Seven nights to come, for you to pick the play "bad late-night love map", see 3 girls a shot in the eye, on all kinds of contemporary love phenomenon, make a poisonous tongue counter-attack: "You said I 25 years old no boyfriend is very lu, want to associate with you, but with you is what can i win ah?" "All day long will only ask me to do household chores, what are you doing except at work?" Busy breathing? 」

The Japanese drama "Bad Late Night Love Map", adapted from the cartoonist Yukio Okazaki's eponymous work, depicts the love story of three Japanese girls. Lack of love experience is always deceived by men's small circle, for love dedication but raised waste boyfriend of the Zo and son, and dreams are married to the prince of the thousand generations, three people in the women's club's crazy spit, whether it is comics or Japanese drama, all poked a whole generation of female voices:

Life is really tired, I just want to have a good love, how in the end so difficult?

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"I work every day, clean and cook and serve you, what have you done besides going to work?" Ah, is it breathing?

The main character Zoe and son with her boyfriend understanding, is when the love of the girl, bump the story of the waste boyfriend. After work, Zoe and Son hurriedly prepared dinner, but lying on the ground to his girlfriend under the instruction: "Dinner is chicken, but I want to eat beef patties ah." By the way, tomorrow to help me iron the shirt, anyway casual ironing, should be very soon.

In such a situation, we must not be unfamiliar -- boyfriends never help the housework, but also want to pretend to be an enlightened man - many people ask their partners to do things, not only in-mind, attitude also do not understand. That sentence: "Anyway casual ironing, should be quick", really completely broken the line of reason of Sao and son.

She put down her chopsticks and opened fire.

"What on earth do you do every day is so tired?" I work overtime every day, after work to go to the supermarket to buy food, every day to help you do morning and dinner, work, housework, but also take care of you, let me so tired. But what about Jun? Do you only have a job? Eight hours of sleep a day, still so tired, are you sick? Ah, ah, are you busy breathing? 」

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Here, we also see a relationship in which women are always expected to take on the housework and perform well in the workplace, often leaving them at a loss. Since the two live together, housework should be borne by each other according to personal ability, not just one-sided expectation of women's constant efforts.

2. "You say I'm 25 years old without a boyfriend, but what can I win with you?" "

The second heroine, is always no good peach blossom sin.

There is a kind of girl in the world, clearly also want to fall in love, but always meet strange men to court. Count the people she met: there are love to pretend to be single husband, clearly not familiar but around claiming that the two in the relationship between the virgin, as well as the girl as a uterine tool person's career has a man. Really let people have a headache, clearly want to fall in love, but how to encounter values do not agree, but the reason to ask each other to cooperate with the people ah.

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Xiao Yuan once met someone casually commenting on her feelings, laughing at her lu snake: "Oh my God you are 25 years old!" Long so cute but no boyfriend? It's a snake! Would you like to hang out with me? 」

Inside the trio, the most poisonous round of the mouth directly white-eyed counter-attack: "So, that's what it's going to win me?" 」

From here we also see, a social obsession with the matchmaking market. Why choose to be single is like losing? Cute-looking women, if they don't have a boyfriend, are considered "the girl son in question." Society's prejudice against single women is really deep. Not every woman must be in a hurry to base her value on her boyfriend. (Extended reading: Bloodised in the poke!) Netflix talk show talk ingested sister: I'm 35 years old, please don't sympathize with me.

3. "Anything to compare me to his mother!" So like the mother's taste, back to her body sprinkled some wood fish meal to drink mother's milk how good ah. 」

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There is also a partner, like a giant baby that doesn't grow very much. Good time is straight cute, bad time, like a mom treasure let people have a headache. As long as things don't go as well as he thought, they'll move out of "but my mom, my ex-girlfriend is all right" to be a savior.

On one occasion, the boyfriend understood and complained that she made miso soup so light that she wanted her to learn from his mother. For this reason, He and zi are inthes of a headache, buy high-grade wood fish fillets to make soup himself. But YinJun is still not satisfied. Finally found that the mother of Yinjun is using ordinary wood fishmeal, but the boyfriend used to mother's taste, only criticized her to cook difficult to eat. (Same show: Refuse to grow up middle class! The Peter Pan Complex of the Mombao Boy )

Zoe and Son spit on him harshly: "Don't think that all mother's is the common sense of the world!" The world is different with the mother's practice, think that mother is the truth of the people, grow so big really have enough shame! 」

"Anything to compare me to his mother!" So like the mother's taste, back to her body sprinkled some wood fish meal to drink mother's milk how good ah. 」

4. "Do single women have to grab flowers?" Isn't that just like putting yourself on display? 」

Xiao yuan to participate in the wedding of the school sister, to the "lost flower" ceremony, the secretary asked all single women on the scene to stand in front, by the bride throws out the flowers, the woman received is the next person who will get married. But when the bride really threw out the flowers, all the women suddenly stood silently a step back, so the bouquet fell awkwardly on the ground. The small circle is even more directly in the heart slot this "traditional romantic ceremony":

"Do single women have to grab flowers?" Isn't that just like putting yourself on display? 」

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yes, why are only single women standing in front? And why do we have to pretend to be happy to grab flowers? Can you, want to pick up the person, do not want to pick up the person smile is good? Single women also have the right to decide their own destiny. (Same-field plus:"Single Diary" single, is the best value-added period)

"I'm going to marry the prince in the future, smart, and live in the castle!" "Then you married Fengchen Xiuji! 」

Strange of course not only men, the play also points out that women do have unrealistic fantasies about love. The thousand generations in the story, is a young girl from the girl comics grew up dream girl. She was deeply convinced that she would one day marry Prince Charming, and even thought that "the real prince would not fart, he would only play between the two squares of the cartoon." Even a friend's desperate suttering is useless.

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"What exactly are you talking about a prince?" 」

"The so-called prince is smart, it's best to live in the castle!" 」

"Then you can only marry Fengchen Xiuji ah!" 」

Thousand generations also let boyfriend eight generations of Jun very troubled, he is just an ordinary business community member, thinking about ordinary life. For his girlfriend, he had to constantly change himself, learn fashionable wear, one knee, kiss only dare to kiss the forehead (treat the princess can not kiss at the beginning!). )

We often hold the illusion of over-romanticization of true love. Japanese drama may be a little exaggerated, but in fact, we are also that dream girl thousands of generations. Although we can't say, but we still how much in our hearts believe that as long as you keep working hard, one day they will marry the perfect true love. Although love is both parties happy, but constantly ask each other to disguise themselves, become the ideal look, is not a way to maintain a long-term relationship. Mature love, should be we can accept each other's most authentic appearance. (Extended Reading: Will the true love we've always thought doesn't exist?) ) )

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See the back, you will find that "late night bad love map", is a package ding-groin shell, in fact, seriously explore the relationship of comics. It is true to point out that in love, in the structure, we may all be that "wonder".

Boys and girls, will be in the pursuit of love, aware of their own weaknesses. But please don't feel sorry, because the process of pursuing love, we all make mistakes, every mistake, but also more understanding of their journey. (Same-field plus: I want to fall in love, but i don't want to be: are you a growth or a fatalistic view of love? ) )

Whether you're single or in a relationship, or you're dating again and again, see how Japan will be tired of the fightback and growth of a woman, and wish you a happy seven-night.

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