Women at the moment of orgasm, some say is unprecedented freedom, feel liberated, see the real self, and from the high point after landing, but inexplicably want to cry. Why do we want to experience the joy of another orgasm even after the orgasm?

Every time you meet a climax, like an angel comes to your life.
Every time you have an orgasm an angel an angel comes to life.- Chloe Thurlow

Orgasm, in Greek, represents expansion and excitement, wikipedia explains, that orgasms are a series of accumulated sexual pleasures that achieve a similar instant discharge effect.

The International Women's High Tide on August 8th originated in Brazil. In the past, in the sexual experience, often only pay attention to the feelings of men, women's sexual feelings are not valued, the right to talk about sex is denied. When a woman opens up about sex, she is often dubbed a slut, and by the International Women's Orgasm Day, a woman's lust is taken seriously.

Today, let's have a good chat about orgasms.

How does a woman feel at the moment of orgasm? Some people say that the moment is like a flying car falling from a height, the heartbeat can not keep up with the speed of the body;

Whether it is with lovers or masturbating, at the moment of orgasm, feeling is happy and happy, is a super-independent situation, you really feel their own body, not controlled by others, every time vomiting is so real - your body and spirit at the same time reached orgasm / happiness, and that happiness, not who" To make you orgasm, you give yourself.

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Why does orgasm make us happy?

Talk about orgasm, girls often say it's like the thrill of the stack, come to the extreme after a moment of blank, happy and liberating go hand in hand. In fact, orgasms do bring about many changes in the brain.

Business Insider interviewed clinical psychologist Daniel Sher,who says that when people have sex, the logic of the brain part shuts down and the outer prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for rationality, decision-making and logic, is shut down. orbitofrontal cortex) reduces operations and affects anxiety and fear.

And when we reach orgasm, the brain produces these changes that make us happy:

At orgasm, the brain releases dopamine.

At the end of the orgasm, our brains produce different hormones, one of which is dopamine, which gives us pleasure, desire, and motivation. Daniel Sher says: "Some people say dopamine is like a chemical that delights us, and although studies have shown that it provides us better than a good time, it's more of a "learning" chemical that makes us notice rewards like food, libido, and how to be rewarded." 」

The stimulation of orgasm, like drinking and listening to music

The pleasure of orgasm is not much different from the pleasures that other things bring us, like tasting desserts or winning games, and the same areas of the brain make us feel better. 'High tide, like drinking, listening to music, and eating a big meal, activates our brain's reward ingress, ' says Daniel Sher.

Orgasm causes the brain to secrete a lot of oxytocin

Sex therapist Gabriela Galvan de Antillon MS says in The Bustle that when orgasm, the first thing in the brain thinks of fireworks and the brain releases oxytocin: "It makes your brain feel good and you want to orgasm again." 」

However, after the pleasure of orgasm, we often become sentimental, empty, and even want to shed tears and feel vulnerable, a self-inflicted emotion known as post-coital dysphoria, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Journals, which shows that 46% of 230 women Having experienced PCD at least once can cause depression for many reasons, but it is generally associated with a drop in hormones (e.g. dopamine), socialization (the general public is generally considered to be debauched, dirty, and the environment in which we grow up in our environment that is constantly instilling this idea).

So, when you feel sad after happiness, do not have to be afraid, give yourself a little time to calm down, have a good retaste of the pleasure of sex, at the same time, we can also slowly break the "sex - debauchery" thinking, learn to enjoy every sexual experience, rather than criticize themselves.

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Orgasm is the complete mastery of oneself, and then become happy

In the past, the sexual imagination, often with male ejaculation, but ignore the female experience and feelings in sex, but by the International Women's Orgasm Day, not only expect women orgasm can have more discussion, and find girls in the sex voice - so-called sex, not a man's business, women's lust also need attention. Especially when a girl shows her passion, should not be stigmatized.

Finally, I want to tell the girls that orgasms are beautiful because you put down all the outside influences, fully accept and focus on yourself, and master every change and feeling of your body - the moment that is most intimate to your body, frees you. Whether it's two people who love each other, or a person who does it yourself, your orgasm is your own, not in the hands of anyone.

So the moment you reach orgasm, you know, you have the ability to make yourself happy.