To work hard, but often do not feel the meaning of you: the world there is no so-called "real" little things, you do everything now, every gain, will be in the future string, form a face, let you reach the ideal.

Walking into the workplace, like a transition process, there will be a period of pain. For example, feel that what to do will be picked wrong, or the outcome of things and the supervisor's expectations of the different. Most of the time it's not because of your poor ability, but because your mindset hasn't changed.

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We interviewed Guotai Gold Control's legal office director Ong Dejuan Deputy General, she once managed Cathay Gold Control human resources, legal, board secretary and other business, served as Cathay Gold Control Administrative Director. She will share how to improve your work skills through a change of mindset - in fact, every little thing you do now is designed to make you your ideal worker. (Recommended to see the interview above: find the ideal job, just like looking for the right person: the ideal type of others, not necessarily suitable for you)

Grasp the Rookie Period: Rookie Privilege

The rookie period is your golden learning time, at which stage everyone assumes you're "not going to do anything." So if you want to have a better chance and growth, but also want to gain the trust of the supervisor, the privilegeof of the three rookies must be well grasped: (recommended reading:"Women say work" every time you make a mistake, let you examine how much you care about)

  1. Take advantage of the chance to make mistakes: Every mistake is to help the next growth, fall to know what you learned.
  2. Take the initiative to ask questions: The longer you stay in the workplace, the more afraid you are to ask questions (for fear of being scolded), and the more right to ask questions during the rookie period.
  3. Surprise siawhat esmeetic: When a supervisor thinks you're only going to get 60 points, you'll do at least 80 points, let others see your intentions and abilities, and there will be more opportunities to perform in the future

Photo: Cathay Gold Control

Head down to do it seriously: the deep roots of vertical

If you want to improve your ability to work and get a new job, don't just bury your head and think about "why do it", understand the context, and really turn every work experience into a learning, rather than as a "task", solve it and let it pass.

Look up and look at it: the development of the horizontal

In addition to being familiar with the work on hand, if you want to jump out of the frame, be sure to touch things you are not familiar with. To improve my ability to work, the biggest fear is to hold , "This has nothing to do with my job, why should I do it?" Vice President Ong said that the times change very quickly, will inevitably have to look up "to look east and west." Outside of their familiar work, more to explore, will be a little more skills.

Finally, Vice President Ong also gave the rookies two suggestions:

  1. Think less of it, and treat the task as a new learning opportunity: she shares a phrase she once heard: "The world is not short of resources, there is no link" and if you have more experience, you can string the "points" you learn into "faces".
  2. Less complaining, think about it: each organization has its own limitations, not can be changed immediately, sometimes we will feel that the company's system, equipment is not as expected, change thinking can help us to go to the company's difficulties, or even find new solutions to improve the operation of the organization.

Youth and courage are the capital of the rookies, try every opportunity, do your best to accomplish every task, all learning, will be for your own sake, not others. Dear rookies, cheer together! (Recommended reading: Four Life-Changing TED Speeches: If You Don't Make Mistakes, You Can Never Surpass Yourself)