Google is a dream business for many people, but when it comes to Google, what else do we not know about it, apart from being highly liberal, well-paid and well-being? Or are those benefits the reason google becomes a dream business? Interview with Zhang Wei, Senior Public Relations Director for Google Taiwan, to show you the real reason google is a dream business!

What secrets do you want to know about Google?

Why are employees so free, but still able to maintain high capacity and expand the size of the enterprise? Or want to know what kind of employees Google really wants, is it all young people in order to have such a good work environment?

When it comes to Google, the first thing we think about is probably free office space and atmosphere, full staff benefits for dessert coffee and fruit, and a variety of play facilities. Many people will envy the daily work of Google employees, thinking that a company to be free, to grow at a high speed, but also to respect the characteristics of each person, behind the perfect measures.

One day, we came to Google Taiwan office, an exclusive interview with Taiwan senior public relations director Zhang Wei, about Google, in addition to the high degree of freedom, pay, welfare, what else we do not know? Or are those benefits the reason google becomes a dream business?

Regularly conduct seditable exchanges with other businesses on The Professional Women Network. Photo: Google Taiwan

Google's greatest happiness doesn't come from "high pay" and "good welfare"

The global information is integrated for the public's benefit.

This is Google's mission, google has become a leader in technology, because of the "multi-faceted" perspective, including talent recruitment, product design, the company's environment. "Young" talent is no longer their goal, they want more "diverse" team strength (can be gender, multi-capacity, multi-ethnic) and in a more inclusive way to retain every talent.

According to Glassdoor, a leading U.S. job search site, Google ranks eighth in the 2019 Best Places to Work Fantasy Business rankings. Google can do more than the system to become a dream business for generations.

Many people believe that Google can achieve diversity, there must be complete policy planning support behind it, Google Taiwan senior public relations director Zhang Wei smiled and shook his head: "It is not the rules, in order to establish a multi-diversity and integration of the workplace, We knew very early on that culture is the most important thing. 」

The Women-Google Shantou Program helps college girls find their way in life. Photo: Google Taiwan

A friendly, inclusive system that is easy to design and execute, but not easy to keep up with, so Google chooses to start with shaping culture.

Don't do evil, do the right thing.
Do the right thing: don't be evil.

It's more of a birthright than calling it "good welfare."

How to create a diverse culture? It's abstract, but it can be shown in the work environment and atmosphere.

The director of public relations, Zhang Wei, took his example as a mother of two, and sometimes had to take her children to work: "In other companies, how do you think you can take a child to work?" The company must not allow it. But the problem is that Google doesn't dictate at all that you can bring it, and even if you bring a child, people won't be like that. 」

"Even if there are no rules, I know you won't be punished and you're going to be treated with a different vision. As long as it doesn't disturb other colleagues, respect each other. 」

At Google, all the "benefits" about employees are not about how to make work happier and freer through institutional policies, but about creating a culture that "as long as it should" be done." For example, various types of rides for rest, such as restaurants with friendly children's table and chairs tableware, and such as multinational video conferences, occasionally have children on camera, these in other companies seem to be out of place, in Google's view is natural.

Culture is natural, and it is formed on the premise that the company wants its employees to live happily: "Google treats people as adults, and work is only part of life." Employees are happy is very important, unhappy quality will not be good. 」

Having facilities for friendly children, having no fixed commute, being able to arrange family and personal lives, and being a good benefit to the outside world, is "should be and natural" for Google people, so that employees live a life that is not just about work, but a right to be born.

Frequent days to take children to work (in fact, you can usually take children to work). Photo: Google Taiwan

Don't do it, Google expects employees to come up with a discussion

As a global company, Google's diverse openness has been praised, with a gender-friendly internal focus, and an outside statement on human rights and social issues, such as the marriage in Taiwan in 2019, with the support of 15 companies, google is one of them.

However, Google has also had a number of gender controversies, such as last November, when it launched a massive protest over high-level sexual harassment, with more than 20,000 employees striking from its headquarters in California to Singapore, Hyderabad, Berlin, Dublin and London. (Extended reading:"I'm not in position, I'm on the road to protesting sexual harassment" Google Japan strikes in California

"Many foreign offices have similar activities (strikes) and companies are respectful and supportive, " said Zhang Wei, director of public relations. At that time, we were all actually ready for the way we could communicate internally - for example, what support we could give if we learned that the company (Google Taiwan) had the spontaneity to host similar events. 」

"We acknowledge that there have been not quite the right places to do before, but from now on, we will put our concerns on these things and not let the incident happen again." 」

Sexual harassment is a point of opportunity for Google to change the workplace environment, and they want employees to communicate if they are unhappy. The most striking thing about the interview was that Google didn't let sexual harassment be an undiscussable issue, and they encouraged employees to discuss and communicate, which is one of the most important examples of Google's diversity.

We see from Google's example that the development of a business is related to how it views "diversity", the so-called d-integration (D-I) is not a slogan, not a momentary corporate strategy, dysm-integration (D-i) is closely related to the long-term development of the enterprise.

To create a diversified environment, the important thing is never the system, but how to create a non-discriminatory, non-discriminatory, mutual respect for the enterprise culture.

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