Taiwan drama "The Popular Girl's Development", write the sixth grade girl's voice. Chen Jialing, played by Xie Yingxuan, 39 years old, no house, no car, no husband, in the eyes of the public looks a little sad. However, like Chen Jialing, we with a little way and courage, looking for their own way out, do not feel such their own, in fact, super cute?

A woman is 39 years old, and in the world it's not cute at all, is it? Taiwan drama "Common GirlS", write the story of the sixth grade girl - hard work for more than 20 years, no house, no car and no husband, only to find himself in other people's ridiculous "common girl."

The heroine, played by Xie Yingxuan, chen Jialing, nearly 40 years old, served as the chairman of the special help, the title seems to be beautiful, but all dedicated to the chairman of the private affairs;

Chen Jialing at her ex-boyfriend's wedding, ugly, friends hurriedly dragged her into a taxi, scolding: "20 years old drunk is lovely, 40 years old is poor." 」

"Common Girl" with funny lines, write the real voice of the sixth grade girl: feel that they know all kinds of human feelings, in fact, do not like nor get used to, others assume that you should be very good, you also pretend that everything is very good - such as wrapping to the annoying ex-boyfriend 12,000 wedding red envelopes.

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The 39-year-old woman, who has offended society, doesn't look cute and is a little sad. In order to make yourself look less pathetic, you have to learn to accept marriage and accept your present job - knowing that you don't want it so much, you feel like you've lost your courage, your time, you can't give up everything like a girl in seventh and eighth grades and chase freedom.

And then what? Can sixth-grade girls only look enviously at them?

Chen Jialing, 39, wrote about the sixth grade girl's other look: the house car child husband, with one of them, can promise me a lifetime of happiness, or even the world can be gentle treatment? Or do I always have the choice to do what I want to do?

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A woman's age is never an investment.

Chen Jialing has a second aunt, in the thirties to discuss marriage, decided to cancel the marriage with her boyfriend, the family quarreled chicken flying dog jump, young Chen Jialing watching, like watching a farce, funny, two aunts no trouble, no trouble is family, they loudly nag the older woman more price, see who will marry you. (Recommended reading:"WWW: Please enter a search word": How can a woman who does not marry after the age of 30 live? ) )

Whether a woman wants to get married or not, the person around her is always more anxious than the client. Chen Jialing's family's reaction, reflecting the overall society's restrictions on women, 30 years old is a door, 30 years old before the woman qualified cute, wayward capital, can talk about a sensational, not in return for love. At the dinner table, the family asked when to get married, you can also use age as an excuse, laughing and saying "I'm still young."

However, after thirty years old, let alone to the forty-year-old woman, any love and career, like an investment, the community expects women to pay, calculate the remuneration, your age is a bargaining chip, dropped, at least to get some return, like you are a high-ranking supervisor, have a car, or you find a husband that everyone thinks is good, Can also keep a lifetime, better is a long-term meal ticket, just like Chen Jialing's grandmother said, "the rich and the money of the people, of course, choose the rich."

Forty-year-old woman, not married and no money, to society is nothing. At this time the woman said not to marry, the last survival of the driftwood do not even catch, they only when you are wayward immaturity.

But this plank doesn't catch it? If happiness is not only to earn money to be satisfied, when marriage is no longer the only guarantee of happiness, we face the urging of society, is it possible to recognize their hearts, even with the courage of waywardness, to tell others that you are actually satisfied with yourself now?

Practice not to think of your life as an investment, but as a journey, and to make age a kind of courage, what you must give up on your journey, but what you can gain, and as you get older, you know where you are far away.

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The world may not be gentle with your restlessness, but you can be kind to yourself

I have to admit that most of the time we are Chen Jialing, bound by the age frame of society, to the age of 40 years old, we also began to question ourselves, this position is really not up, is it really too immature, too little thought? So we choose to bow to the world and walk into a more "stable" future for all of us.

Chen Jialing is afraid that she and her aunt like the lonely old life, by others pointed, so after getting drunk with a bouquet and her boyfriend proposed. Jiang Hsien-rong is to Chen Jialing put on the ring, we do not know the next few episodes, she will make a choice. But in real life, there are a lot of people are stuck in marriage and not married, you always feel that this person can also, we all say almost to settle the day, or have to pass, live together also OK. (Recommended reading:"We can't be friends": Ten years of dating to talk about marriage, he will only tell me "not the time"

Sometimes we choose to get married, is afraid that the world is no longer kind to women after the age of 30 and 40, others expect you to live in peace, at this moment, you should play some security cards, like the end of cohabitation life, give a partner's name, like the young staff in the play think" Easy administrative work is suitable for older people (such as Chen Jialing). Once you try to pursue a life that doesn't look like normal, a bunch of people will come over and learn from the experience of the people anxious lying to you.

But we would like to say that marriage has never been a guarantee, life is more, you can not only for the pursuit of stability and will be, to live a life, not necessarily so bad. If your ideal life or relationship doesn't meet social standards, society may not change right away, but you can at least try to be kind to yourself and find a path that really makes you happy.

"Common Girl" this letter to the sixth grade girl, but also to the generation of girls love letter, we see in Chen Jialing their helpless shadow, however, 39-year-old us, is so hard to find a way out, with a little waywardness and courage, give themselves another choice, do not feel such us, in fact, super cute?

Photo : A photo of the "Common Girl"