The trailer for The Little Woman's latest film, "They're"! Classics keep coming back because, despite a hundred and fifty years, we've had to talk about women's freedom of choice. As a woman, when you want to pursue personal achievements, you will be told that you should find a person to marry more stable. And when you just want to get into an ordinary marriage, someone says you shouldn't be so on yourself. How can this society shut up on women? Taking stock of the four classic lines of "They", they said, I'm going my own way, you words, I really listen to very tired.

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American novelist Louisa. Mei. Louisa May Alcott's classic "Little Woman", published in 1868, has been remade six times! The latest adaptation of "Little Women" has also been released in a recent trailer. It is re-enacted during the American Civil War, in which the four daughters of the Maci family grew up in a poor environment and pursued their dreams.

At the beginning of this trailer, it resorted to an era of thinking that "women want to be happy and marry good people". However, the most moving is to describe the different you, should be able to choose their own life.

As long as you know that's what you want.

Let's watch the four golden sentences in the movie: No matter what kind of dream i dream, it will make sense to get married or not.

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I'm tired of hearing people say that love is all about women. I'm really tired of listening.


The two daughters of the Macie family, Jo Jo (Secharse Ronan), are a new woman who doesn't want to give in to the times. She was impulsive and forthright, unwilling to marry as a woman; she had a dream of writing, hoping to dominate her life. So even when she met her favorite partner, Laurie, she stopped in the face of marriage. 'If we get married, it's going to be a disaster,' she said.

Because she wants to find herself more than love.

So, when the whole era tells you that love can make women happy, marriage can guarantee happiness, leave these things, women are nothing. But Joe is still determined to pursue himself. She knew she had to be brave and hard, but she did it anyway. The most touching part of this character is not to see her want to tell everyone that women should be; (Editor's pick: After the age of 30, choosing the right way is more important than choosing the right person)

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My dreams are different than yours, and it doesn't mean they don't matter.


By contrast, Maggie's eldest sister, Meg Meg (Emma Watson), is a representative of a lady's image. In the original, Meg was a girl with a little love of vanity. But in the end she re-learned the nature of love, and was willing to accept the love of economic poverty but spiritual happiness.

Meg's image has always been gentle, skilful and beautiful. Although she likes acting, she has something she wants to do more - marry a loved one and live an ordinary life. So when her sister inspired Meg to leave together to pursue her own dream of writing or an actor dream, Meg told her only that our dreams were different from yours, but that didn't mean it didn't matter.

Her sentimentality, let her stay for love, said I just want to get married can? Some people like a sensational life, others are pursuing the long flow of fine water, no matter which kind, in which era, it is important that you can really be true to yourself. (For you: Thirty years old not to marry?) One man's good, two people's trouble, are worth a try )

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No one can go their own way, especially women, women will marry well. I'm not married because I have money.


And in this adaptation, there is also a highlight of the aunt Maggi (Meryl Streep). Both rigorous and conservative, she, in her own way to guard the four sisters to grow up. It is conceivable that Joe, who is "rebellious", is most likely to disagree with his aunt.

When the aunt told Joe, "A woman's way is to marry." Joe was unable to respond, "but you're not married." Then Maqi's aunt said, "That's because I have money." 」

Having wealth gives her another kind of autonomy. She can live her life without the support of a partner. Ma Qi's aunt embodies that when a woman is economically autonomous, you can have more choices in the face of the road of fate.

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Women have the ability to think for themselves, their souls, and their feelings. Women have ambition, talent, and beauty.


Whether it's the original "Little Woman" or the latest adaptation of "They", it's a reminder of one thing - when times try to define women, women have many kinds of things. You can be free-flowing or skilled; you can finally be single or pursue a marriage. Little women, and finally through their own kindness and hard work, to find their own happiness.

Therefore, you do not have to be Joe's shout "we can dominate everything" is the so-called new age woman;

Why is "Little Woman" constantly coming out for remake and discussion? Today, 150 years later, one thing we can re-emphasize is that it's not women who want to match the times, but the times that match women - because we have the self-thinking, the soul, and the emotions. What kind of life do I want, why can others decide for me?

Ask questions about your life:

. After the age of thirty, should you marry a stable partner? There are no more options.

. After thirty, I seem to have had a good time? It's just that there's a lot of trouble in life.

. After thirty years old, is it impossible to be lovely in love? But did that bother anyone?