Hong Kong singer Deng Ziqi recently launched the latest works of almost girl, in addition to and MC HotDog's Mr. Yu almost salute, but also to use rap to tell every girl who once felt that they are not beautiful enough, you do not have to be similar to others, we should not only be almost, life really should not be so.

In recent years, South Korea, China and other hip-hop variety show the rise of more people to understand and understand the past as a subculture, minority hip-hop culture. We can see that more and more women have embraced and incorporated hip-hop culture, and the music scene is no longer just a hard-core Trap type. Recently, Hong Kong singer Deng Ziqi launched the latest works of almost the girl, put the gender point of view into the song, with hip-hop attitude to sing the female force.

Photo: Deng Ziqi Instagram

We, we shouldn't be just the same.

Almost a girl is Deng Ziqi's work in honor of the hot dog (MC HotDog) And mr. Yu. In Mr. Yan,' we hear hot dogs fill in the words of a static, bland life song, writing "I can only live a life similar to the same as others", while in the girl's book, we hear Deng Ziqi focus ingested in the female experience, calling on girls not to pursue the same beauty as others, Being yourself is the truth.

Dancing almost, twisting your ass.
Almost the idea, like the rough legs.
Look at the facebook almost all people want to cry.
Girls almost the way, almost helpless.

In the community, we all want to be integrated into the community, desire to be understood, loved. But this does not mean that we are about to abandon our original self, with the public's vision of the same makeup, said the same as the majority of views, such we, in fact, in a certain way is almost helpless. (Recommended reading: Gender Newsletter s/rejection of a single aesthetic!) The wonderful lingerie show for French models )

For hip-hop culture, many people may be aware of the characteristics of wearing loose clothes, music is very written to depict the state of society, but behind this represents hip-hop is very elegant Real (real). I don't wear clothes that bind me, because that's not me; I don't just write love songs, because life isn't always romantic, and the girl snobbean snobbeans start from Real to tell girls not to lose their original looks in order to pander to others.

Photo: Deng Ziqi Instagram

Deng Ziqi will be personal experience into the song, revealed that he also in order to meet everyone's belief that "thin is beauty" and do not eat or drink, almost to pay for the loss. Walk through the lost self, now Deng Ziqi to tell you: you do not have to be similar to others, we should not only be similar, life really should not be so. (Recommended reading: Breaking the Single Aesthetic: Out of the World, I learned to appreciate my skin color)

Women who are always mocked by hip-hop culture now speak

The previous paragraph mentioned that the starting point of the girl's book is, in fact, the same as the starting point of hip-hop culture, and it is very realistic. So who says hip-hop and feminism are both ends of the libra? Who says women can't participate in hip-hop?

From Deng Ziqi's initial participation in the "China New Rap" program as a mentor, the outside world on her mainstream singer's identity has been constantly questioned, that a mainstream singer and a rapper can not exist at the same time (or said not at the same time), Chen Guanxi has publicly posted: "RAPPERS ???? HAHAHAHAH U MEAN A STAGE FULL FULL OF BITCHES / NOT RAPPERS RIGHT ?" At the time, Deng wrote a lyrical response, saying, "This is the time when girls stand up / Put all your Stone Age thoughts aside" to prove that women can also sing hip-hop music.

Now Deng Ziqi wrote another hip-hop song, with women often subject to the social framework as the theme, singing not willing to yield to a single standard attitude, and once again proved that women and hip-hop music do not have to have a barrier, do not think that "girls rap is just a ghost", almost girls in the head of many girls of the same experience, to listen to, You may even find that not only girls, in fact, boys also have the expectations and pressures given by society, we can work together to break these unreasonable single standards. (Recommended reading: Female Rapper is only talkative, not strong?) The bullying quotes of three Chinese and Western attitude hip-hop singers )

Photo: Deng Ziqi Instagram

These celebrities, all come forward to reject a single aesthetic, what are you waiting for?

In the recent Chinese music circle, not only Deng Ziqi jumped out to call for the rejection of a single aesthetic. Cai Yilin, who won the 30th Golden Song Award of the Year, Chen Shani, who has long been launching a new work, and Karlie Kloss, the supermodel who bid farewell to the status of Amy's angel, have proved with action that we should not be a pretty girl, don't look at us by almost the same standard, we don't want to live almost anything.

As Deng Ziqi put sings, "Almost vanity can see through / Just the bubble", when we realize that our true appearance is the most beautiful, together stand up to reject a single aesthetic, those frames are just bubbles.