Today is seven nights, seven nights is not terrible, but you always in this day, inadvertently remembered that there was a he spent with you. What you worry about is not the rain, but no one holding an umbrella with you. Happy Valentine's Day, the important thing is not the lover, is you want to be happy.

Today is the seventh night, is Valentine's Day, but also you just broke up a month, the original time passed faster than you think. The weather was a little gloomy and there was no sunshine. You catch up on the MRT, go in the direction of the company, along the way, for those who major Valentine's Day special activities, you try to pretend not to see.

You walk into that familiar coffee shop and feel a little uneasy. You order a cup of lattes you come to every day, your favorite half-sugar less ice, and then take advantage of the blanks, look up around the store, and find it's just like usual, you don't see any ads full of pink bubbles.

You find yourself relieved, and wondering, what are you nervous about?

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"Rainy days are not terrible / sad is / remember edging someone / umbrella for me" - Xu Peifen, a life trapped by the rain

Yes, Valentine's Day is not terrible, but you always on this day, inadvertently remember, in the past few years, there is him, once with you to spend.

To be honest, you are not a couple who have to celebrate the holidays, but in the separate moments of the day, you will silently say to each other: Happy Valentine's Day, and then good night. You like such a bland romance, with him, really every day is Valentine's Day, before you often really think. (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" We've been together for a short time, but love is long.

Take-out lattes, you as usual out of the shop, found the outside is raining heavily. Think of him, how's he doing? Do you have an umbrella to go out - no, with his personality, certainly not with an umbrella.

"I must look very upset now. You say to yourself, and you say to the world. Then he laughed. After the breakup this Valentine's Day, to spend their own time. And this time, you have to hold an umbrella for yourself.

Rain ticks down on the umbrella, you alone under the umbrella, walking your way, and their own dialogue, step on one puddle after another.

You admit, you still miss him, miss Valentine's Day. But you find that, like this, alone under an uncrowded umbrella, it's good. So you promise yourself to practice umbrellas for yourself, a little difficult, but you will try.

You have yourself, you are not alone.