Zhou only in order to achieve their second half of life with her boyfriend Li Yi, spend only 150 a day, save a 20 million home, but there is no happiness. The bigger and bigger the house is to be with Gao Zi, but the distance between the two is getting farther and farther. When this society tells you that happiness is called having a house, but in fact the most difficult, is the attribution of the heart. Like Yuan Effie said, "Are you satisfied?" Your satisfaction is the most important thing in the world. 」

In the Taiwan drama "We Can't Be Friends", Zhou and her boyfriend Li Yi were engaged on the premise of marriage, and they save money every day, want to buy a house in Taipei, while preparing their retirement plans after the age of 65.

However, it only takes a hundred and five days a day to imagine a future that you don't know yet, and will that future really come? The plot came to Episode X, and as the two men's homes were teetering, we also came to discuss, so-called happiness, not in that beautiful house? And if happiness is not a house, what would it be?

Spend a lot of money, a lot of time, will you buy the "home" I want?

"If we get two hundred dollars, we can eat an extra rib rice!" 」

At the beginning of the episode, you see the couple in the third anniversary, nest in Taipei rental house to invoice. For them, the anniversary is not a luxury of a high-class candlelit dinner, but a number, looking forward to this time on how much money, what kind of ideal future. That's something that makes a lot of sense.

They feel guilty about finding a full lunch with soup and occasionally eating a bowl of shaved ice. Sitting in front of the screen, we think it's too hard to do this, but back in the real world, it's a lot of people's taipei life.

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

High house prices, and the general impression of the public "have their own house, is to have their own home", so that the mortgage is like going to hell, one go is 20 or 30 years, or more. Day after day, often is not just the money of the obsession, but in all sides of the party is very habitually limited themselves, to their own harsh. (Editor's Pick:"We Can't Be Friends": Can I have a happier life than marrying a stable partner at age 30?) ) )

Also, the external environment is always a little worse than you think. In the play, the small couple holding their own budget, followed the room zhong looked at a price of 18 million but the foundation of the unstable house. Zhou only said, "This house will spend our life savings, on the table can not even put an egg, how can not be a big problem?" A lot of real-life helplessness was pointed out. Wanting an ideal home is often the process of constantly raising your budget and lowering standards. You're always pushing yourself to think, "Is this something I can accept?" " instead of "Is this what I want to "pursue"? We seem to be actively pursuing, but more often, we are in a passive position.

And where will the final balance be?

Finally, we have to think about, often no longer want any place, how many houses of age. But how can you allow yourself in this environment, slowly pick up a little personal initiative.

"Life without experience is just my own imagination"

Can continue to discuss is that the play only week's mentality. She every day for the life of the catty, always said , "Now a little hard, later better!" It is also a very real psychological reflection.

In fact, whether or not there is a life plan, marriage, or buy a house, we are very often a brain into life, put into work, you work very hard, because you think this effort can be exchanged for happiness. But what that happiness can be and what it can be, we rarely stop to think.

"You're miserable, your happiness, built on your imagination. 」

Only good friend Yuan Aifei, can not see her like a headless fly, a word to wake up the dreamer. 'Life i haven't experienced is just what I've ever imagined,' she said. And for this assumption, we're likely to lose a lot of the moment. For example, important anniversaries, opportunities to spend time with friends, or the possibility of being good to yourself. When you tie yourself up, when your eyes are only looking far ahead, you can't see the people around you and forget what you care about. Of course, you include yourself.

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

But you can also look back, for Li Yi, to marry a wife to buy a house, is success. To do this, you have to have a careful plan. He thought it was the way he loved it, the way he wanted to give her a sense of security. There is nothing wrong with the plan itself. But when it was executed, some people felt unhappy. When two people finally really bought a house, but Li Wei one can only stay at home all day, Zhou only face the cold wall, know that is not the future she wants.

Therefore, want to enjoy the present like Yuan Aifi in general, or like Li Weiyi as planned to live, are only choice, there is no right or wrong. But we also know that most people may be zhou, not sure what they want, regardless of whether the outside home is broken, the one in her heart, is enough to shake. (Guess you want to see:"We can't be friends" "If you don't, why don't you refuse to be good" Why are we angry with Zhou? ) )

In the vast information city, there will be many people to tell you how to be a better life, a better life. But if you can't confirm your inner voice, it's hard to find a true place in the city.

Happiness is that even if you can't afford to buy a house, you are satisfied with life.

When you tell you that happiness is a house of your own; But if it wasn't, what would it be? Is it really what is really important, in this pile of crushed people's deeds, mortgage, was accidentally forgotten?

The home of Mr. Nguyen and his girlfriend of ten years, Gao Zixuan, is in a high-end part of Taipei, but the two look close and cold. Li Yi yi and Zhou only home, often no one has time to come back, not to be concerned about the place, home is not like home. By contrast, we see a particularly warm corner of the play - a house rented by Zhou Yu-only and his friend Yuan Aifei. Many people will discuss the love of the play, and their home, will be a good testimony of this friendship. (Extended reading:"We can't be friends" there is a friendship called Zhou but with Han Kefei: I will always accompany you anyway)

You can see that the two people who walked out of this room are each pursuing their own lives. A true self, only buy Coke do not fall in love; But no matter what your state of life, you are tired and wronged today, this rented place, but is your first time to think of going back to the place. Because you know that no one there will force you to make choices you can't afford, no one will criticize your existing life;

"Are you satisfied?" Your satisfaction is the most important thing in the world. 」

Source: Screenshot from "We Can't Be Friends"

And back in real life, we talked about renting and buying a house, and then falling into the mud of buying a house. But these are actually only external forms. Many times, we will look at this "form", forget that you originally wanted, in fact, it is very simple, every day there is a place to go back, and there, is not bad.

So, happiness is really not necessarily a house, not necessarily that you dare not think of the 20, 30 years of mortgage, can only treat themselves, save thrifty life. Happiness is even if your life is not smooth now, you wander outside for a long time and then, but there is a safe place to look forward to. Zhou only to Li Wei a hesitation, not how bad that room, but she knows really live in, will not get the daily temperature of belonging. (Finding each other's home:"We can't be friends": Ten years of dating to talk about marriage, he will only tell me "not the time"

You can't afford to buy a house, but the important thing is not that you can't afford it, it's that you know that at this moment, you can be satisfied with your life.