Write the Japanese drama "New Life", the heroine does not want to be a person who will only look at the face, so shake off her boyfriend, quit her job, delete all kinds of social software, only with cotton to the new environment to live. Choose to live a different life and others, will have some pain, but you will know that others' questioning vision will make you very uncomfortable, but live is not their own, more uncomfortable.

The 28-year-old Oshima, an ordinary office worker, is a good lady in the company, best at looking at the color, is the Japanese so-called "reading air."

Photo : A new life for the sage

The supervisor took the wrong brochure, asked who the person in charge is, he felt embarrassed, so he helped his colleagues back the black pot, stood up and said: Sorry, I immediately change. Before work, colleagues in order to rush to the party, find an excuse to take care of the fractured mother-in-law, please help copy the documents, she also agreed.

She felt like she was about to suffocate because she could read the air too much. The only reason she kept breathing was to marry her beloved boyfriend. But when she heard her boyfriend preach to her co-workerthat that she would be with his girlfriend, but that the sex thing was very good, she fainted and went to the hospital. When I woke up, I quit my job, carried only cotton quilts and rode her bicycle to the new apartment.

Photo : A new life for the sage

I want to be a brand new self, I don't want to read the air anymore.

But choosing to live out of your self is never an easy road, especially when her boyfriend says to her, "You can't change everything." This sentence is like the questioning we hear on the path to change, and the fear inside.

Take a different path from others, more often is helpless, but compared to other people's strange vision, if there is no way to live to themselves, is the most suffocating thing.

Photo : A new life for the sage

We worry about the odd vision because we see others that way.

I thought it would bring new weather by abandoning everything into a new environment, but when she planned her new life in the library, she suddenly felt anxious:

28 years old, single, unemployed, what else do I have? So impulse to resign, savings spent how to do? Will I end up alone in the apartment to old, no one cares, and finally have to jump to the building to free?

He envisioned for herself the most tragic situations, all based on how others viewed her. But in fact, the same is true of others, like living in an apartment old woman, always in the roadside garbage, squatting in the drinks vending machine to pick up others do not pick up copper plate, buy other people do not like to eat bread side; Another neighbor, probably a bad boy on drugs, right?

Photo : A new life for the sage

Photo : A new life for the sage

What's good? What's bad? This society uses uniform rules to measure the success or failure of people - a smooth life, that is, there is a car and a job, and a partner and children; Outside the line, Tongtong is not a "normal person".

Therefore, we carefully keep the line, carelessly cross the track, take someone else's ruler whip themselves.

Mouth on one side to live out their own appearance, but also accustomed to their own standards, to judge the lives of others, we may also be like a sage, with a variety of preconceived ideas set on the mother-in-law and neighbors. When we are anxious to refute other people's judgment, we forget that we care about others' eyes because we also wear tinted glasses to see others.

Many people will say that the play "The New Life" is to stop caring about others, to focus on ourselves, to listen to our hearts. But it's more to say that it's the process of removing colored glasses together.

The world is always labeled, but it's not about how you live.

In "The New Life", the most comfortable to live is the old woman living in the apartment.

When the opportunity to enter the old woman's home, found that the room is not full of garbage, but a clean and warm home, with comfortable lounge chairs, the walls cast the old movie Roman holiday, picked up garbage by the old woman re-used, bread with chocolate and nuts, to make delicious chocolate bars, she in the small world, to create their own life.

Photo : A new life for the sage

It's hard to control how others interpret ourselves. There must be moments when you do something, say a certain sentence, is misunderstood by others as other meaning, like the old woman who is picking up garbage outside.

You feel very sad, clearly very hard to explain, very hard to let everyone understand themselves, but the world is so big, you can not expect everyone to understand who you are. So we learn to settle ourselves, you know the world is chaos, but you learn to stand up to yourself, like a comfortable sofa at home, or a bed can sleep cotton quilt, can let themselves lie comfortably, then the outside people how to attack, shake you, you will not be lost.

Because he has been standing in place, there is a steady foundation embedded.

Choose a different path, there is bound to be some pain, you blame your own brain, doubt the kind of jump and get a good ending of the person, is not only appearing in the television, you imagine a thousand bad and worse off, a moment and a half will not escape from other people's finger pointing. But you'll know that someone else's questioning, while it makes you uncomfortable, is not yourself, it's more uncomfortable.

This is a different path and others, but also become their own way, to do their own way to feel frustrated you, together like a swashes, have the courage to stick to it.

Photo : A new life for the sage