In addition to the often-heard Kegel movement, which can help you be happier in your sexual experience, is there any other sport to try? For you to organize five exercises, in addition to increasing happiness, but also can make the body health is healthier Oh!

Many people often have this problem when they have sex with their partner: you don't have love, you can feel happy when you're in close contact, and they feel that touching makes each other feel comfortable, but that "comfort" doesn't really create orgasms.

A good sex experience doesn't necessarily require orgasm, but if you're eager to be happier, more comfortable, or even explore deeper secrets of your body when you're intimate, you can start with exercise in addition to creating the right atmosphere or trying different postures. (Recommended reading: Once, you'll want to do it again: Why is orgasm so happy?) ) )

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According to a study in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 46 percent of women surveyed more than 530 women who experienced sexual pleasure during exercise, while 23 percent said they had reached orgasm during exercise.

There are different theories in the study of why exercise causes orgasms, with one theory that certain exercises train the pelvic floor muscles (such as Kegel exercise), while another suggests that when exercising and having sex, a person's heart rate increases faster, blood pressure and body temperature increase, affecting the brain, and the brain's author, Barry R. "These two sources are likely to cause confusion," says Komisaruk. In turn, it triggers a physical orgasm. (Recommended reading:"Love Noun Explained" Kegel Movement)

Despite all the talk, exercise is worth a try! Recommend five suitable sports, may as well try it on the day of International Women's Orgasm Day!

Flat support

In addition to Kegel's exercise, which strengthens the strength and tension of the overall pelvic floor muscles, Plate support can also achieve similar motor effects, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and stabilize your core, says Debby Herbenick, an associate professor at Indiana University who has the book "Exercise Orgasm."

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Bow Walking

Debby Herbenick, who studies related sports orgasms, says that core exercise also increases your chances of orgasm in sexual matters, and that bow walking is a way to help you shrink and fix your core as you move.

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Lead up

Compared to the first two movements, the lead body upward difficulty may be greater, if you want to try to complete the complete lead up, you may want to go to the gym to get equipment to assist.

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Stepping on a bicycle on the bed

If the first three methods are a bit of a hassle for you, lying in bed may be a sport you can try, and stepping on a bicycle in bed can also train your abdomen, and according to Debby Herbenick's research, abdominal-related exercise is one of the ways to evoke sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Captain's Chair/General Chair

The sport requires the aid of fitness equipment and can be found in the gym. When you're using a general's chair, you can train your abs, thighs, and back at the same time (which is also a position that can easily cause orgasm during exercise)

These five methods, you can invite partners to do together, or together to communicate with each other suitable ways of sex, not only to make the body healthier, in the sexual interaction can also achieve the desired effect. Start your orgasm today!