Hong Kong is in turmoil, with one woman being grabbed and unable to escape by police, while another woman is handcuffed and pushed into a corner. In the past, during a military crackdown in Sudan, soldiers targeted women protesters and brutally raped them. Why is women's subjectivity always ignored in times of war or turmoil?

"Grab money, grab food, grab girls!" You've probably heard this sentence, both literally and in the sense of the back, that it's a very direct indication that women can compete for things in addition to the money and food they use to survive. This sentence ignores the subjectivity of women, which is absurd in modern times, but still echoes some of the ongoing sexual violence.

Hong Kong has been in a period of turmoil in recent days. According to The Position News , police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the subway station , raising concerns about the safety of passengers , or a woman was shot in the eye by a cloth bag fired by the police , causing blood on the spot . The people and the government of Hong Kong stand on the opposite side, and when the police are backed by complete weapons, the people have only umbrellas, masks or goggles, weak but strong-willed.

Let us take Hong Kong as an example of the situation that women often face in times of war or unrest. According to footage filmed by the Student Union of the University of Hong Kong, police can be seen arresting a woman in the street for no apparent reason on August 10, grabbing her pants and legs so that she cannot get out. In another video, police can also be seen holding a woman to the ground, tied her hands and pushing her back against the wall, with the above-to-the-lower pose approaching the woman, while other police officers block the camera.

"Violence is often committed by several people, especially in groups that are all men. Sometimes, the aggressor goes out looking for the target of beatings, rapes, or teasing. These types of rules-based, social, and often premeditated characteristics make group violence a social practice. Five faces of oppression

"One of the cruelest ways to use gender is through sexual harassment. This is the exercise of power, directed directly towards the target of the body. Gender WorldView, Raewyn Connell

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From Sudan crackdown to Hong Kong riots: rape as a weapon

When people with power want to deal with women, the tactics are mostly out of touch with "sex". The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) states:

"In the UN Security Council resolution 1820, a-car rape is simred as a weapon of war; it sa massive crime, sizzin times of conflict."
"Systematic rape is considered a weapon of war in UN Security Council Resolution 1820. In times of war, it has become a worsening mass crime. 」

This year, there have been two similar incidents in Hong Kong and The Sudan.

Take the Hong Kong anti-transmission incident, for example, when a woman involved in social movements was expelled by the police, and afterwards, the person who took the opposite position, maliciously created the illusion that she was not wearing underwear, thereby humiliating her. When the woman learned, she left the text: "How to attack a woman, the simplest is to sexually insult." Ignore her will, ignore her vision, focus on her appearance and clothes, and then from the stigma. 」

In June, Sudan carried out a military crackdown. According to CNN , Sudan's ruling power has called on military personnel to threaten sexual violence against female protesters during the crackdown . Social activists say soldiers beat, rape women and take nude photos. (Extended reading: On the day of Sudan's military crackdown, I watched teenage girls being raped: they kept screaming and crying)

"Violence is systemic because it targets members of a group simply because they belong to that group. Any woman, for example, has reason to fear rape. 」
Five Faces of Oppression, Iris Marion Young

On the streets, no one "lives to be sexually harassed"

Sexual harassment or assault should not be considered "less serious" or "live" when unrest occurs. Sexual violence in a volatile environment cannot be considered justified simply because it exists in the midst of a war.

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Women's bodies are not battlefields, nor are they things that can be plundered, invaded, and insulted. Let us continue to pay attention to these sexual violence, only the group of resistance, the concentration of eyes and energy, can also give women a space to live freely.

Women can take to the streets to speak out for themselves, and they can choose what they want to do or don't want to do. What's more, women rightly have the right to physical and sexual autonomy.