Do you know? In Taiwan, women suffer nearly eight times more sexual harassment in the workplace than men. Emma Watson, who has always been committed to the women's movement, has funded the establishment of a counselling line to provide services to women who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Emma Watson, who is known worldwide for her part in Harry Potter's "Beautiful", has always been a champion of gender equality and women's rights. She was elected U.N. Global Goodwill Ambassador in May 2014, a year when she delivered a gender-neutral speech at the United Nations. (Same episode: Emma Watson's stunning UN speech full text: "Not just for women's rights, but for freedom for both sexes!" ( ) ,

According to The Guardian, Emma Watson recently set up a legal advice line to help women who have been sexually harassed in the workplace. Emma Watson says research by the TUC In the UK shows that one in two women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

"It finally feels a lys liking people are realising the scale of the problem, and i'm certainly ly s it dh'itgis Such as the international international Labour organization treaty on the at-work we'll start to see a new climate of pre Vention and accounting on this this this domestically." - Emma Watson
"The public is finally aware of the seriousness of this problem, and if we can look at it by world standards, as we did in the ILO treaties, we will be able to take a fresh look at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and be truly responsible for it." Emma Watson

With donations from Emma Watson and the public, this dedicated line to sexual harassment counseling in the workplace has been set up. The line is supported by Time's Up UK Justice and Equality Fund and managed by the UK Fund for Women and Girls.

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"Understanding what your right are, how you can assert them and the choices you have have if you've experienced info is Such a vital part of the creating safe workplaces for everyone, and this advice line is such a huge development in in-health at all women are supported, wherever we work." - Emma Watson
"If you've been harassed, you need to know how to assert these rights and have choices, and for everyone, it's the most important thing to do in creating a safe place to work." This counselling line lets women know that they can get support no matter where they work. Emma Watson

Taiwan women suffer nearly eight times more sexual harassment in the workplace than men

The problem of sexual harassment of women in the workplace also occurs in Taiwan. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Labour in September 2018, "female employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in the most recent year, accounting for 4.6%, higher than the 0.6% of men." That is, women are nearly eight times more likely than men to experience sexual harassment in the workplace in Taiwan. Of these, only 1.2% of women filed complaints of sexual harassment, and 3.3% of women who were victims chose not to file complaints, mainly because the victims were "joking and ignoring them".

In the face of sexual harassment, victims often do not know what to do, especially in the workplace, and may have to be held back because of career considerations or other power relationships. If you or your friends have similar problems, don't be silent because you're afraid, because you've done nothing wrong. It is recommended that you first search for evidence, if you want to know more, you can read this article: If there is sexual harassment in the workplace, how to define and search for evidence? Or, you can also go to the Department of Labor's Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Section to find the resources you need.

In the face of this may not be good enough world, always have our power point, not afraid to do a little bit, only afraid of not doing at all. Like The Famous Words of Emma Watson when he addressed the United Nations that year.

"Ask yourself if not me, Who?" If not now, When?" - Emma Watson
"Ask yourself, if it wasn't for me, who would it be?" If it wasn't now, when would it be? Emma Watson