Act on gender equality, which makes the work field more friendly, can reduce discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Womanny is a girl who has just graduated from school, and she has a lot of expectations on the one hand, but on the other hand, she is also uneasy.Before she was able to share the experience of finding a job or working, she said that although the patriarchs had already gone past the past, it was impossible to deny that girls were more likely to experience unequal treatment in their work.

Wortney has heard of differences in gender differences in terms of recruitment, performance, promotion, pay, and so on, such as a single clause, a gender gap, such as a single clause and a pregnancy clause.The victim's physical and mental health is suffering from both verbal and verbal ordeal, or even sexual harassment by the supervisor and colleagues.In addition, if the physiology does not apply, or when the pregnancy is to be produced and the child is taken care of, can it really take leave and apply for leave without pay?

In order to eliminate barriers to gender in the workplace, and to remove barriers to women's employment, there is a [Gender Equality Act].Article 1 recognizes that it is designed to "guarantee the equality of the right to work and to implement the Constitution to eliminate gender discrimination and to promote the substantive equality of sex".To put it plain-white, it is to make the work field more friendly.

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[Gender Equality Act] can be divided into general provisions, gender discrimination, sexual harassment prevention, treatment of sexual harassment, promotion of equality of work and relief and appeal procedures.This norm, in addition to negative discrimination against discrimination, sexual harassment, and infringement of rights, is more active in promoting the right to work as a constitutional guarantee of the right to work on the basis of legal provisions, and in conjunction with certain relief and appeals procedures.

In the next series of articles, we will bring together a number of issues that are closely related to women, and the law on the promotion of equality of work measures, as well as other regulations and rules, in the Act on Gender Equality.It is hoped that through this way, we can let everyone know what kind of protection they have in the workplace and learn to fight for that right.The relevant information will then be provided to the relevant information on gender discrimination, the prevention of sexual harassment, and the related criminal law provisions that may be involved in the latter, as well as the issue of labour examinations.

The girls need to know how to protect themselves and protect their own rights, because we deserve a fair treatment!(Sibling: From Hongzhong qiu to China: After the march, why don't we get justice?)