Recently caused a heated discussion of the Taiwan drama "We can't be friends", the female owner Zhou only has a talk about the married boyfriend, but for the half-way intercept of the khow heart. Her hesitation and pain, in fact, reflect a lot of people's lives: "Two people have stable relationships, rings appear, and go to see the house together, what choice do I have?" What's more, in reality, not everyone's life, there will be a knuk, so that you have the courage and opportunity to face the future you really want.

Recently, the hit Taiwan drama "We can't be friends", the male and female protagonists each have a paragraph about the long-distance love of marriage, but in order to shake each other, and then to develop a complex four-person relationship. In between, we see the heroine Zhou Yu (Guo Xuefu) constantly wavering between two men, one is already engaged, began to prepare to buy a house, see the choice of the future blueprint;

Some netizens talk about this warmly, "Don't love and don't say clearly", "how to eat so greedy on both sides." But we see Zhou's hesitation and pain at this moment, in fact, reflect sitthroughs the lives of many people:

"The ring appeared, he knelt down in front of me, we had a stable relationship, and went to see the house together, what choice do I have?" 」

yes, there's something wrong with a well-planned life? 28 Buy a house, get married, 32 have children, you think the safest thing to do, can be the ideal life. Step by step, as long as you perform well, is this society teaches you the guarantee of happiness class.

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

"As long as I go according to the plan, I will be happy?" 」

Zhou's boyfriend, Li Haoyi (Sun Qijun), is a life planner. His biggest dream was to buy a house in Taipei, to get married and live together, and that was to live in it. He said, can find a person, with you according to the blueprint of life, step by step to go, is not a happy thing?

He took it for granted that Zhou had no thought; she took the ring and tried on her wedding dress, thinking of it as if it were not bad.

A lot of times this is the case, a girl, and boyfriend stable relationship, now 30. The other party put the house, marriage, the future for you to plan the whole package; he told you that there is an ideal home far away, you rest assured to follow me. To this point, some people may think, anyway, i will get married sooner or later in my life, and there is just a long relationship around people, that seems to be like it. Others will think that, even with a little hesitation, I might not have had a better option if I left him.

And here it's a reflection of collective anxiety - we put ourselves in the plan, because society rarely tells you what better way to go in the future if you don't get married before 30 and have a baby before the age of 35. So in this cycle, we put ourselves into a plan called "Ideal Life", mortgage, car loan, children, you start to be tied to many levels of reality; But at this moment, it's hard to get out again. (Recommended to you: Get married to join the Success Club?) I've never been to anyone who's single or married.

Not everyone's life, there will be a knuk

In the dream life of the idol drama, the heroine found this "ideal life" trap, when Zhou only found that the plan is more careful, the more advanced, the less smile they will smile. At the same time, her life appeared in the presence of a kn-ho (Liu Yihao), a possibility that made her begin to have a gap and have more motivation to choose to try something different.

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

Zhou but in the relationship with Yan Kexuan, the opportunity to keep asking themselves: Who Am I, what I want, I will be happy? Should I live a different life? "It's a pity that I met you too late. She looked at the engagement ring on her hand and said. But you're in front of the screen, knowing it's not too late, and they have a choice.

But more moments, back to our own real life, you know, we don't have to meet the half-way carjacking, let us have the courage to face themselves again.

"Is my life in my hands?" When the characters in the play ask this question, you know they already have more chips. Because we look back and see that in most of our lives, the kn'unheed son doesn't necessarily appear. Most of the time, we'll follow the single option in front of us, and we don't know if it's going to be any better for the future. (Editor's pick:"30 years old, should i get married?" I don't get married until I find someone to fall in love with .

"Do you love me or your plan?" 」

Before stepping into the wedding hall, Zhou met Yan Kexuan in front of her, forcing her to face the real life of the self-wishing. We don't know where she's going next, and it's going to be better. We are more concerned about how to know that you have other options when we don't want it.

In fact, here we can look back, what makes Zhou only began to li Haoyi's love distraction, if that is an ideal life that we all agree with?

"Do you love me or your plan?" Only once asked Hao with frustration.

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

As mentioned earlier, Li Haois is a person who is used to planning his life well. In the process, he has not really worried about the only needs. He kept saying, "Isn't that our plan?" "I just want to live up to my promise to you" and ask that the other party should follow the original plan to spend the rest of the day. So, if we only see the plan, and do not see each other, or honestly face themselves, then the carefully planned life, will be out of order.

Perhaps it may be even more thought that before the "third person" appeared, only to know that there is much wrong in the relationship in front of her; you know that she does not necessarily need a knucklede to understand the life she wants.

So no one can assure you that you will have a happier future if you leave the program and put it on the next one. But the only thing you can confirm is that you always have a chance to change, as long as you realize that you actually have an opportunity. Even if the rickeon never appears, Zhou is not necessarily unhappy. The play on the idol drama has been written, and the one about real life has been out of the plan, waiting for you to proceed. (Continue:"We Can't Be Friends": Ten years of marriage, he will only tell me "not the time"