As the anti-China movement in Hong Kong moves towards its third month, we are seeing more and more conflicts. These include cases in which female demonstrators were hit in the right eye by a cloth bag, fearing permanent blindness, and a woman's skirt being ripped off, and still being forcibly arrested by the police. While caring about how government decrees should move forward, we should also note that the proportion of women on the social movement stoic, harassment and shock is on the rise, gender-based violence, everywhere, and everywhere.

On 9 June 2019, the people of Hong Kong launched the largest demonstration since 2003 (also known as the "Anti-China" campaign) to demand that the Government return the revised draft, and the campaign is still in progress. From the day of breaking the record of the parade for nearly a decade, the anti-China movement has attracted international attention, including the New York Times, CNN, the BBC and other international media, have been in the "FugitiveS Regulations: Hong Kong's various industries to show concern to reveal the distrust of the Chinese government" , the Hong Kong government to China, But the people of Hong Kong will not report on the series of events under titles such as " .

And in Taiwan, we also noticed that women at the social movement site were being subjected to a lot of violence. It may be the body was touched, it may be the buttocks caught, these acts of violence, although will not leave traces, trauma, but the injury is not smaller than the flesh injury, more likely to cause the person's life shadow.

At this moment, we are sorting out and taking stock of the violence that has been erupting in hong Kong's anti-Trump movement so far, and want to see with you the inequality of women at the scene of the struggle. How to express the demand seeking accurately in the social transport scene, but also to protect their own body, let us through the combing of past events to talk about.

August 11, 2019 Woman hit by a cloth bag bullet, right eye blind

Hong Kong people have regrouped in the Tsim Sha Tse-bee area to express their appeal, with one woman being hit by a police bag, injuring her right eye and fearing permanent blindness. Since the outbreak of the police-community conflict, the Hong Kong police have continued to attack the public with deadly and dangerous "bag bombs", and since the development of the movement, the Hong Kong Police have even taken close-range fire in the hope of suppressing the people who marched. (Recommended reading: support Hong Kong, also support gender equal rights!) Women humiliated by sluts at the scene of the "anti-transmission"

Photo: SocREC Social Records Channel Facebook

August 10, 2019 Woman is being hunted by police for no reason, suspected of touching her thigh

Also in the Tsim Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Tsing Sha Tsing Tsing Sha Tsing Tsing Sha Tsing Tsing Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Sha Tsing Street, a number of police officers suddenly rushed to the streets, stopped a woman dressed in white, although the scene of the public tried to help the woman out of trouble, but the police forced to remove the baton. In another video of the scene, one of the officers can even be seen pulling on the woman's clothes during the arrest and allegedly touching the inside of the woman's thigh, surrounded by police regiments despite the woman's struggles.

The woman had no sticks and no demonstration equipment such as masks, and what reason did the police arrest, even "touching her thighs"?

August 5, 2019 The unprovoked attack on a teenage girl in the country has left confidence in the police

Two young Chinese girls, aged 13 and 14, were arrested after being mistaken for a demonstrator by the police as demonstrators while walking the road outside Tin Shui Wai Police Station in Yuen Long Police District to "return to school to collect books". The schoolgirl sat down to recall that she "didn't know what i had done wrong", adding that "i used to feel that the police were just and did everything for the public, but after this incident, i lost confidence in the Hong Kong police." 」

What kind of government would put the young girls in danger?

August 4, 2019 Woman forced to be removed from her lower body

On August 4, a woman was forcibly removed by police during the Tin Shui Wai Parade, and the woman's skirt and underwear were pulled off in a chaotic incident, while the police ignored the woman's exposed body and continued to forcibly remove her from the scene. The girl herself later posted a message on the community saying she was not serious, but "didn't expect a light-off incident" and asked the demonstrators to be careful. (Recommended reading: Gender Newsletter , Hong Kong protest girls were "sexually assaulted" underwear: not only attention, we can take 3 actions)

No one ever thought that they would be subjected to gender-based violence and bullying at the social transport site.

Photo: Facebook Hong Kong Accident Report Area

July 21, 2019

Apart from the police , Hong Kong people are also facing violence from other forces . On the evening of July 21st, an indiscriminate attack on the citizens of the white-clad people broke out near Yuen Long mtr station, and among the many victims, the white-clad people did not let go of the pregnant women. Although no child was injured in the womb, but against the unarmed citizens of a violent beating, but also a social disorder.

Will more visible pregnant women be particularly vulnerable to being targeted in the volatile social transport scene?

Pictures: Facebook Screenshot

June 13, 2019

A few days after the june 9 anti-Trump march broke out, the Hong Kong police made a big move to advance the subway, buses and other occasions. In the video recording of the public at the scene, one of the officers can be seen reaching out to the woman's chest during contact with the female member.

Being touched on the chest, buttocks, and women participating in social movements, in addition to fear for basic personal safety, also worry about being targeted or harassed because of their gender.

Pictures: Facebook Screenshot

In the above-mentioned finishing, we see the difficulties of women's participation in social movement, and how easily women are violated in social transport occasions. We understand your desire to work for your faith, for your values, for your home, so we want to tell you that if you want to move forward and you want to protect yourself, you can do the following:

Get ready before you go on the street.

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Seeking assistance from the Hong Kong Sexual Violence Prevention unit

Nearly three months into the campaign, the rising rate of harassment, discrimination and assault against women is also being noticed as the public cares about how government decrees should move forward. These women may be more likely to be treated differently and because of their "gender" at the social transport site.

We believe that gender restrictions, crackdowns or even attacks should not be made on any occasion or appeal. We want to see a social movement of gender equality, non-discrimination and reduced bloodshed, and we look forward to Hong Kong's return to its former form, without tears and bloodshed.

Dear Hong Kong, come on.