The Taiwan drama "11 Lingy street" talks about the issues between kinship. As for home, we often take a detour, afraid of touching. Jane's book was interviewed for the new play, talking about the marriage relationship, the feelings of being a mother, but rarely mentioned their native family. After her parents divorced, she went around boarding relatives, school assignments "parents and parents summer vacation to take you to play" for her is a boring topic, growup, the most troubled people asked her where she is. But she later learned that no matter what kind of home, even if not perfect, but the most important thing is that you let the child know that he is welcome to the world, and someone loves him.

After the release of the new play "Lingya Street 11", the book held an eight-month-old belly, around the new play publicity. In many media reports, talk about her other half, the feelings of being a mother, how to find the right marriage for their own. But few people knew that before that, she had drifted for a long time. (Extended Reading: Looking for a secure second half of your life? Interview with Jane: "Without understanding yourself, that person will not show up")

When my parents divorced from her parents, I talked to her about the native family, and she was a little silent. In a society that holds high the value of her parents' core family, she often thinks about the relationship between family, blood and affection.

Born in a single-parent home, there are some troublespots, but she wants to tell me that her home is only in form unlike most families, and the way home is actually very similar.

From the small parents divorce, summer homework "parents take you to play" this topic is very boring

He said slowly, in fact, do not remember the parents divorce is a year of things. When I was a child, I saw pictures of them quarrelling and unhappy with each other. So when she knew she was going to be apart, she thought it was okay.

"It may be painful for some people who love their family. But children don't really think too much. 」

"I only come across something like a summer homework to write, "Where does Mom and Dad take you to play?" It's a little confusing when it comes to boring composition synonym, or "My dad, my mom." 」

In a general educational environment, it seems to tell you that having a father or mother is the so-called home; But for the girl at the time, it was only about how to write a good article of standard in the teacher's mouth. In the face of a blank sheet of composition paper on the wooden table in front of her, she was both tricky and a little boring. To fill in what is on white paper, the definition of a home that no one else has to worry about, begins to spin in her little head.

What is home? In the year of the graduation ceremony, the teacher asked everyone to invite their parents to join us. She felt that it was a big thing in life, so she looked out to the big auditorium, wrapped in her vaguesense of the sense of loss. Maybe she still quietly had an ticipation. And the crowd is gone, and she's going to the next stage of growth.

What did the girl who was troubled at the desk at the end of the composition paper? I forgot to ask her. I just remember her saying that since then, there have been several graduation ceremonies in her life, but she never felt how special it was.

Four for home, the most troubled to be asked "where are you from?"

She was separated from her parents because of her parents' divorce. She told me vaguely that such a family form has its benefits and is not so good.

"Before their divorce, I lived in the homes of several relatives, moving house often, and often transferring. 」

In the childhood memory of the book, lived in the aunt's house, or grandmother's house, after the parents divorced, her custody hung in her father's name, but lived with her mother for a period of time. There is no long-term, fixed residence. Especially after college, also because of the start of drama work, and set foot in. Looking back, she found herself leaving whenever she wanted to get acquainted with a city.

"I'm in a couple of different places, and I'm sharing my time equally. My life seems to be experienced everywhere. "Share time and space, also share emotions. So when someone asks , "Where is your home " or "Where are you from?" , she hesitates and can't say an answer.

Where's home?

She felt more like she was traveling all the time. When she gets to one place, she knows it's only temporary residence, and she doesn't really think of it as a home. A family is not in a rental house, a relative's house, or a hotel in a strange country. For her at the time, she knew she did not have a fixed place, and relied on these movement paths to maintain her due relationship with the world.

"Where's the home" is the words behind the hidden one: "Who are you, where you come from, where you go." 」

I feel that in the growth of the book, there are many things that do not have a phased answer. Also because of her drift state, so that she can not stay in place - as if the problem must be clear, only then the way to move on. She doesn't have to, she just keeps going, and she doesn't know where the next place will go.

Such life experience, so that she does not love things stack. She chose to live in the present and cherish only what she had in front of her. One of the things she wants to say is that the past is over, and if you've grown up, it's not just regret.

"Being expected to be born" is an important thing for a child.

Two years ago, he became a mother and had a partner who wanted to go for the rest of his life and form his own family. At this moment, she says, there is a deeper feeling: "I used to feel full of drift, good for yourself." Where to go, where to live, or even to live abroad can also be. But not now, now i think about how to give children a stable life. 」

"I've always felt like I'm going to have kids in my life. But she said, but caused me a burst of curiosity, can not help but ask why: "From an early age, I am like i was living my own life." So I want to know how, through my own birth to a life, I can build a link between me and him, how to accompany him to grow up, see grow into an independent individual. That's what I'd love to do. Speaking of which, she points to her body, saying that a woman has a uterus can be seen as a gift to God, giving you a chance to have this relationship.

Long long man, everyone is waiting for a happy possibility. She seems to be talking about first come and then coming, and if a mother can let her start experiencing home, it's late and it doesn't matter.

I felt that in the past she may not have a choice, and she did not ask why she had no choice, but turned back to tell me that she now has the ability. And she began to feel that this ability did not appear out of thin air, but from the past home to the present home, a line of inheritance. From this new birth, she returned to her native family: "Because I am very lucky that my mother is looking forward to my birth." (Editor's recommendation:"Being a mother, comforting the child in my heart" interview with single-parent star mother Zheng Ruqing )

"In the past, people used to say to my mother, "Your child will get bad without her mother, " and she would say, "No way, a child with my blood, it doesn't go bad." She mentions that faith creates reality when your mother is so trusted in the children she gave birth to in October. "Although she is not around, I can always feel her mother's love. 」

"On the contrary, if a mother keeps saying to her child today, "Why should I give birth to you?" the child would be affected by negative emotions. It is important to know that you are expecting to be born and that someone is caring.

After having children of her own, she is now someone else's home. And talk back to "What is home?" "There is a saying that where the parents are, where the children are, where the home is," she said. 」

"That my home, should be in Taichung." Because my mother lives there. 」

For her, the fragmented, drifting, least home-imagined past was the place she wanted to settle at the moment: "I know that my parents love us." That's the most important thing. 」

her parents, and did not give her a full house. So she moved all the way, drifted, all the way said, never, you do not care. All the way to here, she had her own marriage and family. And she knows that this moment makes her feel stable and happy, not only who she began to be the mother, but also her heart to understand that home is not the kind of "complete" in the small composition class, but to admit that the world is not perfect, but someone is looking forward to your arrival.

And he, the so-called family, will let you know who you are, where you come from, where you are going.