The ghost door opens! Want to have a little stimulation, but dare not see a ghost film? Give love afraid and love to see you, five "micro-thriller" film list, don't worry, inside through no ghost, no thunder, please take it at ease.

Do you like movies, too? In july, when everyone is watching ghost films, you think of yourself timid, often think of whether there are any movies, let people fear, but not too terrible? Or do you still want a visual feast with a little excitement and feel on the occasional quiet night?

In order to fear the ghost of you, we would recommend a few "microthriller" movies. Micro-thriller, let you half-eye, in the "limited fear", timely enjoyment of stimulation. Don't worry, there are no ghosts in these movies, no ghosts or corpses popping up, no spiritual itys. Most importantly, we don't have thunder, you can read it with peace of mind.

1. Eyewitness: Curiosity, it really kills cats

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When it comes to suspense films, you mustn't miss the national film Eyewitness (Who Killed Robin Robin! ) The film was released in 2017, by the director of "Little Girl in Red" Cheng Weihao again, by Zhuang Kaixun, Xu Yanning, Ke Jiaxuan and others, the film not only shortlisted for the 54th Golden Horse Awards five award nominations, the box office also broke through the 50 million mark, can be said to be a good and well-known national film. (Same-field: The evil of human nature!) Eyewitness: "The last page is the scariest, don't turn it over""

The main character Xiao Qi in the young accidentally witnessed a car accident, but at that time because of insufficient evidence, the truth stone shen sea. Nine years later, this matter was found again on Xiaoqi, XiaoQi found that the car accident was not simple, and he was not able to get out of touch with the people around him, he decided to embark on the process of finding the truth, but gradually into the dangerous situation, and with the peeling, to learn the amazing truth. The full plot peakloops, allowing you to hold your breath until the last second.

Small reminder: in the film at the back of the clip, there is a scene more bloody (about 3 seconds screen), will be finished, you can pay attention to Oh!

2. The Tenant downstairs: evil humanity, like an infectious disease

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Directed by Cui Zhendong, "The Tenants Downstairs" is based on nine knives of the same name novel, full of fantasy and black humor that takes you into each tenant's room and inner world. The film, starring Ren Dahua and Yu Yuwei, and the actor Li Ai, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards, was also selected as the opening film of the Taipei Film Festival and participated in many international competitions. (Same-field: Modern people's peeping desire!) "The Tenant downstairs": Pain, is the most luxurious interpretation of love)

A landlord who owns an apartment, with a pinhole camera in every room he wants to rent, looks at every tenant after monitoring the screen and knows everyone's deep-seated desires, so he deliberately creates opportunities to connect those who were otherwise separate. A landlord, eight tenants, six rooms, interwoven with the dark side of human nature and the desire to move foolishly.

Small reminder: this film although there is no ghost, but the taste is heavy, there are many abuse-related pictures, although not very bloody, but will be afraid of people, please consider watching Oh!

3. Non-ordinary pedipopulation: the outside world is not safe, but the home is more dangerous

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The Greek film "Canine", directed by Ugg Lansimo, won best picture for "One Thing" at the Cannes Film Festival and was also shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. The title of this film is originally "canine teeth", is used to express the "growing up" symbol, its meaning throughout the film, waiting for you to taste.

It's a chilling family story. In the film, the parents separate their three children from the outside world completely, and they do their own distorted education. In order to relieve the adolescent son's desire, the father brought back a woman to engage in unemotional sex. However, the woman brought some outside information, so that the parents "carefully maintain" the family slowly to disintegrate, the daughter produced a yearning for the outside world.

Small reminder: the atmosphere of this film is quite strange, the original and friends after watching, all people face each other, speechless. There are very few images of violence, so you can watch it with peace of mind.

4. Control: I love you, so you must be caught in the dead

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"Control" is based on Gillian Flynn's novel of the same name, directed by David Fincher and starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, who also won the Oscar for Best Actress. When the film was first released in Taiwan, it attracted a lot of attention and was the box office winner for nearly a month. (Same Show: Marriage Crisis in the Movie Control: The Closest, Most Dangerous?) ) )

On his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick found his wife, Amy, missing for no reason, and somewhere in the house he was suspected of leaving behind signs of chaos. The crowd launched a search operation in search of Amy, but all the clues point to that Nick had killed Amy, and Nick became infamous. As the plot unfolds, the case becomes more and more confusing, who is lying? Is Amy really missing, or has she actually been killed?

Small reminder: the atmosphere of the plot has some oppression, but please rest assured to enjoy this slightly burning brain suspense drama!

5. The Temptation of the Next Girl: You have your insidiousness, I have my cunning

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Directed by well-known South Korean director Park Zan-wook, "The Temptation of the Undergirl" (The Handmaiden) has attracted a lot of attention since its launch, two actresses, Kim Su-hsi and Kim Tae-pear, also won the 37th Tsinglong Film Award for Best Actress and Best Newcomer, respectively, the two in the play has a number of wonderful rival drama, in the love and conspiracy interweaving, unexpected plot development, people are over-addicted. (Same Show: The Temptation of the Next Woman: The Gaze ofA Woman of Love, Desire, And Revenge)

In Korea under Japanese imperialism, Miss Nobility Xiuko inherited a huge fortune and was swindled by a fraudster disguised as a false count, trying to seize property by marrying Xiuzi. The false count found Shuji as the maid of the showgirl, so that she persuaded the show to agree to the marriage. However, people are not as good as the day, three people each heart, layer stack of conspiracy, each other calculated, the climax of the film, the last minute to know the end.

Small reminder: there are explicit sex scenes, afraid of embarrassment or shy people, on their own to see it! >///<

Have you seen these five "microthriller" movies? If you dare not see their own one, quick friends and family together, in the lunar month of July, give yourself a little rare stimulation!