Marvel throws a shock shot, and Natalie Bowman will play The Sor in Raytheon 4: Love and Thunder! Why did Marvel pick Natalie Bowman? Let's take a look at Natalie Bowman's handsome hero's quote!

Following this year's wave of discussions in "Avengers 4: The Final Battle," Marvel dropped a shock on July 21st to announce the opening of the fourth installment of the Marvel Universe at San Diego Comic-Co, the nation's largest anime show. Including the continuation of past hero series "Dr. Strange 2", "Black Widow", "Rocky", "Ray the GodS Saul 4: Love and Thunder", as well as new heroes such as "Eternal Family", "Up" and so on.

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Of the 11 works, the most surprising is that "Ray the Gods Saul 4: Love and Thunder" will feature a female version of Saul, played by Natalie Bowman, the heroine of the first episode of "Ray the Gods Saul." The exact plot of the film has not been revealed, but the role set of "Wonder Woman" has made netizens look forward to it, and Natalie Bowman has posted a picture of herself raising a thunderbolt on IG, joking: "Remember what I look like before I change my strength. for when i get jacked)"

Natalie Bowman, a child star, has always been serious about not being labeled a "beautiful" label, ignoring her efforts to film Star Wars while getting a Harvard degree when she was in the red, she said:

"I don't care if college ruined my career, I'd rather be smart than just a movie star. If I had known my limits, I would never have taken the risk, and this adventure had created my great personality and professional accomplishment. 」

Photo:Natalie Portman IG

No one is better suited to the new heroine than Natalie Bowman. Nature has the qualities of challenge and adventure, showing their desires and ambitions, can also live straight, and not afraid to face the fragile self together to count Natalie Bowman's female moments, see how she led herself all the way to become a new hero Saul.

Not afraid to show off your ambitions

I'm tough on myself to the standards I want, but that's one of my pleasures: knowing that you live your life with all your heart and that you're the most complete in every job.

I'm tough on myself in terms of the standards i want to live up to, butt t's also also part of my pleasure: Knowing you are b eing your fullest self. Bei You fullest self is a lot of work.

I'm very different from other kids, I'm ambitious, I know what I want, what I want, and I'm working very hard to get there, I'm a very serious kid.

I was definitely ly from the other kids kids... I was more ambitious. I knew what i likd and what I wanted, and i worked really ly hard. I was a very serious kid.

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Learn to bow, be humble, think for others

When you think your thoughts are better than others, it's time to give yourself a slap.

The moment you buy into the idea that you're 're over anyone else, is the moment you need be bes in the face.

I always ask myself, will I want other people to do something uncomfortable just to please me? The answer is "absolutely not".

I always ask myself, will i want someone to do something's dyn't sfor for them just just to please me? And the the answer is no.

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Always live straight

I'm always on the phone because I'm always with people who don't want to get along.

I'm always on the phone because i'm always ly not with the people i want to be with.

It's always easy to make friends when you're young, because kids don't judge like adults, they're more like, "Okay, let's be friends." "Instead of "What do you do?" "Are you married?" 」

It's a lot e letto friends make when you're younger, because kids are a lot less sal sal than adults. They're more like, "O.K., let's be friends." Not, "So, what's your job?" "What's your marriage status?"

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Sleeping is a wonderful thing, and sometimes you think oversleeping is a waste of time, but I think it's the best way to pass the time.

Sleep is wonderful so wonderful. Times you can oversleep and feel you've ve waster your time, but i think it's one of the bestways to spend your time ." - Natalie Portman

Cherish all choices

People think, "When I can't control myself, that's love," but you can, and the response you do is a choice.

Love is very big big sylwed as "I cann't control myself; it's love." But you can. Everything you do in response is a choice.

I don't believe in the afterlife, I believe in the present, and I believe that now is the best way to live.

I don't believe in the thethlife. I believe this is it, and i believe it's the best way to live.

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Face the fragility

I'm afraid of everything, but maybe when you're afraid of everything, it means you're not afraid.

I'm afraid of al. But maybe y sylwedd you're're'r's's out of- it sort's sort of seems like you're scare of the not.

There are many kinds of hero appearance, it can be extremely confident, can also occasionally fragile, Natalie Bowman plays the female Saul, so that courage can have a different look.