happy, but sealed sad will disappear?

Simba's growth will not always be smooth, just like our life. In the growth of the way, we have encountered setbacks, even know that "frustration can make people grow" the truth, but they really encounter setbacks, or subconsciously choose to escape. In the absence of sufficient ability and mental commitment, in the confusion, escape is no harm, sometimes the negative mentality can indeed save unnecessary trouble, but has been negative? Always avoiding it? Will we drown, can no longer find three-dimensional self, only the joy of nothing?

Photo: "The Lion King"

Mission, let us have the courage to find a life

After a good time, Simba's qingmei bamboo Manana came to bring the king's long-lost news. As to whether he should go back to save all life, Simba had struggled, had doubts, and had been confused, but he still plucked up the courage to face honestly, chose to return to the kingdom that had made him afraid, he was both strange and familiar, chose to do his duty, pick up the important subject of his life, choose to be clearly afraid, still try to move forward.

Everyone who comes to this world has their own mission, the sense of mission in our lost time called us, so that we can go through this journey of life. Simba's mission is to return to the kingdom to return to glory, Mufasha's mission is to breed the next generation, the succession of the throne, Peng Peng Dingman's mission is to use the philosophy of happiness, infect everyone who goes into the bottom of life. What is your mission, are you willing to summon up the courage, open your senses, and accomplish your mission? (Recommended reading:"The Lion King" five classic words of courage: If bad things are destined to happen, why should we worry too much? ) )

Photo: "The Lion King"

Honest face is unbearable, in order to grow a better self

Simba is not back to the kingdom, can naturally take back his own throne, he has to face the most afraid of the scar, he has to overcome the heart can not erase the guilt, in order to get out of the pain of the past, leading the kingdom to the future. He also had in the struggle with scars again afraid and shame, but this time he no longer choose to escape, but to fight with it, his courage, mission, frank, let him overcome the scar, overcome the guilt, win back the kingdom.

If responsibility and mission give us the courage to move toward stoain, "overcoming fear" is the last mile to get us to achieve. When we face the mistakes of the past, frankly face not good enough self, frankly face all the mess, we can learn from it, grow a better self, more able to approach and achieve the goal.

"The Lion King" film is a long time, because it contains too many life issues, those bright, dark, happy, sad fragments, to compare life, not at all sudden. Our lives, in such continuous learning and change, find out who we really are.

It's great to be able to grow up with Simba, to see the original version of "The Lion And the Lion Now", to be able to bring our children into the theater and complete The Circle of Life.