Quentin Tarantino's new book, "There Used to Be Hollywood," plays Margherby as the 1960s muse goddess Sharonty. Margratio, who auditioned for the show "The Wolf of Wall Street" that year, slapped Leonardo without warning and got the role. Some one once laughed at her poor acting skills, relying on beauty to get the role, but did not see, her sexy charm, behind the courage of the challenge.

She's Halle Quinn, Tanya Harding, and 60s actress Sharon Tate. What makes the world's pretty baby, blonde with long legs, Australian girl Margratio, what makes her so sexy?

It was her bravery. (Same-field screening:Handsome Lady has a bone called Alan Page)

Handsome Lady, counting the diverse faces of girls. She walked all the way, bold style, meticulous efforts. Everyone remembers when she auditioned for "The Wolf of Wall Street" and slapped Leonardo in the face outside of the script. a loud slap in the face, in exchange for Martin Scorsese's appreciation. From then on, she sparkled in Hollywood.

She set up her own production company to provide more opportunities for women to do. In addition to beauty, she also tries not to be stereotyped. She kept proving that Australian girls are not just beautiful babies that anyone can make, and that the way she goes is called Margrobi.

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Fifteen minutes of fame: A slap in the face of the Wolf of Wall Street

Born in 1990 at the age of 24, she became famous not too soon.

GQ reported thatshe was an unknown actor in the 2014 audition for "The Wolf of Wall Street" and has appeared in several TV series, but still has no representation. At the audition that year, director Martin Scorsese asked her to perform a scene that clashed with Leonardo. Margoby admitted afterwards that she was in a trance because she didn't play well in the last one.

In the dispute, she was supposed to go a little further away from Leonard, but she forgot to leave. So, her on-the-spot reaction was to take a slap directly at Leonardo. Add a word "Fuck you". Everyone froze instantly, and then Martin Scorsese began to laugh. Then Leonardo told her, "You've done a great job." Still thinking about how to apologize, she finally relieved, vaguely know that their chance sour.

After the show, everyone was impressed by the drama in which Naomi teased her husband, Jordon Belfort, in the baby room.

She wore a pink sweater, fine heels, and a baby whisper to tempt her husband. But in the play, Naomi attaches importance to materialism, beautiful appearance, debauchery life, slightly stereotyped plot, but also let her be stereotyped by the audience, think that she is ordinary acting, is because of the appearance of beautiful only the screen selection, but very few people know that she got the role, because of the courage behind.

"The Old Lady Is Tanya": Nominated for golden globes, Oscarnominations, is that enough?

"Het is always saying, hurry up and tell us the truth. But there is nothing to be true in the world, and everyone has their own truth. "The old lady's name is Tanya".

However, beautiful actresses always have their fate, after becoming famous, there are always people criticized for teaching, said you rely on beauty, said you are only beautiful vase. As a result, she always seems to have to struggle to prove that she is not just beautiful in order to get other roles. The 2017 "The Old Lady Is Tanya" is such a work. (Same-field plus:"Gender watch" black is the bravest color! Epoch 2018 Golden Globes: Angry People Are Gentler

In order to play the Olympic skater, she learned to skate, not afraid to play ugly, not afraid of madness, finally shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Actress. It's about proving that Margroby, not just Barbie.

"America, they always want to love people, and then they start to hate them. (America. They build someone to love, and then build someone to hate.)

Tanya said so in the play, as if to say to herself.

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There used to be a Hollywood: but people are still asking, what did you do to Quentin?

But by 2018, the media will still be thinking about that year. Getting the Hollywood show, everyone was anxious to ask, what did you do to Quentin? How did you get the role -- Sharonty, the 1960s fashion goddess and wife of director Roman Polanski?

She replied, "Yes, I wrote a letter to Quentin Mao, and I'm glad he thought the same way." So we met to see the script and talk about the characters, and he asked me what I knew about Sharonty. I say yes, I know who she is. That's it.

In fact, however, she did more than that. In an interview with Vogue, she said: "I read a lot of books and then read all her plays. Then get along with the people around her. 」

It's true.

In 1969, American actress Sharonty was killed by the Manson family when she was eight months pregnant. After her death, fearing that she would not be portrayed, her family had repeatedly objected to Sharon's encounter being brought to the big screen, especially her sister Debra Tate, and even said she did not want jennifer Lawrence, the then-finalist, to play the sister. Later,Flash World reported that Deborah was very supportive of Margroby playing Sharondie, even lending Sharonti's perfume and jewelry for her to use in the play.

She said it was because she had seen a lot of similarities with her sisters because of her body in Margroby.

ELLE reported that Margobi attended the Cannes Film Festival this year, wearing her hair cut and tying her slender braids to pay tribute to the classic look of the same Cannes dinner that Sharonti attended 50 years ago.

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From a slap to a letter, now she's set up a women's production company.

From one slap to a letter, Magrobi has been proving himself: I'm really beautiful, but I'm also capable. In addition to acting, she has also expressed solidarity with the smetoo movement. After "Suicide Squad" was released, she had no small fame, decided to set up a personal production company LuckyChap, for women to get more opportunities for the task.

Vogue has done Margratio's 73 quick questions, and she should be happy with every question. Several of these questions have been deeply imprinted in my heart.

"What is the favorite masterpiece of life to date?" 」
"I, Tonya. Because I was involved in everything from acting to production in that film. 」

"What's your ideal brunch?" 」
"All the girls were drinking on the balcony and the boys were busy cooking. 」

"Want to be a director in the future?" 」
"Of course. 」

"What role is most impressive?" 」
"I have a sense of responsibility for every role, whether they are real or not, and if they are, of course I have to take on more responsibility." 」

"Who do you think is the most important thing in Hollywood?" 」
"Women, all women. 」

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Many people are curious that Margoby, from an actress to a screen goddess, is now not the film picks her, but her. Where's her next work?

On July 15, media reported that she was set to star in the live-action Barbie film. The film, which will be directed by Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig and written by Noah Baumbach of "Hahaha in New York," will be a step-by-step reinterpretation of the enduring "Vase" Barbie film. (Same-on-the-spot:"Pick a film for you" "Lady Bird" If this is the best me, do you want to? ) )

From "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Suicide Squad," "The Old Lady's Tanya," "There's a Hollywood In the Past," "Barbie" in the future, we've seen The Growth Trajectory of Marghrbe, and every play choice is like a conscious provocation, questioning Hollywood's gender rules, challenging her beauty, It is more repeated polishing of acting skills, very handsome. (Same-on-the-spot: Love Letter to HalleQuin: In this ordinary world, your eccentricity is too beautiful to exist)

She's Margratio, 29, and has a long future ahead of her, but she's already challenged herself many times, from pretty baby to power actress, from TV actor to set up a production company, and the future still shines.