In July, are you afraid to hear ghost stories? Every time speaking of Taiwan female ghosts, as if they are green-faced teeth, every day shouting injustice, today for you to flip Taiwan folk tales - Lin cast sister, even if love is scum male, but at least she bravely loved (no horror photos, only cute and brave female ghost Lin sister story, can be safeto take)

Every july of the lunar calendar, large and small ghost moon taboo, ghost moon story will be taken out to rewrite. When it comes to ghosts, what pictures do you think? A witch with a long nose on her face, or a waswolf and vampire with fangs? If the scene is pulled back to Taiwan, Taiwan also has its own native ghosts, such as the tiger aunt who eats the child's fingers, the little girl in red in the mountains.

Photo : Youtube screenshot of "Lin To-Sister"

Taiwan's folk ghost stories, few male ghosts as the main character, mostly because of men or evil mother-in-law framed, deceived, unjustly died of the woman, such as hanging in the forest to the tree of lin to cast sister, the abuse dying chair sister, they are all draped out, hiding in the dark river or self-inflicted trees, waiting for someone to save, Or someone's hatred for them.

Chen Xiuhua mentions in his book "Taiwan's Women Ghosts: The Image of The Ghosts in Folklore", and these tragic stories reflect the oppression of women in patriarchal societies.

In the traditional social atmosphere, women have no power, can only be attached to the husband and father to survive, they are asked to keep chastity, or be forced to become someone's wife, only to leave the world, can be for their own redress.

But today's gender force to turn over for you, these seemingly tragic folk tales, in fact, those girls, perhaps like the Medieval witches in Europe, are so brave and lovely, why when we look at the story of female ghosts, we want to treat them as green teeth and sad weak women? Why can't a woman who is powerful and justicefor sand for herself? Take you back to Taiwan's folk tale, Sister Lin, and let you know that when a woman is willing to do everything, she is more powerful than anyone else.

The man who heard that after being cheated of money and cheated herself, the mad self-inflicted sister Lin cast herself, but was actually braver than anyone else.

Folk ghost story said: widow changed to marry, you go to be a self-proclaimed female ghost

Lin to the sister was called Li Zhao, husband ship sad life, leaving her and three children, as well as a small fortune. When Mrs. Li misses her husband, she met her husband's old friend Zhou Yasi, who counted Li Zhao's property and let Mrs. Li fall in love with her. And she ignored the neighborhood neighbor's instructions and decided to be with the man.

She gave the property to Zhou Yas, who knew Zhou Yas returned to his hometown to marry his wife. Only Mrs. Li Zhao, standing on the shore hope, because the man said, "If you always abandon, would like to be thundered by the sky." Until later, Li Zhao's mother realized that she had been cheated, no living expenses, she looked at the three children next to her, two children frozen to death, she strangled the young son around her, determined to cast the Jedi in the forest tree self-inflicted.

Now we have to say: remarry edgy when the ghost and how, at least I bravely loved

Before becoming a female ghost, she did not do for the man to keep a widow for a lifetime, gossip and how, it is difficult not to get married once, she can only tie a person to death in her life? Compared to those three from four, she believes in the man in front of her to give commitment, she believes that she is qualified to live a new life;

Since love is to pay wholeheartedly, she does not regret, because she is braver than anyone else to pursue love, but after falling, she is also very strong to climb up:

Love on the whole heart to pay, but if you cheat me, take the wind and waves will find you theory

Flip the story of the ghost, let us see those girls cute and brave. When this society says these are ghosts, we say, if this is a ghost, I am willing to be a ghost with thought and action and enthusiasm.