Netflix's japanese drama "AV King" is on the way, and many people are paying attention to AV women's ukip. A highly educated beautiful woman, how to generously admit "I just like to have sex", and the dream is to make a film A? It's not just a story about hot-blooded, it's also a story of a woman's sexual growth. Inside, read it carefully.

Netflix's original Japanese drama, AV Emperor (Nude Watch), has been a topic of conversation less than a week after it went live. The story tells how the 80s erotic king, Murakami, went from encyclopedia business to become the king of. (Extended reading: look at A tablets, masturbation, fear of being found? "AV Emperor" classic quote: I want to be both free and free-flowing self)

However, rather than discussing how The Village West operates the commercial war, the high-mindedness of sex, and how the play adapts the real story, we are more concerned about the AV female excellent black wood incense, which looks very generous from start to finish.

Long hair, drop earrings, bright red lips, meaningful smile. Born at a national university, raising hands and feet is a good upbringing. A woman who grew up in the age of repression, how in the end to embrace lust, revealing the hair, admitted that I just like to have sex? Has she ever struggled between homophobia and hugging sex? (Extended reading: Interview with Kitahara: Having been interviewed in the AV industry, only to know that the violence of the picture is on-site abuse)

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"If we're in a home, there's no sex education": I can only teach myself to be happy

Black Wood Xiang (the name: Satohara Huimei) grew up under the strict discipline of his mother from an early age. Her mother gave her a good material life, but her exploration of sex was strictly forbidden. She used Western paintings, painted naked men, and her work was torn up by her mother. Mother wants her to always be a pure and clean little angel, but she feels that her body is growing day by day. The chest swells, the vagina is wet, and he is becoming more and more curious about the body of others.

She knew what was moving foolishly, but she couldn't say it.

And as a girl, even if we grew up in Taiwan in 2019, we're likely to think of ourselves when we see the growth of black wood. Adolescent girls, who once wanted to ask questions about condoms, were reprimanded. Falling in love and wanting to go out for the night, but let the family angry. (Extended reading: Sex Watch: Talkingto Mom about Sex And Love: When I First Told Mom Not Tonight ToBey-

Many families of sex education, nothing but remain in the "House of Cards" of the first love paradise that sentence: "Our tutorseem everything, is no sex education." 」

Mother looked at her in amazement and replied, "What sex education?" Sex education is for those who need sex. Isn't that the way education is? 」

Adults mistakenly think we don't need sex, so we have to sneak in on our own. We masturbated in the bathroom for fear of being found by our mother. I used to secretly link up with sites and then delete browsing records. I have also explored each other physically with their adolescent friends. In fact, at that time, we, not necessarily want really have such as boyfriend, romantic love, crazy sex, but that the exploration of the individual body.

Many people think that only boys in the world will love first, but in fact, girls do the same. The subtle call of the body, let us be clear: some signals, not yet love, but already sex.

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What if I want to be a free and dirty self?

Black wood-scented life, after getting the village's west-to-west business card, the transformation. Girls who understand sexuality very early, meet men who want to change the world by making porn. She took her new name, "Black Wood", from the name of a teacher in a Bible class in high school, meaning her flirtation with conservative morality.

"This is not a place where a decent lady like you can stay. "But I want to play A. 」

Then it was like the opening of the, she explained her name, her origin, and why she wanted to make a film. "I want to raise money for Italian painting. Also, I want to be both free and free, and a little dirty self. I want to live with my original face, what to do. 」

As women, we must have wandered between the eternal argument of fear and embrace. Understanding the body and sex does make us gain more strength. But at the same time, our hearts are constantly worried about whether we will be treated with a different vision. Also, if the future is hurt in the sex, do we still have the qualifications to "say it out"?

Black wood incense in the plot, had said to male students, "no awareness, empty desire, is not interesting Oh." Perhaps she's not just trying to say it's funny, it's the huge cost behind it. Embracing sexual desire requires not only self-inflicted happiness, but also a strong sense of awareness -- especially when she is a woman.

In the film she exposed her body, exposed her hair, and in that moment, her look hesitating and shy. In fact, she is also asking questions on our behalf. It is a micro-physical political action that confirms its place of existence by challenging the established order. (Extended Reading:A-Movie Challenge: Giving Female Porn Artists the Right to Speak Out)

If, I am such a "dirty" girl, the world, will accept me? Can I accept myself?

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Sexual identity is also about personal identity: "And my theme is love"

It's almost an eternal debate in the industry: everyone wonders why go to sea and make if it wasn't for paying off debts that were pushed into the fire pit by their families, if they didn't want to study abroad to save tuition fees, if they didn't love designer bags, and if they didn't love designer bags.

When she started on TV, her exaggerated demeanor contrasted sharply with her youthful beauty. People love to see her, but they look down on her. Someone laughed at her slut. Others took her as a joke and cancelled her voice.

"Everyone made it today, and it's free to see the slutty sister." "Happy to the bottom of the big. When the other men said so, her expression faded for a while.

She knew that the society only wanted to see smart women who loved to tell funny jokes and have sex, and didn't really accept her. Her words were treated as a joke, her body was just object, and her mathemons were still ridiculed.

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Ueno's "Mizuno: Japan's Female Hate" analyzed the 1997 Toniyol OL prostitution. A female reserve officer of Tokyo Electric Power Company, who earns 10 million yen a year, has shocked Japanese society by choosing to work on sex at night at a price of 5,000 yen. Many people don't understand her motives.

In contemporary times, sexual identity is gradually related to individual identity. And personal identity, and often based on social expectations.

From Ueno's point of view, rather than simply expressing lust for autonomy and self-fulfilling this romanticization, it is not only necessary to point out that the japanese society's opposition to the "holy girl" and "prostitute" is still consolidated, suitable for marriage "good woman" and suitable for play" Bad Women" allows women to choose only one from two, and simplifies the process of the struggle, allowing it to stop as a "self-fulfillment" discourse against the whole society's misogyny.

After becoming famous, BlackWood said at a press conference: "My theme is love." And love is an tolerance for nature. Therefore, not shaving my armpits is one of my ideas. Do you still like it? Thank you. Several men stared at her under her armand and smiled awkwardly, but she didn't seem to care at all.

The phrase "my theme is love" may seem like a joke at first glance, but it's very impressive. She from the beginning of the tension, to the later do not care, this sentence, it is she after a hundred struggles, grow their own discourse, as to the community and their own answers.

The things that Blackwood teaches us: The Holy Girl Whore, not forever binary opposition

Ueno wrote: "Whether it is a saint or a prostitute, it is the repression of women and the other." The holy lady refused to be used as a prostitute, and the prostitute thought that the saint was weak. This division of women through double standards, ultimately profited, is still only patriarchal system.

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As the eight-episode album ends, if you're curious about Blackwood, you'll find out from online data and related interviews that her life has never been so certain. Flashing on the screen, confidently saying "my theme is love" girl, life will encounter a lot of anger, sadness and helplessness.

We also believe that there is always a thousand answers between rejection and hugging, between being yourself and being someone else.

The thing that Blackwood teaches us is to let us see, as a woman, her hesitation, struggle and determination. The duality of the saint and the prostitute should not be the norm. I hope that one day, whether it is mother, OL, idol, actress, daughter, as women, we can break the dual opposition of the side of the election, embrace themselves.