Father's Day is coming, do you really know what Dad was thinking? Look at the taurus, virgins, Capricorn, the earth elephant constellation of dads have what characteristics, but also for you to prepare 12 constellations of dad's favorite gift proposal, even if temporarily hold Buddha feet are not afraid of gifts on the thunder!

What role does a father play in the family? Why do we always feel that we don't know dad enough compared to mom?

In the past, women fans have interviewed Huang Huiren, director of the city's old men's heart station: At least don't let men feel isolated, " the article said: "Compared to women are more often encouraged to express emotions, mutual assistance, most men from birth, are encouraged to suppress emotions, compete with each other, on their own to survive." This is the "social responsibility" that society gives to men. As a result, they are relatively lonely and alienated. 」

In the face of a dad who has been alone on the way to growth, perhaps you can try to get to know him in the simplest way - the constellation. Maybe this year, you don't have to worry about what kind of gifts to give, let constellations help you.

Taurus Daddy: Every experience is a learning

With a solid, adhere to the characteristics of the Taurus father, is undoubtedly able to make people feel at ease in the existence, as long as he is, as if everything can be solved, as if can be carried out according to the plan. But in fact, you know, his seemingly omniscient ability, is extracted from the experience, he can always play their own keen observation, from seemingly ordinary small things to learn the big truth of life, he will not be stingy to share these valuable experience with you. (Recommended reading: Dear Dad don't worry, I'm just marrying a male carer)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Such a true, down-to-earth Taurus dad, suitable for a gift that allows him to participate from scratch, to meet his preference for his preference stoic. And potted plants may be a good choice, watching small plants from seeding to the results, will certainly make him a sense of achievement doubled!

Virgin Dad: My good, never just by action proof

Virgo father, is in the small composition of the country common "bad words silently pay" type of father. Because of the picky, the pursuit of perfect character, so that he does not have a hundred percent certainty will not be light decision, but also created a total let people feel "quiet" character. But with him, you actually know that his good for the child is not expressed in words at all, is by action to prove that, no matter what, he will be the child's most reliable father.

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Because of the pursuit of perfection, so Virgo is usually a bit of a clean, such a father is best suited to receive practical gifts, of which the razor may be the most like him, not only practical, but also to keep him clean appearance.

Capricorn Daddy: Whatever you do, I'll always be here

If you have a Capricorn dad, congratulations on having a strong backing! When you run for your life and ideals, The Capricorn Dad is always your best supporter, and although he usually seems silent, he must appear whenever you need it. Looking back on the graduations, the results, the games he had experienced in the past, he was always willing to do his best to cheer you on, right?

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

For the action-oriented, methodical Idea dad, the most suitable gift you can give is an instinctive master of life, grasp the time of the hand account or notebook! Use a woman's gold-obsessed notebook and let him record every important day that's relevant to you and to your family. (Recommended reading: Cher: "I told Dad you were lucky to have so many people with you on your trip"

No matter how long we and dad as father/daughter with each other, not necessarily can fully understand each other, but a "Happy Father's Day" can cover all the love and gratitude, thank you for raising me to love me, let me have the opportunity to say to you father's day happy, really want to see you happy.