"I'm willing to take responsibility. "You're neurotic!" I just net cross, no to communicate! "We Can't Be Friends" was hot, and the audience loved the Hanky who was clamoring for "Make love to have sex." She is smart and beautiful, likes to have sex, does not want to fall in love, and many people think of the "good girl", not the same. But she lets us see that, as a woman, you can be smart, you can pursue what we want, and you can't be unreasonably humiliated by anyone.

"I'm not responsible for you. "But I'm willing to take responsibility. "You are neurotic ah, I am only in the net, not in the communication! 」

In the popular release of the Taiwan drama "We Can't Be Friends", the supporting actress Han Kefei pleased almost all the audience. She is smart and beautiful, passionate about sex, do not want to fall in love, there are many sexual partners, with male companion overnight every scare silly simple roommate week.

She is not the same as many boys imagine girls. To this woman who wants to "make Love" all day. Thank you for being in the play, let's see, a girl love sex, not so much fuss. Does not necessarily mean that she has been traumatized, or that she is still waiting for true love to redeem.

Han Kefei such a woman, is not not able to fall in love, but she does not want. She's just, honestly being herself. (Same episode: Yang Yaqing TED speech full text: "Dear girl, you want your body, your passion, your rights"

Perhaps we all need a Han Kefei who is not afraid of worldly vision

Many people show that they do not like the main character Zhou but, think she always hesitate, clearly like but do not. Instead, it is honest Han Kefei, generous talk about sex, happy about gun. Not only hot coffee splash men, help friends to block the palm, happy things, the courage to pursue, let people look always very happy. (Same-on-the-spot:"We can't be friends" "If you don't, why don't you refuse to be good" Why are we angry with Zhou? ) )

Many theatergoers left messages on Dcard saying that the show's favorite character was Han Kefi, but was worried, and that was not surprising. "I like Kefei best, dare to love and hate", "I thought I was one of the few people who liked her."

Perhaps that is also because, we in their own lives, live like a week, want to dare not speak, do not like the life is difficult to refuse. And dare to love and hate Han Kefei, in the play for us to kill another blood road. She always knew what she wanted.

Photo " We Can't Be Friends"

Love slip dating software "About gun sister": if I just want to buy Coke, do not want love?

"Is it insulting me to come into my room without going to my bed?" Give me some respect! Some girls, already know that they like to have sex, but do not like to fall in love. Han Kefei may be described as indulgent, but she understands her desires. She enjoys pursuing men and is also willing to be pursued. She held the mobile phone slip ah slip, the original also looked at the dating software. Friend Zhou said, "You shouldn't still be playing dating software?" Didn't you say you were going to take David? 」

"David is a job, a career plan. But this (dating software) is my interest. 」

A reader wrote: "Be obsessed with her actions of challenging women's social stereotypes." It is true that this society always wants women to remain silent about sex, know how much, but also pretend ignorance, to appear pure and lovely. But there are girls in the world who don't want to stabilize a relationship, and that's what they want for sex. Her strength, not in her desire, but in her willingness to desire, but also let us see that always can only hide the desire in the corner, desperately suppress themselves.

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When such a woman: a man loves her, but is afraid of her

Being a comfortable "bad woman" is never easy. She also tried to be dissatisfied, with out of love, changing the social network's dynamics, writing "I want to buy a Coke" (make love), and it wasn't long before she suddenly said, "How am I so ashamed?" and hurriedly deleted it. We always want to embrace desire generously, but sometimes we are ashamed. Can my libido be shown so generously? My friend, what do you think i'm going to think of like this? What's more, will I "scare away" people who like me? When a woman embraces lust, the first to deny, in addition to society, but also her own.

And, such a state, not only in our always easy to hate themselves, but also in the man's "slut" love and fear of the mentality. People want to take the sex of a slut, but they want to take her love. (Extended reading: Sex Dictionary, Bump Men's Gang, have you ever heard of "slut humiliation"? ) )

This world divides women into "good women" and "bad women". For "bad women", this society has never been unsympathetic: "breaking" "bitch" "body as a weapon". There are also people who want to "bad woman" from good, the pursuit of flowers, follow-up, ignore how many times they said, she wants only sex and freedom. (Extended Reading:"Gender Watch" Xiao Yaxuan and Taylors", what about "The Man"? ) )

"But now I just want to take you home, say good night to you, and see your back upstairs." Women who don't want love may also make men anxious the most.

We're always envious, the Han Kefi who knows everything.

Looking back at "We Can't Be Friends" and many idol dramas, we also found that indecisive heroines almost always have such a girl (and sometimes, gay men' honey) -- they are straight-talking, shrewd, and self-motivated. Han Kefei and Zhou Yuonly, on the one hand, the two are always the best backers of each other, on the other hand, her "straight" contrast son of her "hesitancy" and her "unruly" also reflects her "normality".

Photo " We Can't Be Friends"

However, as the story develops, we also slowly know that there is no so-called "normal" in the world, whether it is Han Kefei or Zhou, there are times of worry, there are times of effort to pursue. They are mirrors of each other, one in two.

Han Kefei once advised Zhou but: "You want to choose 321 or Yan Kejun, really to make a good decision, I know it is difficult, but you must remember, loyal to your own feelings, no matter what you make decisions, I will always accompany you." 」

We always envy, around that seems to know everything Han Kefei, but also know that sometimes, will become nothing certain of the week only, do not have to rush to blame themselves first.

The story is not over, we do not yet know, Yan Baiyang or David, who is the "accident" in Han Kefei's life. Or perhaps, people's life is not so many accidents, Han Kefei is still enjoying the single self. But we still sincerely hope that the dare to love and hate Han Kefei, one day will not be the supporting actress of the series, but in other stories, can eventually become their own female one.