On July 6, a three-hour video of a husband beating his Vietnamese wife went wild online in South Korea. The wife hid her cell phone in diaper wraps and recorded the horror. "Don't think you're still in Vietnam!" He pulled his wife's hair and beat her. In Taiwan, many people comment from afar, saying that Korean men drink alcohol culture and condone domestic violence recidivism. Even think that "South Korea's domestic violence power, patriarchy is not surprising." But in fact, in Taiwan, there are 379 cases of domestic violence every day, which are happening.

"Do you think you're still in Vietnam?" Han said the Vietnamese wife was beaten by her South Korean husband for up to 3 hours.

On July 12, a three-hour video of a South Korean husband beating his Vietnamese wife went viral online.

His wife recorded the gruesome three hours by hiding her camera phone in a diaper package. "Didn't I tell you not to think you were still in Vietnam?" He pulled his wife's hair and yelled and beat her. The two-year-old witnessed the whole incident and tried to protect his mother.

(The film may be uncomfortable, please read it carefully)

According to the BBC, Vietnam is the largest foreign spouse in South Korea, accounting for 28%. However, because of the culture, language, also make it difficult for them to come to South Korea, even if they are abused, it is difficult to turn to the outside world for help.

74 women killed by domestic violence in France in first half

In other news, Reuters reported that hundreds of French women gathered in Paris on July 6 to protest against serious domestic violence, as 74 women were killed by their husbands and partners in the first half of 2019 alone, compared with 130 similar cases in 2017. It's known as a systematic "femicide."

"It's a massacre. "We need to be alert to this phenomenon, and while society appears to be making progress on the surface, it still represents a backlash," said Julie Gayet, a French actor and one of the sponsors of the campaign. Today, more and more women are dying of domestic violence. 」

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What about Taiwan? Numbers will scare you: 379 domestic violence incidents per day

Many may think that France's horror-killing and South Korean male drinking culture, which has led to domestic violence, are far-flung issues. Even the message: "South Korea's famous Shawen domestic violence power", "South Korea is not unexpected", "Taiwan said: Obama or hit the Taiwan man."

But in fact, the issue of domestic violence is much closer than you think. In Taiwan, for example, there are an average of 379 domestic violence incidents per day in 2018, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Moreover, the summer holidays have even peaked, with an average of 403 cases of domestic violence reported every day.

Do you know? Summer vacation is the peak of domestic violence.

Many experts have pointed out that summer vacationist summer is the peak of domestic violence. This is true according to the statistics of domestic violence incident notification cases of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In 2018, for example, we can see reported incidents of domestic violence, with 32,460 q1, 35,787 Q2 and 37,123 in Q3 (July to September), more than 2,000 more than the annual average (34,659).

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In Q3 2018, there were 403 cases of domestic violence reported every day across Taiwan, an average of 17 per hour.

It is also worth noting that Q3 has a lower campus notification rate than other quarters, at 1.86%. Because it is the summer vacation, children do not have to go to school, in the past may be from the school end of the opportunity to inform reduced, if the 113 line, social government, police notification pipeline is not more smooth, and strengthen the victim's initiative to inform the advocacy, may even miss some black number.

As witnesses, what can we do?

According to Article 3 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence, domestic violence refers to "physical, mental or economic harassment, control, coercion or other unlawful assault among family members." And the so-called family members, not just the spouses in the marriage, but also include:

Family members as determined by this Act, including the following members and their minor children:
I. Spouse or ex-spouse.
2. Existing or having had a cohabiting relationship, a parent's family member or a family member.
3. Current or former immediate blood relatives or direct in-laws.
4. Blood relatives or side-line in-laws who are or have been to four relatives or others within the four-year-old situated.

It means that even if your neighbors are just living with a gay and lesbian friend, or two boys and girls with same-sex partners, they are actually in line with the domestic violence prevention and control law.

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If you've ever been anxious to hear a neighborhood child crying upstairs, and grown up screaming and shouting, and wonderifiating if you should reach out to help, here are several ways to help you judge the situation and do the best you can. (Extended reading: Writing about child abuse: Textbooks don't tell us what home should look like?) ) )

According to the Department of Conservation Services of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, these things are something you can help with:

1. If you are a party or you have determined that domestic violence is taking place, please directly broadcast "110" and the police will intervene to stop the violence and assist in escorting the victim to the hospital.

2. If you are not sure of the details, you can broadcast the 24-hour protection line "113" for consultation and notification.

3. If you are at the scene, for some reason, you have no way to speak, or if you are a person with speech impairment, you can send a message via mobile phone to 113, there will be a protective line of professional contact.

And if, you still can't tell if you're in a relationship. Sometimes its shape looks like love, and sometimes, the situation is a little not quite right, you can't say. Maybe you need to talk to someone. (Same-field: Gender Dictionary , What are the intimate violence?) ) )

113 Women's and Children's Line, Reed Foundation, Modern Women's Foundation, City Men's Heart Station, Taiwan Gay Advisory Hotline Association, are all places where you can find someone to chat about. (Extended reading: Interview with Comrade Hotline Peng Zhixuan: There is a kind of intimate violence is "You do not come out for me, you do not love me"

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