Do you think that you clearly very hard, but you feel that they are looking for a job, like a bird, in fact, do not know the direction of the future, not to know what they want? In fact, every interview is like looking for your Mr./Mrs. right to get you to know yourself again. How to get to know yourself and find your dream job? Three tips for job seekers!

Finding a job is like falling in love, whether it's a company or a job seeker, and everyone is looking for their own Mr./Mrs. right. But we are always afraid that we are not good enough ah, no work experience, or not like others, have a bright education or experience, how can we confirm each other is the most suitable object?

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This time we visited Guotai Gold Control's legal office director Ong Dejuan Deputy General, served as the director of Cathay Gold Control Administration, through Cathay Gold Control human resources, legal, board secretary and other business, in the interview talent, she had a lot of insight. In fact, she laughs, looking for a job is not only the company interviewing candidates, job seekers are also interviewing the company. Because of the number of people who have interviewed so many people, there are three suggestions she must give to all job seekers:

Don't take someone else's way out as your own: Ask you if it's right?

Like in business schools, most people would choose a mass of systematic rotation and high-speed learning because it looks brighter, but not everyone's personality fits into a position that requires rapid change and integration into the environment, so it's important to know what's going on.

So before posting an interview, it's important to make sure that your personality doesn't fit with your job characteristics, and it can reduce the waste of the interviewer's time with you. (Recommended reading: Don't fall into a skill puzzle!) The interviewer cares about these 4 abilities)

Even if the rush can increase the opportunity for interviews, every game must be prepared

The interview is an opportunity, and within a critical half hour you must let the interviewer know you and even decide whether to admit you. So "get ready" in addition to basic interview questions (e.g., weak advantages, self-introduction) and formal clothing, but also to understand the direction of the company, including

  • Environmental trends in large industries
  • Recent major events and news of the company

Showing your thoughts and intentions on the company will give you a big bonus!

Photo: Cathay Gold Control

Sincere communication and interaction

Everyone wants to show the best in the interview, but Vice President Ong also reminded you to try to be sincere and convey practical ideas between talking to the interviewer. For example, at the end of the interviewer asked, "What questions do you have to ask?" When you avoid complimenting the company, it's more appropriate to ask you what you want to know about the company or your position. (Recommended Reading: Awareness of Emotions and Effective Communication: Don't Let Your Position Stop Communication)

More tips to take it with you: Find the ideal job, and remember these tips!

Introduce yourself

  • Highlight Your Special Achievements

Whether it's a minute or 30 seconds to introduce yourself, if you have a special achievement, remember to briefly emphasize the story and study, for example, "I've completed the OOO research program in XXX, and I've learned XXX"

  • List experiences related to the position

It's not how much you've done, it's about whether you're learning, meaning, or even being positive about your ability to apply for a position. Avoid listing a long list of experiences and confuse the focus. (If you list a bunch of experiences, but without any study reflection, it will reduce the willingness to accept the admission)

Write a resume

  • Easy readability to catch the eye of human resources

In writing resume, in each paragraph to add large or small marks, for each paragraph to catch key words, can improve readability, but also increase the willingness to read. Be sure to avoid compositional methods of writing resumes.

Just remember the "sincere" and "streamlined" two mind methods, you can get each other's favor in the interview, but also can find a place to share each other! Teach you more interviewand and job-hunting skills