Recently, Jia Jingxuan's daughter's sister's weibo account was attacked by netizens (Sun Zhihao), she said, "You don't blame my father, don't say how bad they are." We also saw JoJo's mother, and when the outside world kept talking about her home, she wrote a letter asking the heavenly mother, "Why are they attacking us with your love?" 」

As you can see, it is not the family values themselves that cause harm in many cases, but the public's fascination with the family - divorced homes, children must not be happy. Few people will tell you that we don't have to expect perfection at all, because a perfect home doesn't exist.

You may have thought about it too - what kind of home is called "complete"? How can we deal with our families if my parents are having an affair or are divorced? If the real home is all kinds of wounds, broken, is it difficult for us to pursue the "perfection" of other people?

Recently, Jia Jingxuan's eldest daughter, sister-in-law, opened a weibo account, but in just five days, she said yesterday (7/21) that because the page was attacked by netizens messages attacking the family, will be closed no longer used. We also saw JoJo's mother, and when there was constant public opinion about the divorce of Joao and Joma' mother, she wrote a letter asking the heavenly mother, "Why are they attacking us with your love?" 」

From the beginning of these children's speeches, we can re-examine step by step, what kind of family values we want to protect.

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Walking into the remarried home, sister-in-law: "Don't blame my father, you don't understand him."

She has lived in Shanghai with her father, Sun Zhihao, in recent years. She recently opened a Weibo account to share her daily life, but said on IG's Limited Time Yesterday that "Weibo is really a very sinister place" and that she would close her account.

"Please don't blame my dad, or Aunt Novia, for anything, don't say how bad they are. They didn't do anything and I hope I'm here to clarify it, they're both people I love so much. 」

It's unbearable to suggest that a netizen is attacking her family. She wanted to stand up and stop everyone from hurting her home.

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But in fact, two years ago, When Jia Jingxuan published a new book, she wrote that her sister-in-law had said to Jia Jingxuan, "If you and my father marry each other again, then we are outsiders." At that time, for the sister-in-law, "three people, if they were torn apart, would not belong to the same home." It can also be seen that, in addition to divorce is the choice of two adults, children are often forced to choose only side station. Their state of mind and needs are rarely noticed.

In 2010, Jia Jingxuan and Sun Zhihao divorced, during the property custody disputes, we want to discuss who the child is appropriate. After marrying and having two daughters in 2015, social media attention continued to cling to the "only special doting on which child, which one was snubbed."

Four years on, the sister-in-law who once did not accept "broken" family, today wants to protect her family in public for the first time. 'Please stop this "child" behavior,' she said. Because you never know our home.

Born in a single-parent home, Dou Jing Tong: "Who does Mom want to marry, she is happy"

Wang Fei and her first husband, Du Wei, gave birth to their daughter, Dou JingTong, and went on to experience his marriage to Li Yapeng and his affair with Xie Weifeng. Dou JingTong as a high-profile star second generation, after the debut of the media continueto want to take her family relationship as a topic.

When Wang Fei and Xie Weifeng came up with the possibility of a rekindling of their old relationship in 2018, he was asked if if his mother and Xie Weifeng were married, you would have three fathers. Who do you like better? What do you want to say to your mother?

"She'll be happy. 」

Dou Jing Tong expression is a little helpless. But when someone asks, often asked about mother, will not get bored? But she said flatly, "No, that's the case, my parents are my parents, there's no need to hide." 」

Born in an "atypical" home, she, as the second generation of the debutstar, faced with the public's single-handed trial words, she chose to respond calmly. 'This is my home, my mother, and I hope they're happy,' she told the crowd. Is there a problem with this?

From separation to death, Jojo, "Do you know what love is?" 」

Then saw the death of child star JoJo's mother in May this year, and the media hyped the issue of Joe's parents' divorce, like a chapter-back novel, a family story series of dog-blooded family stories. In the face of the public, relatives and friends between the sayings, JoJo after participating in the mother's farewell to write a personal letter, want to respond to this society, but also want to complain to the mother:

"I know that chemotherapy after cancer must be very uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and although in the end you're not sick, I'm sure there must be something you love where you go." I cherish the last year and a half we can open the heart chat time, originally made a good appointment next time to really meet, but you go. You said you love me very much, and thank my father for teaching me so well, but now, your friends and relatives are using your love for us to attack us, they really know what love is? 」

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She said she didn't understand why people were trying to "smear" her home. In her eyes, it is not her mother, or father, who does not understand love, but this traditional collective social value who is determined to harm others in the name of protecting the "perfect" family."

When this society, try to educate you what "happiness" is

In these stories, we see that it is not the family values themselves that cause harm in many cases, but the established traditional ideas and the myths of the public about the home. We are inertiad shouting the value of "same box", as if a family should have to live together in order to be on the edge of happiness; So, when your home is not in this standard, the whole society like to get twelve gold medals, can be arbitrarily tilted into the judgment.

Look back at these children. They came from a family that had a "crack" and grew up from it. Sister-in-law will guard the "stepmother" aunt, Dou Jing Tong recognized non-blood relative Li Yapeng as "the best father", Jo Jo and his mother after separation, hanging on to her in the hospital bed. When the public cast doubt on their homes and society gave them some framework, they chose what they believed. They are braver than more adults and stand up and want to tell this society that you have the perfection you want, but don't comment on our home.

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Because, originally there is no so-called immaculate family. A lot of times, we have to piece together to find what we want. And the things that come from reorganization are not necessarily bad, but may be more suitable for ourselves - just because the family, together have experienced some challenges, know that each other is not perfect. But now we are still around each other, proving that we have not given up on love.

Happiness does not need education, happiness is our gray face for home, after repeated attempts, know what kind of brave decisions can be made for ourselves.

So we don't have to expect a perfect home.

And we also observed that the same cultural situation in Europe and the United States entertainment industry is rare. The atypical family of Hollywood stars has three marriages and three children, two of them adopted and one biological; Channing. Johnny Depp's second-generation daughter, Lily-Rose. Lily Rose Depp is Vanessa Depp, who has been in a relationship for 14 years but has not been married. Born Vanessa Paradis, the trio are still in close relationship. Then there's Sandro. After her divorce, Sandra Bullock decided to adopt her own child and become a determined single mother.

They choose their desired home, just like choosing their own life - together, not a break, if a father, a mother does not necessarily make the whole family happy, then we should leave, to find a better place. As a result, outside public opinion media also usually do not interfere with the comments.

When the public keeps commenting on a home with an existing framework, telling you what's right or wrong, success and failure, "Go home" here want stake to show you a more authentic family look. You will know that these traditional values have long been out of line with our needs and imagination; We don't use a nice sample house, as long as we have the freedom to choose.

Because then we all understand, if there is never a perfect home, why do we insist on pursuing?