"The Lion King" movie version released, grow up to see again, you suddenly understand a lot of small Simba's inner struggle. From the original thought that his dead father dare not go home, to finally pluck up the courage to walk home; Simba's story also reminds us that there may be a lot of happy jungles like Penpending in your life, but we still seem to be looking forward to reconciliation with the native family. Even if it's a really hard one.

The film version of "The Lion King" is released, recreating the classic 25 years ago, and brings us back to the glorious kingdom of our childhood. We see, there, life is still alive, a family of the master of the mufa sawe, the little lion Simba is also anxious lying. (Guess what you want to see: The real-life version of "The Lion King": honest face is unbearable, can grow a better self)

However, in front of the screen you, has gone through the road of growth, and now more understand the small Simba's inner struggle. For example, under the valley, he thought that he had killed his father, he actually had more fear than sad, and, for example, in the happy jungle with Peng Pengding, he seemed to have nothing to worry about, but the distant home was his heart forever scarred.

In the end he walked home, not so much home, but more of his decision to face himself bravely. A lot of times, we're the simba who wants to walk home, but he's still in front of the door - what's the price I'm going to pay for this trip back?

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Meet Peng Peng Dingman: Life is lucky to have a happy place to live

After losing his father, the soulless little Simba went in the opposite direction of home. Not knowing where he could go, he could not see hope for the future because he felt he had no home. From a young age by the family to accommodate, care of him, but at this moment dare not go back, because he is not sure, if I did something wrong, if I am not a good child, this family will still love themselves?

Little Simba's way out of home, said many of our growing up in the inner struggle: you know your home love you, but do not know such love, is not conditional love? For fear of taking on answers we don't want to know, we may also choose to escape from our families, just like Little Simba. Go a little farther away from home and get a little temporary salvation.

And he was lucky enough to meet Peng Pengdingman, an emotional habitat that symbolizes happiness. Rainforest, colorful, in this home, full of beauty and surprise. It symbolizes a physical state - like the fantasy of life, everything is like a dream, so that your pain can be temporarily soothed. As they said to Simba, "When the world ignores you, don't ignore him." If the original home is too difficult, if you can't go back, go to another life shelter. (Recommended for you:"The Lion King" five classic words of courage: If bad things are destined to happen, why should we worry too much? ) )

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Back in real life, it's like trying to find an alternative to being away from home for a while, staying out, building a circle of friends, or falling in love. And often, we can also in such a relationship, recognize more of themselves. For example, I was timid, or i could be independent;

This is peng and Ding Man this home, the most cherished place - it lets Simba know that if you are now there is no way, you can face life very waywardly. But at the same time this place also healed him, made him grow strength again, and slowly had the courage to return to the native family.

Return to inner fear: the way home, it's really hard

Simba, who lives in the happy rainforest, seems to have no concern, but the distant home is like a star that looks up every day, wandering in his sky. He had a family in mind. But the original hurt the family's self-blame, let him have been years to escape this matter, but also to escape their own.

Just because it's too hard to face it.

It's like what we often feel, some of the traumas that we buried in our childhood, you may be too young to bear it, and choose to hide it for the time being. But one day you grow up and you start to get into relationships that reflect on yourself and make you uncomfortable;

Just as Simba was guided by elders, he saw his reflection in the lake, and he saw his father, the scar he had been afraid to face.

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You know how determined it will take to go back. Simba is responsible not only for "his family may hurt himself again", but also for the fear that "he may hurt other families" - and if they find out my secret, they will be very sad. And do not know such a "roll mark", will not let oneself never return to this home.

For Simba, the painful label comes from "the killer", and to us in reality it may be "I'm gay," "I don't want to get married," "I have the direction of life I want", and all kinds of concerns about saying no to home, or not knowing how to communicate with it. Because you know that your family has some kind of established expectation of you, and you are pursuing yourself in the process of finding that you are running counter that expectation.

So going home becomes a difficult thing, because you don't know if the family will not welcome you because you can't do what they want. (Same Show:"The Lion King" Scar lets parents: You can reduce your child's desire to control through practice)

Simba's inspiration: Although it will be painful, i want to go home

And we continue to see that the whole film is the most shaken is that grew up in the face of all this, he chose to cheer up;

It's hard to get home. Simba has a home with pensandine and he can continue to live his easy life. Today, however, he still chooses to go back to face his native family. If life is clearly at ease, why also go back to the road, into the pit, let oneself again hard?

Why doesn't your family accept that you're gay, and you're still concerned about it; why do your parents only urge you to get married, and you can't help thinking about home? Why don't they always understand your future choices, and you still keep going, at the new year's day, or any other moment, want to walk back to that distant home?

For Simba, you see that even though his beloved father was no longer there and not by everyone's side, he returned this time not to find his father, but to support his father's love for himself and to protect their home. He wants to return the glory to glory and realize his imagination of home.

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Growing up, Simba reminds us that the desire to go home comes from your inner need to find your ideal home and to reconcile it with. My dad doesn't agree with me, but I hope he can start communication on a day, my mom doesn't accept me, but I hope she has a day at least to try to understand. So it's hard, but we're all trying to find all sorts of pipe gaps so that the door can be opened again.

Of course, not everyone is like Simba, finally with their father, with the mother group members, but also to re-establish a happy family of their own. The road home is always long and long. But knowing that you want home, a sense of belonging, "Go home" will appear here. We don't have to rush ourselves, we don't want to be happy. We're just recognizing the pit stakes of the family, baba, and then, after this confession, we find a way back together.

We'll be with you.