"People say I'm fat, but I don't really care. As a more fleshy actress in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence has often been subjected to a lot of body attacks and criticism, but she has never been concerned, and every time she responds with a bulldot, we see more courage to embrace ourselves. In the days to come, we will only love ourselves, you love to say I am fat, that is your family's business!

On August 15, 2019, hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence's 29th birthday.

She's the last woman to dare to be her own witch in "X-Men," who's Tiffany in Pat's Happy Screenplay, Kanye's, who's a keen intuition in "The Hunger Games," and Dominic, the fearsome spy in "The Cardinal."

Jennifer Lawrence ("Little Jane") has done countless good-called and famous films, almost to become a hit box office guarantee actress, but there are still many people who do not see her theatrical strength, feel that she is not Hollywood's "typical beauty", said she is a fat actress, put pressure on her body. And she can always speak amazing, with humor and bullying of the words, back to those who only in front of the television out of a mouth of the acid people.

On Jane's 29th birthday, recall her five-sentence statement: I don't care at all that I'm fat! (Recommended reading:Handsome Lady and Jennifer Lawrence: I'm slightly fat I'm proud to live at a rate!) ) )

Photo: "The Cardinal"

It should be illegal to laugh at others for being fat. Why is it funny to humiliate someone?

Jennifer Lawrence

Perhaps the audience didn't mean to criticize Jane's figure, but they still inadvertently put their stereotype of "thin is beauty" to the actress. Jane, who has long been questioned by viewers, boasted that "it should be illegal to laugh at others for being fat" in order to express her dissatisfaction with body bullying.

I'd rather look rich in front of the camera, look like a real person in the real world, and not look good in order to go to the mirror, like a scarecrow in real life!

Jennifer Lawrence

The visual effects of television may make the celebrities who look better than they used to look, so there are many celebrities who diet and lose weight in order to look good on the mirror. Excessive weight control, easy to make people look too thin in real life, cherish their original appearance of small Jane decisively refused to be a "real life straw man"!

You are you, accept yourself. What else are you going to do? To put up with hunger every night so that everyone likes you? That's stupid too!

Jennifer Lawrence

No matter what you do or what you look like, it can attract criticism and attacks, and we can never make everyone like yourself. What you should do is accept your truest appearance, there is no need to cater to the public to change themselves, because in any case there will be people will hate you! The value of your existence is not to make everyone like you.

Photo : Star Trek

I can list a bunch of things that make me happy than being "slender in being praised", like potatoes, bread, a felion steak and chips.

Jennifer Lawrence

It is precisely because enough to understand their own, Small Jane can block the netizen's relentless scolding. They called her fat, and she didn't care at all, because she knew that there was a bunch of things more worth having fun with than being "thin". Those who like, like the food, is happy thing, and the only thing she should care about.

People say I'm fat, but I don't really care. I don't want to starve myself, because I'm the prettiest face now.

Jennifer Lawrence

Fat, so what? Think you're beautiful that's enough! As viewers, we take a magnifying glass to see if celebrities meet their expectations, and think about when actresses succeed because "she's thin"? If "She's Very Thin" has nothing to do with the identity of the actor, what reason do we have to criticize? (Recommended reading:"I love my flesh body" Why we love Jennifer Lawrence

After performing many of the hit movies that made Jennifer Lawrence famous, she was under pressure that wasn't something that most people could have imagined. Through the ups and downs, now she can bravely tell the world the same anxious girl as her: "You are you, accept yourself." What else are you going to do? 」

Dear Jane, thank you for teaching us with action, to accept their most true appearance, but also wish you a happy birthday.

Making ourselves happy is the most important thing we should care about in our life.