"Everyone has their own stars, and only you know what these stars mean to be different, " the head of The Little Prince says. Looking back at myself, I found that the stars and lovers are so similar. In the countless stars, in the Earth's hundreds of millions of people, we choose each other, and because of this choice, we have a different meaning in each other's eyes. Seven-night Valentine's Day is near, booking website Booking.com sorted out the whole Taiwan suitable for stargazing five attractions, holding his hand to go to stargazing!

When reading "Little Prince", has always felt that many aspects of life have been comforted and answered, love and love, courage and timidity, growth and struggle, are their own kind of orientation. In particular, I was impressed with the annotation of "Stars".

Everyone has their own stars, but the meaning of them varies from person to person, the stars themselves are silent, only you understand the meaning of these stars are different.

Stars and lovers are so alike.

Among the countless stars, everyone can choose a star of their own, only you know what that selected star means to you, and among the hundreds of millions of people on Earth, everyone can choose their own lover, only you know what love means to you.

Therefore, in the upcoming Valentine's Day, the global booking site Booking.com released Taiwan suitable for stargazing five attractions, lined with the star-studded, put on your favorite music, enjoy this only you know each other's meaning of the night, take his hand to go to the stargazing bar!

Wave Beats, Infinite Romance: Taitung Success Town

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The "Successful Town Of Three Sendai", which once won the top spot in taitung's most beautiful star selection competition, is definitely the best choice for lovers to explore the mysterious starry sky. San Sendai has a unique environment, the vast Milky Way star fight combined with the wave arch bridge, with natural wave sound, so that the travel customer Buddha into another time and space.

To the earth as a bed, to the tranquility as the sound: Taitung TaiMauri

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In addition to San Sendai, Taitung Taimauri is actually a stargazing shrine, you can enjoy the endless starry night view and moonlight on the beach or the grass, in the quiet dark night, feel the time freeze of the janna, enjoy the exclusive two people's good time. (Recommended reading: Dating inspiration!) Take stock of Taipei's top five night scenes )

There are mountains and seas, there are you and Me: Nantou Renyi

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Love mountain scenery couples can go to Nantou Renyi Township stargazing, fir forest stream, stream head and Hehuan mountain area, etc. have excellent stargazing conditions, clear land farm is also an unexpected stargazing holy place. In a light-free environment away from the hustle and bustle, the fog of the mountains and mountains and the stars of the sky blend together, the dream of people to be intoxicated here! (Recommended reading: Dear, leave a toothbrush in my house!) Five love songs that belong to you)

Comfortable, can also visit: Pingdong Kenting

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In recent years, the tourism industry tends to be flat Kenting, in fact, not only the main street, there are suitable for couples of stargazing location! (Of course you want to go shopping too) in Cat Nose Park, you can take a picnic mat on the grass, or sit or lie down, comfortable immersed in the world of two people. Or you can walk to the landscape platform, accompanied by the breeze, enjoy the night when the sky is low shining scenery.

North District Clean Land, Flash in Place: New North Nine

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After watching the first four locations, you might think that stargazing is to travel to the less harmful south-central region, but in fact, in the greater Taipei area can also experience! In addition to being a tourist attraction, the nine parts of New Taipei City are also a fantastic stargazing spot. In addition, just 15 minutes away from the nine old street drive, you can see the invincible sea view during the day, and at night you can watch the moon, giving you the nearest stargazing option that can't be arranged.

The star is unique because of your choice and let it become unique, love your choice, choose what you love, wish every one lover, happy seven nights.