Today is International Friendship Day. Are there any such friends around you? He always knows you better than you do, and knows you better than your partner. Let's think: Instead of spending energy to find a soul mate, cherish this group of friends. Thank you for coming into my life, more like a partner than my partner, more like a family than my family.

Around us, there are always a few good friends, let us feel more intimate than the partner.

He always knows you deeper than you know yourself. In the friend's side, you do not mind showing their ugliest posture, he has seen you the most miserable, weeping time, first scold you, then patted you on the shoulder, began to scold the guy who made you angry; Start showing off to others that he's your best friend.

Sometimes you even start thinking that having a good friend is like having a home. When someone next to you walks into a marriage, starts a family, or someone urges you to start a family, you begin to imagine the composition of another family - for example, living with a close friend, who knows your smile, you know his melancholy, you are more like a family member than your family, more like a partner than your partner.

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A friend, maybe your better mate.

William Chopik, a professor at the University of Michigan who surveyed more than 270,000 people in 100 countries, found that a meaningful friendship affects people over 65 years of age more than family relationships. Friendship can also affect a person's health and well-being. And as you get older, friendships will have an increasing impact on your health. William Chopik found that divorced and single people who have good friends are as happy and healthy as married people.

"You have to know who cares about you and who can give you a great sense of security when you can't take care of yourself," says friendship expert Carlin Flora. Such a community builds your identity and pursuit. 」

When a friend on a person's health and happiness impact the greater, many people began to think, the second half of life rather than hard to find a partner, it is better to find a few friends who understand you, will it be the second half of life the happiest thing? In our growing environment, we are often told that "marriage" is the only way to start a family and achieve a happy life, but apart from marriage, few people tell us what can be seen in the family, is not really through marriage, in order to ensure the possibility of happiness in the future.

But that is not the case. More and more research has shown that the way to happiness depends not entirely on marriage, but on how a person builds his own circle of friends.

Now you feel very anxious, watching the person around you step into someone else's life stage, but they have no progress, and anxiety about themselves do not want to enter any relationship, the people around you are constantly threatening you "old and no one to take care of" "no companion." You begin to question whether you will regret the future, will not be lonely old life.

If you are in this situation, think about it first, do you like the present state? Would you rather three or two friends occasionally come out to hang out on the street, chat in the coffee shop all day, rather than be distressed by the relationship? Do you think it's better to cherish a group of friends around you than to find a suitable partner?

Marriage is just one form of response to a sense of belonging, and friendship is, and when we think that our partner and native family can't satisfy our desire for home, we can begin to imagine another look at home, such as growing old with friends and taking care of each other, even if there is no partner for the rest of your life, because friends, has long been a better family.

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Can a friend become a family member?

Home as a place of support and emotional support, but we often feel that home is not the perfect imagination, and often we choose to copy the model of the past home, thinking of another relationship, remake a home. Dear, if you feel that a close relationship is not what you ask for, do not want to repair the relationship with the original family, but more enjoy and cherish the time with friends, then the family can also be built with friends.

William Chopik goes on to say that having a close friend can do a lot more for older people, who make you happy and affect your health in another way. Because you choose this friend to accompany you through the rest of your life, rather than passive (e.g. blood) to become a family member.

"In the physical and mental health study of the elderly, friendship is often overlooked, focusing only on the relationship between the partner and the child. Although the family can take care of and support the elderly, it may be an obligation for the family. William Chopik says family relationships are important, but friends can provide more happiness.

The native family has its beauty and can support us throughout our lives, but the influence of friendship cannot be ignored. After reading this, do you think of any friend? On International Friendship Day, make a phone call, or send a message to him!

Thank you, although you are sometimes very annoying, and love to slot me, but thank you, willing to walk into my life, more like my partner than my partner, more like family than my family.