"Some people break into your life just to teach you a lesson and then turn around and leave. "Fifty Shades of Love" has been on the show for ten years. Growing up, i've been through a few relationships, you know, sometimes you're Samo, sometimes you're Tom. On-demand five movie songs for girls who don't believe in love. Even if not predestined, all encounters are just coincidences. But in this world, you are not alone.

"Fifty Shades of Love" (500 days of Summer) has been on the show for ten years.

"Some people break into your life just to teach you a lesson and then turn around and leave. 」

When you saw the film as a child, you only feel that the story, the male and female protagonists did not end up together. Growing up have experienced a few love, you gradually understand that this film, in fact, see every fragile, scarred us. (Same-on-the-spot release:"Relationship Diary" "Summer 500 Days": Even if it does not matter, I still glad to love you)

Many good or bad nights, you hold the old pen and electricity, re-watching "Five Hundred Days of Love Summer." Sometimes you're Tom, sometimes you're Samo. Although you're not sure there's so-called "true love" in the world, you're slowly getting to know yourself better.

On-demand five movie songs for you to girls who don't believe in love. Even if not predestined, all encounters are just coincidences. But in this world, you are still not alone. (Same Show:"Single Woman Volume 3" Summer: Bravely Tell yourself that this is not mine)

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The Smiths-There Is Light That's Never Goes Goes Out

Take me out tonight.
Take me out tonight
Take me to places where people and music
Where there's music and there's people
Take me anywhere i have a sound.
And they're young and alive
In your car.
Driving in your car
I don't want to go home at all.
I never, never want to go home
After all, I don't have a home.
Because I haven't got one anymore

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"I love Smith very much. 」

"Oh really, I like Smith, too." 」

That was the first thing she said to him. He was a little embarrassed, likethe Smith Orchestra, not too fashionable for many people, they only set up for four years, tearing up the face to dissolve, until the single fly to re-red. He didn't think that anyone in the world could understand who liked them.

But she knew. She stopped him and even followed him by humming out the melody that the headphones were leaking.

"If there's a double-decker bus that hits us at the moment, it's going to die next to you, like heaven." (And if a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die)

Smith's lyrics are always like this, self-righteous love, world-weary and abusive, composed, deafening emotions. Tom, who always wears headphones, took them off for the first time for the girl. It was not until that day that he discovered that someone in the world had heard the same melody as him.

The Smiths-Please Please Please Get Get Get I Want This Time

Tom is in love.

"She liked Margaret's paintings with Hopper and banana Fish, and we had a full twenty minutes of discussion. He told his friends how hard it was to love so many things, too.

It's just a friend who coldly reminds him, "Just because this girl likes some house things as much as you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate." (Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do dosn't's s your soul mate.) )

He played the song on demand for her, only one minute and fifty-three seconds, so that she could finish working on the song. Still her favorite Smith Band, the lead singer, Morrissey, sings with tenderness and despair, "My life is always going to make good people worse, so it's good once, please, please, please let me do what I want." (Same-sex plus:"Single Diary" meets your soul mate without the need to complete yourself)

Look, the life I've lived can make a good man bad.
See, the life I've had can make a good man bad
So, in my life, once.
So for once in my life
Please let me get what I want.
Let me get what I want
God knows, this is the first time in my life.
Lord Knows, it will be the first time

Doves-There Goes The Fear

When they were in love, they went to the exhibition together, watched movies, picnics in the park, and visited IKEA. We all imagined what it would look like to live together. If she were sitting on this sofa and he turned to the kitchen for dinner, how lovely the little house would be. She said, Honey, the tap is broken. He replied, It's okay, fortunately we have two kitchens in the house. Cohabitation of the future fantasy, in the commodity model imagination, have been so beautiful.

"Put your brown eyes on me and lay down next to me, and let all your fears go down." (Close your brown eyes, and lay down down next to me. Cause there goes goes the fear. Let it go.)

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Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart

He is actually very stubborn. He always wore a dark-looking literary band top, he said, and the whole band sounded blue and cool. For those moments, they quarreled occasionally. Sometimes you ignore each other's ideas. (Same Show:In My Secret Land: Youth, Trivia, Rock and Roll)

They had argued at the record label, and their favorite Beatles member, and the girl said her favorite was Ringo. And he laughed at her, "How come there is anyone in the world who likes Ringo the most?" 」

She often felt that she had not been well heard. But love is sometimes so, in love, the last achievement is only their own. After separation, you often think of the orchestras he loved, and the discs, vinyl and music playlists, the words and lyrics that were already a hint.

Sometimes, love, it is love and understanding, only finally separate us. (Love, Love will will tear us apart sever sever)

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Regina Spektor-Us

Regina Spektor sings, "They made a statue for us, they put it on the top of the mountain, a lot of people chewing gum, and they took pictures of us." (They made a statue of us and then put it on a mountain top. Now tourists come and stare at us. Brow bubbles with their gum, and take photographs of fun, have fun

The tenth anniversary of the release of "Fifty Shades of Love", it became a love classic, it is that it reminds us that everyone has been someone in the life of Tom and Shamo. Unrecognized love story does not mean that love never happens.

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Ten years on, Regina Spektor's delicate, soft singing is still with us. The story of the men and women in the film, remembering the beauty of the 80s, the sudden passing of love. The Happy Squad was reconstituted as New Order, The Smiths had long since disbanded, and Joie Dee Chanel married and had children, but that wonderful summer was a lifetime. Outside the film, those ordinary boys and girls, looking at the story, all think of their own moments. Summer is not over yet, we watch fireflies, blow our hair down the window on a hot day, play by the sea, sip soda, do nothing in the afternoon.

In the future many many autumn days and cold winter, you still remember, the original we.