Father's Day is coming, do you really know what Dad was thinking? Look at the peonies, lions, shooters, the fathers of the constellation of fire, what qualities, but also for you to prepare 12 constellations of dad's favorite gift proposal, even if temporarily hold Buddha feet are not afraid of gifts on the thunder!

What role does a father play in the family? Why do we always feel that we don't know dad enough compared to mom?

In the past, women fans have interviewed Huang Huiren, director of the city's old men's heart station: At least don't let men feel isolated, " the article said: "Compared to women are more often encouraged to express emotions, mutual assistance, most men from birth, are encouraged to suppress emotions, compete with each other, on their own to survive." This is the "social responsibility" that society gives to men. As a result, they are relatively lonely and alienated. 」

In the face of a dad who has been alone on the way to growth, perhaps you can try to get to know him in the simplest way - the constellation. Maybe this year, you don't have to worry about what kind of gifts to give, let constellations help you.

Peony Daddy: I don't care about rank, as long as you try your best

The Peony, which has a fiery temper in the constellation of Fire, is actually a good coach who can take the children forward with his children after becoming a father. Peony father is not like the average father gives the impression that "only silently participate", he will use full strength to tell you, as long as we want, everything we can try to be perfect. Looking back on the days when he took you to study, you'll even find that he doesn't really care about your rank or how he performs, he just wants to teach you to "try your best."

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

This is always forward to rush the lamb father, suitable for a hand-ordered furniture to let him rest well, may be comfortable and comfortable wooden chair, may also be a good pillow to let the body relax completely.

Dad The Lion: I'd rather teach you how to hunt than to give you fish

Leo's father, like the wooden Fraser in "The Lion King". He's smart and willing to teach you anything he's going to do, but he'll also be honest with you about what he's not enough about. He's the kind of dad who wants to teach you how to hunt more than give you fish. And you look at his back, hoping that one day he can be as strong, intelligent, to give others warmth. (Recommended reading: Father's letter to children: there was a gentle boy in the world, his name is Ye Yongyu)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

There's nothing more like a Father's Day gift for Leo's dad than to let him explore himself! Tickets for exhibitions, concerts, museums, or gift cards from book bureaus and album websites can satisfy Leo's father's desire to continue his studies.

Shooter Daddy: Because I love you, I want to take your hand to play everywhere

The free-loving, easy-going Sagittarius dad is your friend and family member, and you remember you almost grew up laughing with him. Every weekend, when you step out of the house to explore the world, he can't relax and your smile doesn't stop. But on the contrary, such a positive pleasure of him, there are many plans for life, and planning usually has you, if you occasionally feel overwhelmed by the planning, but also remember to let him know! (Recommended reading: Listen to the reader, Dad Story Collection: Dad Tells Me You Don't Have to Get Married)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Like to travel, travel around the world shooter father, must also want to have a map to record their footprints? Take advantage of Father's Day, send him a map can hang on the wall, so that he can always remember the travel of the good memories!

No matter how long we and dad as father/daughter with each other, not necessarily can fully understand each other, but a "Happy Father's Day" can cover all the love and gratitude, thank you for raising me to love me, let me have the opportunity to say to you father's day happy, really want to see you happy.