Why don't you talk to me about condoms? Why is love liquid called love liquid? An exclusive interview with Zhang Yiguang, author of "The History of Sexual Meaning", thoughts from the collective aphasia of the young girl's death. We've all thought that in this world, sex is everywhere, but it's just naked images of women everywhere. When society's description of sex comes from a single angle, as a girl, how do we talk about sex?

On summer afternoons, we interviewed writer Zhang Yiguang in Women's Paradise. From "Love Soon" and "The Book of Goodbye" to her new book, "The History of Sexual Meaning", her words have always been dense. In the new book, talk about girl masturbation, girl sexual fantasies, girls encourage each other, for sexual injury, for sexual growth.

"Knowledge, shame, almost brave." Writer Chen Yuqing wrote in the recommendation sequence: "When people praise a woman's knowledge, it is often to cancel her body." And when women are praised for their "sex", they have only a specific flat face. Society's depiction of a woman's body and mind is still an eternal binary opposition, which also makes it difficult for women to tell "sex".

In the face of the historical absence of girl's lust, she wants to get her language back and give company.

I asked, is it interesting to call "The History of Sexual Meaning" and is it a kind of echo and dialectic to Fuke's History of Sexual Consciousness? Also, the title of the book stems from her earliest understanding of Fuke's History of Sexual Consciousness, from a misunderstanding of youth.

Sex is always taboo.

When I was in high school, "I really wanted to know what sex was all about, and I ran to read Fuke's History of Sexual Consciousness." She thought Fuco would tell her exactly what sex was. Of course, it's not a popular science book for high school students, and she hasn't found the answer. Teenage girls want to know about sex, no door to enter. Growing up, the awkward confusion of growing up is still in her mind, and she wants to one day write it herself. "Rather, the title of this book, is I Fuke, cast a glimpse of it. 」

She wanted to give the girl a book about "sex". After all, there is too little sexual language given to women in this society.

"It's not just a matter of the number of sex books. Throughout the development of literature, it was a relatively late thing for girls to start writing. So she wrote about teenage masturbation, less female fantasies, girls wantto have sex before they have love, girls for sexual injury, girls growup for sex. The story of the girl, too few people to tell well.

This phenomenon until recent years. "House of Love's First Love Paradise" was published in 2017, and she had something to knock on.

"A writer with a high eye, a high hand, is a thousand times more precious than the eye-high hand"

"Why is this time when I want to write about this?" Is it related to the Incident? 」

The theme of girls is in literature, there is a fixed dilemma. From the traditional character's point of view, it is not a big subject matter. I've always wanted to write this, but it's delayed more or less. "The History of Sexual Meaning" appears at this time, one reason is indeed the death of Lin Yu-yin.

He also said, "I would like to say something that may well have been misunderstood, and I hope to be able to take note when I express it." (Extended reading: My pain cannot be reconciled Interview with Lin Yu-hin: "Inserted, will not be pulled out"

"I have a high opinion of The Book of Fang Siqi. At the same time, I think she (Lin Yu-yin) is a high-minded author. However, for those who care about literature very much, a high-minded author is more precious than an author with a lower eye. 」

"Saying "eye-high" may make people think I have a derogatory term. But I mean, I realize that Lin is dealing with very complex issues. Some things, she's struggling to deal with. This is partly because, based on my knowledge of the subject, I know what the difficulties she is challenging. In the face of the story of seduction, history has always been beautified. But from Loritta's point of view, how do the story repeat it? She could see that the "hard work" stemmed from the process in which she was trying to organize language. (Extended Reading: The Desire of the Seduction and the Violence of Civilization: Thousands of Lolita without a Voice)

"My lower body is unspeakable": If sexual taboos, like electric wire

Sex taboo issues, the family is not to use to tell you, what is taboo, what is not. It's the language itself, and there's the problem of avoidance.

Another reason, growing up experience made her understand that women's established sexual language is simply not enough to describe experience. From the simplest beginnings, for example, the names of girls' sexual organs are often used in pejorative terms. For example, when we try to talk to the family about sexual experience, we are often punished.

A girl, to enter the language of sex, or to carry out sexual expression, there are many, let's say is "pothole" bar. The reality here is that male sexual expressions, or male sexuality, are quite frequently present in literature, politics, and daily life. How on earth does she get along with this language environment? Does she have her own language?

The history of sexual meaning is written about the growth process of the protagonist Louis. In college, the girls argued and weren't sure what the love fluid was called. The water of the lower body, the excited water, the pearl mashed the same water. Love liquid's name, tacky like a strong yang medicine. Love liquid love, is there love when secreted?

Louis also saw his cousin beaten by his elders for not speaking clearly and saying "good itch under me." Below me, where is it? Inside, outside, left and right, where does it go? How can we escape the barbed wire of this language? (Extended reading: Interview with the Foundation for Modern Women: Girls have very little sexual language, even speaking up is difficult, how to say how to be violated? ) )

Through detailed narrative, she talks about how language limits our understanding of sex. When "I can't speak below", the girl is in distress, and falls from the point of no step out of the language.

And this situation of collective aphasia may go unnoticed, and we don't even know how to describe it when we encounter an injury-plagued sexual experience -- spoofing, seduction, emotional blackmail. In the grey area of "sexual assault" and "consensuality", is this collective aphasia causing many people to be left far away? (Extended reading: He didn't rape me, but I wouldn't say it was consensual sex)

Zhang also said that sexual violence, not always like we say "basketball", contains specific action. Sexual violence is never just visible to the naked eye, "which often combines a variety of scams, all kinds of psychological attack, all kinds of tactics." "To the real stereotype of "rape" is the last step.

It may be easy to describe playing basketball, but how do we describe psychological warfare? Layers of testing, enweed, verbal humiliation, emotional blackmail, and even follow-up inducements, condensed into PTT articles, explosive communes, or Facebook messages, are often reduced to the phrase "think after the fact that something is wrong" but no one sees the pre-eminence - a set of sophisticated traps of complete weaving action and language.

In the words of Zhang Also, not Loritta, physical aggression is to kill the body, but if the seductionr teaches and follows the good way to lure me up to his bed, it is more like a "live broadcast of killing the soul". This kind of subtle sexual violence, the elimination is not only the body, but also the subjectivity of the human being. (Extended reading: Gender-based violence is the product of the intersection of discrimination and power)

"From one experience to a word, it takes many years" How do we get the language back?

She remembered being a high school monitor, and if a classmate was sexually harassed, she would be responsible for reporting it. "In the process, I observed that every girl, in the face of sexual violence, could say a great difference to what extent. 」

Two examples. A girl said she was harassed on the bus, and at first she laughed as if she were telling a joke, but laughed and laughed and burst into tears. "That laugh is hard to hold up." She actually panicked the whole person to some kind of breakdown. Another girl, while being touched ass, yelled, "The wolf dares to touch my ass!" 」

She has recommended a "language time difference" for survivors in "House of Love's First Love Paradise." From the events that happened to the moment when you finally confirmed what had happened, it was often a thousand mountains: "This language marathon, Siqi is starting from the panic when firing a gun, and so on is accelerating all the way - even though this sprint, we read with heartache." But this is not a reality of IQ jump ingress, not to mention the desperate forced talent frenzy. 」

Each individual difference is reflected in the difference in response strategy. The story doesn't mean that we can only encourage everyone to be a second girl. But our education, our language development, can help us, see more personal connections, so that survivors of different personality can be caught. (Extended reading: Zhang Yiyuan read "South of Kwan": understand what is dehumanizing, but more insist on protecting human nature)

1. In addition to education, information should also be integrated into knowledge

"Gender education has made Taiwan more equal-right than it has in the past. This is the observed "achievement". And if we want to catch more people, more fundamentally, people don't become perpetrators. Of course, this is not only gender education, but also related to personality growth, cultural environment. In the face of such a situation, what other solutions? She thought about it. Perhaps the first is to integrate information into knowledge.

"I once took a long time to explain to a girl what it was called a seduction. She was surprised. 」

"Not a rapist, but a seductioner?" 」

"Yes." When society doesn't even have the concept of a temptor, or even desexualize it, it's not easy to move on.

It is also about how to integrate "sexual messages". There are some messages that need to be formalized before they develop into knowledge. When the message is fragmented, there is still a distance to become knowledge. But in the sex of this piece, information experience is still far from enough.

2. Develop our "Sex Language": The language that can interact with people

"Again, we want to develop languagethat that interacts with people. Not only is there enough sexual vocabulary, but it's possible (I: "Does it work?" "Effective" may be a utilitarian approach, or an "interaction". Develop a set of languages that interact with society.

Through education and stories, we take on more people. As the monitor also said, in the story of the students, "I feel that there are possibilities to tell and listen." 」

Postscript: Although war doesn't have a name yet, you won't be alone forever

"That world is very new, a lot of things have not been named, when mentioned, you have to point fingers. "A Hundred Years of Loneliness"

Also, this novel, written to all the young girls, still have doubts about the people. And that so-called girl, not just from childhood, or too late to grow up boys and girls. It also includes boys who consider themselves teenage girls. It also includes confusion as to why he is not a girl's man. As long as you've ever had doubts about sex, this book is for you.

The war that belongs to us has no name yet. Never in history have anyone ever tried to name them on a large scale. We always believe that as long as someone is willing to tell the experience, they will not be alone forever. When I wrote this interview, my mind flashed countless names, like a little starlight. This little interview is also for you, for the time being as anchor.