Now you make friends in a variety of ways, in addition to long-term relationships, you have other options. The new dating pronoun "Freckling" refers to a brief romantic relationship. However, if accidentally seasick, i want to do, can quickly disembark, safely ashore?

Hot summer, when the summer vacation, often held a lot of activities, cinemas also watch the time lying machine launch strong film. Have time, there is a place, there are opportunities for people to come out and play, and are you looking forward to a Summer Love this summer? (Same-on-the-spot release:"Relationship Diary" "Summer 500 Days": Even if it does not matter, I still glad to love you)

According to MYDOMAINE, a new dating pronoun, called "Freckling," has emerged, and Freckling's original meaning is freckles. Summer, easy because of exposure, leading to "freckles" on the skin, until found, has long been formed;

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Kelly Campbell, a professor at California State University In San Bernardino who specializes in psychology and intimacy, says Frecklingcan be used to describe a brief summer romance.

"I's going It's when you find a great partner enjoy for enjoy for the summer, yd this person is probably not who you'd want to settle down with. "I's going
"It means that you find someone who is right for a summer, but you may not want to maintain a long-term stable relationship with him. 」
- Kelly Campbell

Let's have a chat about what it's like to be "Freckling." Perhaps, you because of the exchange abroad, accidentally made a love song, but you will soon fly back to Taiwan, had to shake goodbye to each other;

If what you both want is a brief romance, then it's both beautiful and happy for you. But if you want to go further and move into a stable relationship with him, you'll have to make a good idea of the other person's mind first.

Does he want a brief romance, or a long-term love?

How do you tell if the other person is "Freckler"? Kelly Campbell suggests a few ways to observe and judge.

  • You lack spiritual or spiritual deep communication with each other.
  • He doesn't want to mention or know your presence with his family.
  • He doesn't want to be involved in other life, such as work activities, friends' weddings, and so on.
  • He will only send you a message when he is bored.
  • He will only give you praise for your appearance, not your inner or other abilities.

The above suggestions may give you some inspiration. Each person's interaction patterns in a relationship are different, and most importantly, they are aware of what they really think of each other.

Really seasick, what can I do?

If you've made sure the other person doesn't mean that, and you find yourself "sick", how do you get ashore? Here are three ways you can try it.

  1. Reduce interaction with each other. You can start with out meeting each other, gradually reduce the frequency of contact between the two sides, slowly, even the message is not so often transmitted.
  2. To divert attention from other things. Remember, not anxious to put into the next love, but to let oneself in addition to feelings, there are other things to do, to pay attention to.
  3. Collect this relationship. You can still have your memories, just to remind yourself that those pleasures are just some of the past.

I know it can be difficult for you to leave him. However, you have to keep in mind the premise that "he really doesn't love you that much" and "He really doesn't want to be a partner with you."

You can calm down and ask yourself, what kind of love do you want?

If you are thinking of a stable long-term love, such as him - or now he, can give you? In the other person's less certain situation, even if you are really together, it is easy because the emotional requirements and views are not the same, resulting in both people are not happy.

"I's going I lik ingh on my own. Relationships are are messy and people's feelings get hurt. Who needs it? We're young. We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Might as well have had fun fun while we can and save the serious stuff for later. "I's going
"I want to be alone. Talking about feelings is very troublesome, and will be hurt, why? We are young, live in this beautiful city, it is better to have fun in time, serious things wait until later. 」
- Summer, Summer 500 (500 Days Of Summer)

Finally, if you've had a few experiences and you've realized that you're prone to faintness, you should also wonder if you're not fit to fall into a short-lived romance like "Summer Love"?

If you will be seasick, remember not to go on the boat, if you enjoy a short romance, even seasickness is very happy, then you feel dizzy!