Jane's book in "11 Lingyi Street" plays the head of the forensic sin, quiet, professional face to the general. And she says she's no stranger to the scene. That year, she received a call from her father's death, too late to take one last look, and then saw the cold body. In the face of this regret, Do not know whether time can be cured, but she told herself, "as if he were traveling to a distant place." 」

On Father's Day, read the family story of Jane's book, to you can only look at your father.

Jane's latest book, "11 Lingy street", in which she plays a forensic scientist. 'It's a character with no emotional lines,' she said. In order to correctly identify the cause of death, she wants to maintain a calm, professional, unemotional face of the body in front of her, analysis of life lost heat before the dark sign.

In real life, she has experienced moments like that.

When her parents divorced from childhood, she had not lived with her father for a long time. I got the phone call again, the news of my father's death. That time she knew that a person's birth would start at home, but when you left, you wouldn't necessarily be accompanied by a family member. (Interview last: Find a stable second half of life? Interview with Jane: "Without understanding yourself, that person will not show up")

A family, know how to bless the birth, but can you experience death together?

In the selection of the Taiwan drama, "11 Lingy Street" touched on the issue of death that fewer people would talk about. When we first saw the script, he thought that everyone would actually go through death, but when it wasn't so urgent to get close to ourselves, we usually felt that it was far away. So we don't get used to talking about death, and we're even making it rusty, even fearful.

"But it should be discussed." Death represents a permanent farewell, and the stranger you are to it, the less rational you are to face it. 」

Especially for the relationship, death is a painful cut," but because it is painful, so you should use strong reason to understand this matter, know that life from the beginning is waiting to end. Then, you will know more about cherishing the living moment by predicting the end of this.

For example, in the play, arrange a pre-life farewell, so that friends and family gathered in one place, and the dying character farewell. "There was a grandfather in the presence, suddenly crying very sad. He said he felt very touched. Play an imaginary goodbye, but in real tears. Thank you for having the courage to stare at death so that we can have a good relationship and say goodbye.

So, talk about death, not because of despair, but to have a better present.

And the play also mentions the loneliness of death. For example, back to a family, the hero Ahai (Li Guoyi) and his father often have verbal conflict, and after saying heavy words, the negative to leave home. But then learned that his father passed away, did not have the opportunity to see the last face, let him always regret. We are usually blessed to come into this world, but it is easy to be lonely when we die, the book says. Your birthday, there is a group of people smiling welcome and blessing, but your departure, may not have family to accompany the side.

"But why do people go from being blessed to leaving alone?" This one is well worth discussing. From the new play, the silent female forensics, thinking all the time, how we can solve the anatomy room still wandering, not satisfactory emotion. Every home, there is always a word of regret not to say.

Father said to go abroad, the original is to go to heaven

On that day, for example, she received a call from her father's death.

After his parents divorced, his father lived alone, "living alone, and he left the world alone." So no one knew the cause of his death. The police came to the scene and asked if an autopsy had been considered? At that time, the elders of the family thought of trusting the police's judgment so that he could remain intact. "But from my stand, I'd like to know how he left. He insisted on a forensic procedure to clear up the problem.

"Because before I heard about his death, I had a dream that he told me he was going abroad and going far away. 」

"I accompanied him for a while. One day he told me that his passport had been left in the restaurant and I went upstairs to help him get it. But I never saw him again after I went downstairs. 」

And in real life, in the scene of the collection of relics, she even found that her father really left a new passport: "I will do some association, think what does this mean?" I want to know why my father left. What message do you want to leave before you leave off?

What the daughter most wants to know, however, is probably not where the father went. A family member, you are not usually closely related, but you know he is in some corner of the world, living with each other. But one day, suddenly someone told you he was gone. No before and after, no words to say, how you relate, in short, there is no account. And never come back.

"He walked too suddenly. 」

No matter how you start, you know, you don't have a chance to say good- And that wouldn't be the regret she left behind.

In the face of my father's body, I wanted to see that.

On the day of his father's farewell, the medical examiner asked the family to identify the body and confirm that it was not your family. "At that time people would say, "You don't have to see it." But I said it's okay, I'd better go and see it. 」

Has been foreseen, an dissected, frozen, and retreating ice of the body, may again how to like the relationship, have become strange. But she said she wanted to see it: "Emotionally, She was really scared and thought it was a corpse." But rationally will tell yourself, no, I must see, because come again will be cremated. If you don't look this time, you can't seem to see it. 」

This time, as a daughter, they calmly maintained some distance during their lives, but in the face of death, she began to panic, not knowing how she could face the family, which had cooled down. She wants to get close, want to confirm that you are my father, let me see you again.

I interjected and asked, in this family head, is not more alienated from the father? In personality, he said, he was full of himself. I feel that I inherited my father's intelligence, and that He was kind. When you think of his character, he thinks it's something he left for himself. "So, it can't be said that it's alienation. She felt that the blood relatives, said the break can not be broken. It's a matter of life.

But at this moment, if you're already supporting broken, no temperature, do I stare at you even if I look at it?

If you no longer open your eyes, I can no longer be able to from your eyes, printed their own look.

After experiencing his father's death, he was followed by the work of 11 Lingy Street. "Now acting, I'm no stranger to figuring out what the body is, or even the smell of that space, " he said. She plays the forensic character, calm and intelligent, facing the body quietly, because she has dissected the close people. Feeling the pain, she began to consciously keep herself from having too many emotional connections. In this way, the cause of death can be found professionally.

Outside the play, until today, her daughter still doesn't know the reason for her father's departure. Whether calm or not, the father's body has been sent to the crematorium. She then repeated the dream, a father left, the last message. I don't know if time will take away regret, but the daughter also from the beginning of the grasp of that message, to the end gradually learn edgy:

"Now I'm thinking that his departure might be to go somewhere else and travel." 」

Play the play and practice calmly facing death. And the profession she learned, called with a larger heart, for the father's departure, imagine another forever.