Father's Day is coming, do you really know what Dad was thinking? Look at pisces, crabs, scoring scorpions, water elephant constellation steam ingesters have what characteristics, but also for you to prepare 12 constellations of dad's favorite gift proposal, even if temporarily hold Buddha feet are not afraid of gifts on the thunder!

What role does a father play in the family? Why do we always feel that we don't know dad enough compared to mom?

In the past, women fans have interviewed Huang Huiren, director of the city's old men's heart station: At least don't let men feel isolated, " the article said: "Compared to women are more often encouraged to express emotions, mutual assistance, most men from birth, are encouraged to suppress emotions, compete with each other, on their own to survive." This is the "social responsibility" that society gives to men. As a result, they are relatively lonely and alienated. 」

In the face of a dad who has been alone on the way to growth, perhaps you can try to get to know him in the simplest way - the constellation. Maybe this year, you don't have to worry about what kind of gifts to give, let constellations help you.

Cancer Daddy: In fact, I also a lot of sad!

Day sex home, put the family in the first place in life, the cancer daddy, very likely is your partner of the standard. He's got almost all the "warm boy" conditions in one, but he's also a lot of sadness, he may have secretly worried about you in places you can't see, secretly crying for you (but you don't know). When he comes home free, he will be very happy to talk to his warm father.

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Love family and warm Cancer Dad, in fact, attaches great importance to every moment with the family, but also very concerned about the life of each family member. You may as well send the Cancer Dad a full of your memories of the past, let him be free to come out and turn over, recall he spent with you, those beautiful childhood. (Recommended reading: Hugh Jackman, Chris Hansworth, Stone Johnson!) Eight dads who grew up with kids.

Pisces Daddy: Don't spoil you, who else can I spoil?

Before entering the marriage, Pisces romantic; 12 constellation of warm male father, in addition to Cancer is Pisces, from a young age he is afraid of you crying, as long as you cry face, he will completely take you no way, although the mother often read him pet you, but the fact is, do not pet you, he can still pet who? When you encounter a low tide, he is not only to give comfort, but in the warmest way to tell you, those life truths and proverbs.

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Pisces dads who are romantic and naturally warm may want to receive gifts you make yourself (look at the cards you gave him when you were children, how well he received them), and maybe when you grow up you don't write cards, but you can still express your deepest gratitude and love to him through a hand-made cake, hand-made leather, etc.

Godcorp Dad: I'm myself and of course I support my kids to be myself

Full of mystery, always elusive Scorpio became a father, also keep Scorpio with the innate mystery and silence, you often do not even know the original father is at home today. Always live in their own world, the body "be themselves" Of the Scorpio dad, in fact, also let you know that in front of him you can always be free to be yourself, he absolutely respects and protects your rights. (Recommended reading: A letter to Dad: Don't send me to a future without freedom)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Intuition is sharp, very clear that they want and do not want the Scorpio dad, may be the most suitable to receive crystal-type jewelry products, such as paper town, necklaces and so on are a good choice. Because Scorpio's preferences are clear and elusive, rather than giving him a gift of high practicality, it is better to send some micro-jewelry products that can ease the mood and create a calm atmosphere!

No matter how long we and dad as father/daughter with each other, not necessarily can fully understand each other, but a "Happy Father's Day" can cover all the love and gratitude, thank you for raising me to love me, let me have the opportunity to say to you father's day happy, really want to see you happy.