International Women's High Day, it's time to talk about our sex life. Do we often forget about sex when we go into a stable relationship? But having a coordinated relationship will make your usual relationship more challenging, and you can remember that you love him. And, will love for longer. Can be happier, and happier things, why don't you do it? Stable relationship and stability life should not be a second choice one, cohabitation or marriage, don't let the orgasm can only be a luxury!

How to run a stable relationship?

We've talked a lot about finding the right people, how to go on, but very few people talk about cohabitation or sex after marriage. After entering a stable relationship, we are used to separating sex from everyday life as a "special" proposition. It happens after closing the door, turning off the lights, making a love, or not doing a love, and when you walk out the door, you're still a model couple in someone else's eyes. (Extended reading: Pick the play for you, "The husband's in coming": Marriage has no "sex", there is love? ) )

Everyone is not used to saying, is it because it is very happy? It's hard to talk to your partner about whether sex is a luxury before a mortgage or a child. If you also feel the fault lines that can't be discussed and coordinated, today we'll open up about how sex will affect your intimacy.

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"I See The Desire in Your Eyes" Coordinated sex makes you more confident in your relationship

Sex is a wonderful thing, it makes us feel very direct desire-driven, and desire-satisfaction. Sex therapist Sandor Gardos has suggested that when sex is coordinated, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life.

In bed, you see him happy because of you by groping each other's sensitive belt, and you will feel mastery, proficiency and satisfaction with part of life. Because you know that when you yearn for something today, you have the ability to dominate, and you make everything better. So the coordination of sex will boost your self-esteem. You know you are attractive. (Also know yourself: Sex expert sex class, want to have a better sex experience?) Start by improving your masturbation habits)

In addition, an active sex life will also help us maintain our health. Stability behavior can allow humans to produce antibodies that effectively fight the bacteria, according to researchers at the University of Wilkes in the United States. It also includes oxytocin released by the brain during orgasms, which encourages you to have better sleep, hormones produced during sex, the ability to activate the heart of happiness in your brain, release stress, and avoid depression. (Editor's recommendation: Once, you'll want to do it again: Why is orgasm so happy?) ) )

On the whole, sex makes us healthier from the body to the heart. And out of this room, you will trust yourself more, but also on life, the relationship between each other, have more positive thinking and action.

"Everything in the room is a big deal" stable intimacy makes you trust each other more.

In many relationships, you may know how to talk about love, how to talk about money, talk about future planning, but you don't know much how to talk about sex. Sex is a relatively private, naked thing. We often feel that someone might want it tonight, someone doesn't; sometimes you have a mood, sometimes he doesn't. And this time, how to come with a hands-on style without embarrassment? How can ieupa is to refuse without causing shame? We seldom think about it. So it may be difficult to communicate again and again, but also accumulate your sense of distance. (Blush small method: How to tell him you "really don't want tonight"? The law of communication to make your partner more intimate)

And the source of these problems lies in what we don't think is a matter that needs attention. Or maybe you're not used to talking about it naturally.

There's a saying that sex is like going to the gym. You may not have been used to it in the past, so you don't think about it very often, or you may be a little lazy and a little resistant. But once you get into habit, you get addicted quickly and feel it's really great.

So, when you're in a long-term relationship, believe me, you won't regret the extra effort you've put in for sex. Go for it, talk about it, make it a habit, build a tacit understanding of your sexuality. You'll know that when you ask for what you need, someone cares and someone responds. Then you know you start with this intimate pattern and trust each other more.

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"Tired and worse, you're my bed" has the climax to make you go longer

From the couple into marriage mode, your life will begin to have more things to deal with together. And in the midst of this pile of chores, it's easy to forget about sex and then forget about your close links to each other. (Extended Reading: Mastering Your Sexual Rights: Is Marriage Happiness Without Sex? ) )

Why does having a stable relationship help two people go longer?

You know, having sex is a very intimate physical exchange. You will feel the touch, smell, and every inch of detail of each other's skin through the skin's relatives, and the physical and chemical reactions that enter each other's bodies at every moment of mating. Such intimate contact will allow you to recharge and return to a state of love.

So even if your life is unpredictable to experience some life changes, such as changing jobs, losing their jobs, buying a house, giving birth, but even if there are many strange difficulties to get through and deal with, you will still be familiar with this close body link, not to forget the source of love for each other.

When you have good sex, your body produces a lot of oxytocin for it, and your brain will remember the happy memories between you and this person. So when you need love, you know your love is him, and you long for him to hug, kiss, and know that this is the intimate bond between you. And the more solid this tacit understanding, the more you can help your relationship and go longer. (Guess what you want to see: Sex has only orgasms for the purpose?) Cracking 5 Misconceptions About Sex)

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We know that long-term stable relationships are difficult, and you will always have more unknown challenges. And if life has so many uncontrollable factors, recommend a relatively high rate of return on investment - to seriously manage your sex between you! Sex is a link to people's love, a source of happiness. There have been orgasms and you will remember that you loved him. And have more power to love.