Father's Day is coming, do you really know what Dad was thinking? Look at the twins, libras, water bottles, the geese constellation of dads have what characteristics, but also for you to prepare 12 constellations of dad's favorite gift proposal, even if temporarily hold Buddha feet are not afraid of gifts on the thunder!

What role does a father play in the family? Why do we always feel that we don't know dad enough compared to mom?

In the past, women fans have interviewed Huang Huiren, director of the city's old men's heart station: At least don't let men feel isolated, " the article said: "Compared to women are more often encouraged to express emotions, mutual assistance, most men from birth, are encouraged to suppress emotions, compete with each other, on their own to survive." This is the "social responsibility" that society gives to men. As a result, they are relatively lonely and alienated. 」

In the face of a dad who has been alone on the way to growth, perhaps you can try to get to know him in the simplest way - the constellation. Maybe this year, you don't have to worry about what kind of gifts to give, let constellations help you.

Father-of-one: I'll ask so much because I care about you.

The Gemini, which is quick and flexible and likes to make friends, is actually a big boy with his father's name on it. Your childhood may have added a lot of fun (and may have added a lot of trouble) to his. Always optimistic and friendly he looks younger than his real age, and is curious about anything, always likes to ask about your life. Although you occasionally feel bored, he will ask is also a sign that he is very concerned, rather than put on a face, it is better to sit down and chat. (Recommended reading: Father's Day to father's love words: You let me understand that hard work can only be for their own)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Such a full of curiosity, like fresh, easy to get bored twin father, suitable for some can quiet down the book, it is best to meet his interests, graphic and rich layout (why not come to the women's study, pick a book suitable for him!) )

Libra Dad: Hello I hello everyone, is the best

Libra, which belongs to the constellation of wind and elephant, is born with a love of freedom and harmony, compared to the mother, in the harmony of Libra dad may play a white face more often. He will pat you on the back when you cry, and he will party with you when you are happy, and your relationship will be like father and son and friend. And because of his liberal style, you always make your friends think he's a "cool" dad (and, of course, you might think so), you often feel like you're actually growing up with him, not with him.

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Libra Dad, who has a quest for freedom and group harmony, is actually the best fit for the 12 constellations! As long as the family happy, he will be happy, you can book a restaurant he likes, call the whole family to celebrate together!

Water bottle dad: When you forget yourself, I'll help you remember you

Always not according to the card, friendly to the water bottle, is often considered to be the ancient spirit of strange, creative high constellation, but in fact, they are in pursuit of different at the same time, but also very old, like to recall the past. You may find that your Aquarius dad always remembers strange childhood anecdotes, including your childhood bed-wetting, your preference for certain sweets, and the boy who likes the class next door. Love for you and make him remember every little thing about you. (Recommended reading:"Women fans say work" To be a father who juggle both work and family)

Pictures , illustrators @LouisaCannell

Like the distinctive water bottle dad, enjoy the "more front-end than anyone else" feeling, so if the budget permits, consider sending him a new mobile phone, watch, or tablet computer, fully satisfied with his desire to walk ahead of the personality of the times!

No matter how long we and dad as father/daughter with each other, not necessarily can fully understand each other, but a "Happy Father's Day" can cover all the love and gratitude, thank you for raising me to love me, let me have the opportunity to say to you father's day happy, really want to see you happy.