In the "Summer 500" movie, two people have been to IKEA dating, playing a small couple relationship, like many couples have done. But we also see that Tom and summer are ultimately fruitless, because they always know the same thing about home - it's not that we're playing games in IKEA to shout about our husband, wife, that's home; the real attribution is that when I need you, you can respond to the love I want.

"Summer 500" has been released ten years, the heroine is also married, you understand the love it wants to say?

There's a dating scene in "Summer 500" where summer and Tom simulate a couple game at an IKEA home store. They went to the living room and said, "Husband, the tap is broken, and the TV is broken." Go to the kitchen and say, wife, I'm hungry. Let's eat. Like playing family wine as a child, we have an inexplicable sense of well-being because we put our stoain into a role.

However, after watching the film a few times, you will slowly discover that in that simulated family happiness atmosphere, making summer and Tom happy things are not the same. It's a fresh dating experience for summer; for Tom, there may be some sort of certainity in it.

Disagreements about love, or the future, make the end of two people not "romantic". When the relationship went unasted, Tom moved out of the summer. People say, end a love, also like the end of a home. Maybe we can talk today, why do we feel at home in an emotional relationship? And what does the establishment and disillusionment of this "home" come from?

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Home in love is a now-conducted

When we fall in love, we often have a wonderful feeling - the moment with this person, it seems to be a kind of home.

Summer and Tom in addition to the IKEA played in the family game, is a more specific family simulation, the film also hints at many love relationships in the imagination of belonging.

Tom, for example, began to travel around Los Angeles with his summer. He pointed to the city's old buildings, explained the beauty of architectural art, home by family, and he said he wished more people could see it. Summer then took out a pen and asked Tom to draw his imagined blueprint for the city in her hand. In this case, all the imaginations associated with the family house and the future are touched by one, and even if there is no promise, they can allow two people to circle in the inside, thus creating the illusion and joy of belonging.

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And when the summer let Tom into her house, she began to talk to him about her childhood, and a common dream. In the dream, she is flying, she knows she is very free, but looking back to find no one around her. Summer in the film has always symbolized an independent woman, but once you open her door, but you will see her corner of life, lonely hope to accompany. And at this moment she was vulnerable to throw a message in the hope that Tom would hear her voice. That's a desire to want you to stay here together.

In these processes, they open their doors, to the city, to the house, or to the inside. Two people, began to participate in each other's lives, and become a source of some kind of happiness for each other.

That's the home in love. It will be a process under construction, and it will turn out to be something that you don't know, or it may not. But the important thing is that in this equation, you will feel a certain sense of happiness for it.

How about breaking up? If we don't have happiness anymore

However, such happiness did not last. Soon, there was a cognitive disagreement between summer and Tom.

The last film they saw together, "The Graduates", ended with Benjamin finally escaped with his own true love Elaine, two people first happy laughter, but after a burst of revelry, but began to show a blank expression. Summer looked at that scene, can't help but burst into tears. She walked out of the cinema and began to refuse Tom to approach herself. At that moment she understood that none of us were home if there was no future to be seen. She cried and said goodbye to each other, admitting that we were not belonging to each other.

Tom has been longing for a stable relationship, and summer is afraid of being tied up by whom. So on the face of it, the summer's uncertainty, and finally the "break," seems to make Tom an innocent victim of the relationship.

But in fact, when summer opened her door, open self, you also found into the door of Tom, but only secretly snuck, thinking that they are a unique choice, this is to "fight" will have "lucky." The truth is that Tom has been living in his own fantasy world of love, thinking that two people who have visited the home store, or have had intimate behavior, is the person who is identified; Thus, the "already we" that I thought was still in the fuzzy zone between "you" and "me".

In the end, their relationship ended in a different perception of belonging - not that we were playing games in ikea' homestores, calling out to husband, wife, that's home; the real attribution was that when I needed you, you could respond to the love I wanted.

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We'll go to the next home and believe in love again

Some would say that the whole story of "Summer 500" is actually in the last eight minutes of the clip. Tom got married soon after he found out that he had left him self in the summer. He is so angry that he no longer believes in love. But one day had a chance to meet summer again, and he decided to ask her, why not be anyone's girlfriend, but now someone's wife?

"Because one day I wake up, I just know." 」
"What do you know?" 」
"I can't be sure when I'm with you. 」

Tom heard the answer, and he turned his head, very sad. Summer said softly, thank you, because it is you, let me begin to believe in fate, and meet the present partner. Here, Tom seems to have some awakening - in fact, it is not love no longer exists, but the past he may not understand love. At that time, they were on the same hillside that could look down on the whole city and look at the house.

It was like a story that we were not unhappy. Belonging in a relationship is a process, not a result.

In this city, we can enter a house, open countless relationships, simulate countless homes, and have been happy about it. Here, there are many people like Tom who think that opening the door and doing something inside the door can step into the future he wants. Here there are some people like summer, seemingly wandering helpless, and full of care, but in fact has always been clear and the pursuit of the real self. However, Tom is not necessarily wrong, and summer is not necessarily right;

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He called her down and said, I hope you can be happy.

Leave the summer, meet the fall, because believe that doomed, will really bring doomed belonging. And only if you choose to continue to believe, you will have the ability to love again.